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This is a ranking page for the hero Chrom - Gifted Leader from the game Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH). Read on to learn the best IVs (Individual Values), best builds (Inherit Skill), weapon refinement, stats at Lv 40, and more for Winter Chrom.

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Chrom - Gifted Leader Icon Winter Chrom

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Winter Chrom IconWinter Chrom
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Winter Chrom Rating and Basic Information

FEH Winter Chrom Banner

Overall Rating 7.5/10
Reroll Ranking (excluding Inherit Skill) Unranked
(▶Reroll Ranking)
Ranking (including Inherit Skill) C
(▶FEH Tier List)

Chrom - Gifted Leader: Basic Information

Color / Weapon Type / Move Type
What Kind of Character Are They? ・Excellent stats other than Spd
・Gains a buff to all stats when the foe initiates combat
・Wary Fighter prevents him and the foe from making a follow-up attack

Winter Chrom Skills at 5★

Might: 14  Range: 1
Grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res +2 during combat if foe initiates combat.

Range: 1
Unit moves to opposite side of target ally.

If unit’s HP ≤ 80% at start of combat, grants Atk/Def +7 during combat.

If unit's HP ≥ 50%, unit and foe cannot make a follow-up attack.

Winter Chrom Best IVs

Recommended IVs

Stat Superboon/Superbane IV Recommendation
HP (25) Normal HP ★★★☆☆
Atk (26) No Attack IV ★★★★★
Spd (4) No Spd IV ★☆☆☆☆
Def (9) Def Bane ★★★★☆
Res (5) No Res IV ★★★☆☆

◯ = Stat gains +4 with a superboon, ✕= Stat goes down by -4 with a superbane, - = No assets or flaws


The best IVs for Winter Chrom are +Atk and -HP. A +Atk IV adds to his already high Atk stat. This allows Chrom to defeat many foes in one turn. His HP is of less importance to him, and since his Def is a superbane, it is best to take HP as his bane instead. Additionally, his HP can be raised via the Weapon Refinery.

Winter Chrom Best Builds

Brave Winter ChromHOT

Assist Skill IconSwap
Special Skill IconBonfire
Passive Skill C: -

See Explanation and Source Heroes

How to Use, Explanation

This build uses Brave Axe+ to make the most of W!Chrom’s high Atk stat. Wary Fighter and Close Def allow Chrom to endure an enemy attack in order to gain the Atk boost from Brazen Atk/Def and obliterate a foe through his special skill.

Source Hero

Skill Hero
Chrom - Gifted Leader Icon Chrom - Gifted Leader (5★)
Chrom - Gifted Leader Icon Chrom - Gifted Leader (5★)

▶Other information regarding skills can be found here

Source Heroes for All Skills

Winter Chrom Stats

Stat Rankings

Neutral Stats at Lv. 40 (5★)
Stat Total 174
HP 51 51
Rank: 4/648
Atk 40 40
Rank: 33/648
Spd 19 19
Rank: 624/648
Def 35 35
Rank: 102/648
Res 29 29
Rank: 198/648

Stat Values

Lv 40+10 Stats (5★)

HP Atk Spd Def Res Total
+10 Merges W/ Skill Bonuses 56 59 23 40 33 211
Lv.40 +10 56 45 23 40 33 197

See Lv 40 +10 Stats With IVs
HP Atk Spd Def Res Total
Lv.40 +10
58 44 23 39 33 197
Lv.40 +10
55 47 23 39 33 197
Lv.40 +10
55 44 26 39 33 197
Lv.40 +10
55 44 23 42 33 197
Lv.40 +10
55 44 23 39 36 197

Stats at Lv 40

HP Atk Spd Def Res Total
5★- Adjusted for Skills 51 54 19 35 29 188
5★ Lv.40 51 40 19 35 29 174

Initial Stats (with Skills)

HP Atk Spd Def Res Total
5★ Lv.1 25 26 4 9 5 69

Stat Comparison of Similar Heroes

50 45 17 45 28 185
49 41 18 46 31 185
46 45 16 43 35 185
43 37 24 42 33 179
50 39 17 40 33 179
45 42 17 39 36 179
50 40 25 37 26 178
Winter Chrom Icon Winter Chrom
51 40 19 35 29 174
47 41 18 38 30 174

Note: Stats bonuses from skills are not taken into account.

Winter Chrom Roles, Strengths, and Weaknesses

Winter Chrom Roles

Chrom - Gifted Leader Roles
Close Physical Attack ImageClose-Physical Ranged Physical AttackRanged-Physical Close Magic AttackClose-Magic Ranged MagicRanged-Magic
Physical Wall ImagePhysical Wall Magic WallMagic Wall Effective ImageEffective Weapon Movement Assist ImageMovement Assist
No Exclusive Skill ImageExclusive Skill No All Range Counterattack ImageAll-Range Counter RecoveryRecovery No Refresher ImageRefresher
No Legendary Hero ImageLegendary No Mythic Hero ImageMythic No Duo and Harmonized ImageDuo /
No Resplendent ImageResplendent

Winter Chrom is a close physical attacker (range = 1). Therefore, when not accounting for the Weapon Triangle, the amount of damage he deals will be equivalent to his Atk minus the foe's Def stat.

