Predator to Prey Quest Walkthrough | Outriders

Outriders - Predator to Prey Quest Walkthrough
This is a walkthrough for Predator to Prey, a Side Quest in Outriders. Learn more about the objectives of this quest, available rewards, as well as tips for completion!

Predator to Prey Basic Information

Quest Type
Recommended Level 17
Rewards 1x Selectable Epic Gear
1000 EXP
Repeat Rewards 500 EXP
1x Loot Drop
You ran into a village doctor, Juno, inspecting a body that been multilated by a large creature. Juno explained how the creature has been harassing the camp for some time. She asked you to hunt the monster down and give the camp some respite. In return, everyone in the camp will pitch in for a reward.

How to Unlock Predator to Prey

After defeating the Chrysaloid during the Asylum main quest, fast travel to the Crystal Camp at the Forest Enclave and head west from the ammo refill. Talk to Juno Pascal to start the side quest.

Predator to Prey Quest Walkthrough

Predator Domain

Side Quest Icon.pngTrack down the creature.
Follow the marker and proceed to the next area.
Side Quest Icon.pngPush through the Jungle -> Clear the Path.
Watch the cutscene that plays out and prepare to fight the enemies.
Side Quest Icon.pngHunt down Tyrannus.
After the cutscene, head towards the ammo refill to stock up. Circle around the tree to avoid Tyrannus' attacks.
Side Quest Icon.pngReturn to Juno.
Fast travel back to the Crystal Camp and talk to Juno to complete the side quest and to claim your reward.

Tips and Strategies

Hide Behind a Structure to Avoid Obliterating Beam

Outriders - Predator to Prey Hide Behind Structure
Whenever the Crawler is about to use Obliterating Beam, you can hide behind a tree or a rock on the area to block its attack.

Wait for the meter to deplete as the beam can still hit you even when moving away from the structure.

Circle Around Tyrannus

Outriders - Predator to Prey Circle Around Tyrannus
You can use the large tree beside the ammo refill to circle around Tyrannus and avoid its attacks.

Do not shoot at it while standing as it will leave you open to the Sylvan Mauler's attacks. Instead, shoot at it without aiming down sights (ADS) while moving backwards. Dodge or run back if he lunges at you.

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