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How to Fight Adaptoids: Codex Entry and Locations

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This is a guide to Adaptoids, an enemy in Marvel's Avengers. Read on to learn the Adaptoid's codex entry, missions where they appear, and how to fight Adaptoid.

Adaptoid Basic Info

Codex Entry

Adaptoid Icon
Group Adaptoids
Codex Description AIM's most advanced AI combat Synthoid, the Adaptoid was designed to utilize powers replicated from Inhuman research.
The base model Adaptoid uses a standard optic beam weapon and is skilled at range and melee combat. Adaptoids are capable of self-repair, so always finish them off in combat.

Missions Where Adaptoids Appear

Mission List

Adaptoids can be found in the following missions:

HARM Challenge III
Along Came a Spider
Once an Avenger...
To Stand Alone
Agony and the Ant Hill
By Force of Mind
Forest Vault (Elite)
Mistaken Identity
Up From The Depths
Heart Of The Monster
Global Presence
Let the Game Begin
The Evil Reborn
HARM Challenge IV
HARM Challenge V
Desert Hive (Elite)
Tundra Hive (Elite)
Forest Hive (Elite)
Last Avenger Standing
Heroic Gauntlet 1
Heroic Gauntlet 2
Forest Hive
Heroic Gauntlet 7
Above And Beyond
Our Town
Our Town (Revisit)
The Task At Hand
Priority HARM Challenge
Gathering Of Evil (Priority Mission)
Agony And The Anthill (Flashback)
Agony And The Ant Hill (Priority Mission)
Mistaken Identity (Flashback)

Note that there may be more missions where you can find Adaptoids.

How to Fight Adaptoid

Adaptoid Basic Strategy

Use support heroics whenever possible as these enemies are sturdy. Alternate between quick attacks and dodging whenever they strike back.

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