Winter Chrom Strengths

Brazen Atk/SpdDef Synergizes Well with Wary FIghter

Brazen Atk/Def 3 grants Winter Chrom with +7 Atk/Def during combat if his HP ≤ 80%. It might be a little tricky to activate, but Wary Fighter 3 helps greatly, as it allows Winter Chrom to take enough attacks to reach the trigger without being on dangerously low levels of HP. If done correctly, you can constantly enjoy +7 Atk/Def on a very powerful offensive armored unit.

Once you have met the requirements, utilize Winter Chrom's attacks by using skills like Sing and Dance so that he can attack multiple times. Using this method, his high firepower allows him to take out many enemy units in just one turn, especially if they are all adjacent to each other.

Wary Fighter Prevents Follow-up Attacks

Wary Fighter 3 prevents Winter Chrom and his foe from executing follow-up attacks if his HP ≥ 50%. Chrom benefits greatly from this, as he does not rely on follow-up attacks anyway. Even if you inherit Brave Axe+ onto Winter Chrom, the extra attack does not count as a follow-up attack. This means that Winter Chrom will still be able to utilize the effects of Brave Axe+.

Winter Chrom Weaknesses

Too Slow for Follow-up Attacks

Winter Chrom has a very low Spd that that makes it hard for him to execute follow-up attacks. His Atk stat is pretty high, but its not always enough to take out foes in one turn. If you don't mind a high-investment Winter Chrom, then inherting Brave Axe+ would be a great move, since it can fully utilize Chrom's high Atk stat with its effect.

Low Mobility

Because he is an armored unit, he can only normally move 1 space at a time. This can be resolved by having him or a party member inherit Armor March, equipping him with the Sacred Seal Armored Boots, or by pairing him with a dancer.

Weak to Anti-Armor Skills

Winter Chrom is an armored unit making him weak to skills against such units such as Armorslayer+. If attacked by a unit with Armorslayer+, Chrom will take 1.5x damage. Be mindful of what skills your enemies are equipped with.

Heroes with Effective Skills

Should you Unlock Potential?

Should You Unlock Potential for this Hero? Cannot Unlock Potential

Chrom - Gifted Leader Only Appears as a 5 Star Hero!

Chrom - Gifted Leader only appears as a 5 Star Hero. We will include whether or not you should Unlock Potential for Chrom - Gifted Leader if a 4 Star version is released!

Unlock Potential Tier List

Winter Chrom - List of Skills


Skill Name Might Range Effect Learned At
6 1 No Effect 5★
8 1 No Effect 5★
10 1 Grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res +2 during combat if foe initiates combat. 5★
14 1 Grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res +2 during combat if foe initiates combat. 5★


Skill Name Range Effect Learned At
1 Unit moves to opposite side of target ally. 5★


This Hero has no Special skills that can be learned.


Skill Name Effect Learned At
If unit’s HP ≤ 80% at start of combat, grants Atk/Def +3 during combat. 5★
If unit’s HP ≤ 80% at start of combat, grants Atk/Def +5 during combat. 5★
If unit’s HP ≤ 80% at start of combat, grants Atk/Def +7 during combat. 5★
If unit's HP ≥ 90%, unit and foe cannot make a follow-up attack. 5★
If unit's HP ≥ 70%, unit and foe cannot make a follow-up attack. 5★
If unit's HP ≥ 50%, unit and foe cannot make a follow-up attack. 5★

Winter Chrom as a Source Hero

Winter Chrom Avatar

Value of Skills ★★★☆☆

Inheriting Sack o' Gifts+

Winter Chrom can be used to inherit the skill Sack o' Gifts+. However, Winter Chrom is a rare special hero that can only be pulled from specific gachas. Think carefully before fodderring off your Winter Chrom.

How to Get Winter Chrom / Illustrations / Voice Actor / Quotes

How to Get Winter Chrom

Obtained through a Special Summoning Event!

Winter Chrom is a limited time Hero who can be pulled from a Special Heroes Summoning Event. They do not appear in regular summons.

Note: Not currently a featured hero in any Summon events.

▶Current Focuses and Which You Should Pull From

Voice Actor and Illustrator Information

Voice Actor
Matt Mercer
Illustrator Ebira (えびら)
Appears In


Quotes: Special Triggered

See Special Triggered Quotes
Here’s your present!
Look what I got!
Parties give me strength!
I can hardly wait!

Quotes: Castle

See Castle Quotes
I had Prince Alfonse try on this outfit. It annoys me how much better it suits him than it suits me.
When the winter festival comes, we festoon the castle at Ylisstol in red and green.
Do you think you’d like to do the same here?
Aren’t you cold? I wouldn’t be much of a Hero if I let our summoner collapse. Here, take my cape.
Can you show me to town after our next mission? I’d like to buy presents for all of these hardworking Heroes.
I took a look inside this sack... Turns out it’s full of presents for the entire army. I better not lose it, eh?

Lv 40 Dialogue

See Lv 40 Dialogue
Here for a chat? I appreciate that you braved the cold to come and find me, but spare a thought for your health.
If you caught a cold, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the winter celebrations.
In Ylisse, we have a tradition... On the day of the winter festival, we give gifts to our family and our closest friends.
Normally, I’d be giving out the gifts. But hear me out, no matter how odd this sounds…
It seems to me that, ever since I arrived in Askr, it’s been you that’s been giving gifts to me.
Does that make any sense?
Gifts aren’t just things. You spend time with me. You’re by my side, cheering me on.
You make me stronger.
That...makes me happier than you can guess. I’m truly grateful. I’ll do what I can to do the same for you.

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