NEO: The World Ends with You (NEO TWEWY)

Black Cat Crush (Pin No. 254): Overview and Rating

This is a guide on the Black Cat Crush pin (No. 254) in NEO: The World Ends with You (NEO TWEWY). Read on for Black Cat Crush's Psych abilities and rating, how to get Black Cat Crush, and Black Cat Crush evolution.

Black Cat Crush Pin and Psych Overview

Black Cat Crush Pin Info

Black Cat Crush (Pin No. 254)
NEO TWEWY Black Cat Crush Pin
Affinity Light
Max Level 3
Value ¥9600
Psych Lance Lunge

Lance Lunge Psych Info

Lance Lunge
Assail the target with Mr. Mew. Keep attacking to knock the enemy back, then launch a 3-hit attack that sends them flying. Engraved with the words, "Naught is more ferocious than six felines combined."
Command Switch
NEO TWEWY Lance Lunge Switch
NEO TWEWY Lance Lunge PS4
Max Power 782
Limit 9 times
Reboot 17.3 seconds
Growth Normal

Black Cat Crush Beatdrop Attack

Strike again when the launched enemy hits a wall.

Black Cat Crush Ability

HP Vampire
Restores a small amount of the team's HP when dealing damage. Amount of HP restored relative to damage dealt.

How to Get Black Cat Crush Pin

Purchase from Shop

Gatto Nero
(104 Building)


Purchase for ¥960,000

Black Cat Crush Pin Evolution

Black Cat Crush does not have an Evolution.

Is Black Cat Crush Pin Worth It?

Black Cat Crush Rating

Pin Rating NEO TWEWY Pins S tier.png
Reason Black Cat Crush is arguably one of the strongest Light affinity pins in the game. Its damage, crowd control, and abilities are unprecedented. You would not want to miss a pin of this caliber.

It will make it easier to erase those factoring hectopascals, even the big ones.

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