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Old Foes Walkthrough: Chest Locations and Enemy List

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Avengers Old Foes Cover.png

This is a walkthrough for the Mission Old Foes in Marvel's Avengers (game). See all mission objectives, chest locations, and tips and strategy for beating the boss.

Old Foes General Info

Mission Information

Mission Old Foes
Type Villain Sector
Mission Power 78
Reward Guaranteed Reward
Guaranteed Reward
Hero-Specific Gear
Description There's a disturbance in this region. Help SHIELD neutralize the threat!

Old Foes Walkthrough

1 Before going to your main objective, turn around and activate your Tactical Awareness to identify to locations marked with a "?" mark. Head to the farthest one to the southeast.
2 Battle some enemies there and locate a switch to enter a room.
3 Next, head to the second "?" area to battle more enemies and open another secret room.
4 Then, head towards your main objective, battling enemies as you cross the bridge.
5 Avengers Old Foes 01.png
In this area, you have to defeat a set of armored enemies. Battle them and enter the next area via the elevator.
6 Battle through the enemies in this area. JARVIS will mark a secret room that can be accessed via switches. Proceed to the next area.
7 Avengers Old Foes 02.png
Battle through this area, taking care when battling the special AIM unit due to the cramped space.
8 Head to the elevator to the next area. Battle through the mission's boss, Abomination. Defeating him will end the mission.

Old Foes Tips and Strategy

Retreat When Needed

Depending on the enemies that spawn, you may encounter waves here that specialize in Gamma or Plasma damage. Gamma deals lingering damage while Plasma will increase incoming damage. Retreat and wait for the effects wear off and strike back.

Bring In The Ranged Heavy Hitters

Many enemies here are very sturdy, so bringing in your offensive characters would be wise. Furthermore, a lot of the enemies here are susceptible to ranged attacks. Iron Man and Black Widow will be very effective in this mission.

Solving The Door Puzzle: Treasure Room

In the second area, JARVIS will alert you of a treasure hidden inside a room. Depending on the type of switch you get, there are different ways on how to activate the switches.

Here are their types and locations:

Wall Lock

These are found on the walls covered by some form of computer. Destroy the computers blocking the way and hit the locks three times with melee attacks to activate them.

Avengers Old Foes Chest 5 Switch 1.png As you go through the first corridor on the floor, you will see a display of Synthoids. Just near it will be the switch. It may be covered by some machines. Destroy them to see the switch.
Avengers Old Foes Chest 5 Switch 2.png After you turn from the first corridor of the stage, you will see this switch straightaway at the corner before the next turn.
Avengers Old Foes Chest 5 Switch 3.png The third switch is on the opposite end of the second switch.
Avengers Old Foes Chest 5 Switch 4.png The last switch is just before you make the final turn to battle the Dreadbot.

Floor Switch

These are found on the outside corners of the locked treasure room. Metal bars cover them so destroy those first. Step on the switches for a second or so to activate them.

Avengers Old Foes Chest 5 Switch B1.png This is just past the first Synthoid display as you exit the elevator.
Avengers Old Foes Chest 5 Switch B2.png This is just across the first switch inside a small alcove.
Avengers Old Foes Chest 5 Switch B3.png As you face right and go forward from the second switch, there will be second alcove on the wall. The third switch will be there.
Avengers Old Foes Chest 5 Switch B4.png The final switch is just before the second Synthoid display.

Old Foes Enemies

Enemy Strategy
Elite SynthoidElite Synthoid They dodge and have uninterruptible laser attacks. Dodge and counter.
Proto-SynthoidProto-Synthoid Use combos to deal in damage then dodge when they execute their attacks.
Plague Proto-SynthoidPlague Proto-Synthoid Avoid its poison attacks and land in your combos. Don't hesitate to retreat until the poison effects wears off.
KeeperKeeper They have slow recharge times so get closer to them and beat them with melee attacks.
PeacekeeperPeacekeeper Be quick with your attacks since they teleport when you strike them from close range. When they charge their shots, time your dodges as it means they will unleash a wide-arcing multiple shots.
Plague DronePlague Drone Dispose quickly by using ranged attacks.
Security DroneSecurity Drone Dispose quickly by using ranged attacks.
AbominationAbomination Avoid the lightning pillars in the first arena and use heroics whenever possible. Dodge his close range attacks then counter with your own.
DreadbotDreadbot Destroy the side turrets first and attack from behind to exploit its weakness.
Adept SynthoidAdept Synthoid Interrupt them with quick attacks before they teleport out.

Old Foes Boss Guide


Avengers Old Foes 03.png
This is one of the few missions where you get to battle Abomination again.

Avengers Old Foes 05.png
He uses a lot of radial attacks that tend to blow away your heroes so learn to time your dodge right. Sometimes, he would leap into the air and crash back down. Watch for this since it has a wide range and a huge knockback.

Avengers Old Foes 04.png
Oftentimes, Abomination will also use an ability that clouds him with Gamma radiation making approaching him dangerous as it will inflict you constant damage. When this happens, stay back and use your ranged attacks.

Avengers Old Foes 06.png
On certain intervals, Abomination will summon a bunch of Plague Proto-Synthoids. Just dodge whenever they approach you as they will explode into a cloud of Gamma radiation.

Abomination Boss Battle Guide | How to Beat Abomination

Easy Finish

It is possible that you could launch Abomination off the roofdeck with a powerful attack with knockback. If achieved, Abomination will automatically be defeated, scoring you an easy win. Be warned that this could happen to your heroes as well. If so, the hero won't be revived leaving your squad one member less.

Old Foes Chest Locations

Chest Locations
This chest is a little west of where you landed.
From where you landed, turn around and this chest is in the parking lot.
This is in a fenced area just a little to the left of the previous chest.

In the first area marked with a "?", there is a switch you need to open to access these two chests.
From the first "?" marker, head south (away from the objective marker). Turn right and in the first major intersection (not leading into a dark alleyway), this chest is on one of the ledges.
From the previous chest, head to the next major intersection and head left. At the end of the road is this chest.
This chest is found just past the previous intersection. It's in another parking lot.

Similar to the first one, just head to the second "?" area and open the room via a switch. Get these two chests inside.
From the 2nd "?" marker, head towards the main objective. Before reach the next dark alleyway, turn left and then right at the next intersection to enter a more brightly lit major road. At one of the upper ledges towards the end of this road is this chest.
Just before you reach the bridge to your main objective, head to the left most street. This chest will be hidden behind resource containers.
This chest is to the side of the bridge that leads to the first objective.
In the area where you fought off the armored AIM units, go to the back to find this chest.
This chest is in between Synthoid displays just before you reach the elevator.
On the first floor in the AIM building, there will be a chest that can be accessed by hitting four switches in the room. See the Tips and Strategy section for the location of the switches.

Note that dark brown / bronze colored chests may shift locations or not be present at all during a mission.

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