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Shulk Build, Arts, Skill Trees, and Usage Guide

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This is a profile and usage guide for Shulk, a character from Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition for the Nintendo Switch. Here you can find Shulk's roles, builds, stats at Lv. 99, best Arts, best skill trees, and official artwork.

Shulk Basic Information

Shulk Profile

Quick Facts
Shulk Banner
Name Shulk
Age 18
Race Homs
Height 171cm
Gender Male
Weapon Type Monado
Voice Actor (Eng.) Adam Howden
Voice Actor (Jp.) Shintaro Asanuma

Shulk Introduction

Shulk is the protagonist of the story. He lives in Colony 9, where he spends his time researching the Monado, a powerful but mysterious blade that is capable of damaging Mechon armor. Shulk later gains control of the Monado, and is able to hone its power to see into the future.

Shulk Stats at Lv. 99

Shulk's Stats at Lv. 99

HP Strength Ether Agility
5135 405 417 117

Stats Explained

Shulk Build and Usage Guide

Shulk Strengths and Weaknesses

Physical Attacks Ether Attacks Tanking
S Rank Icon B Rank Icon B Rank Icon
Buffing Debuffing Healing
A Rank Icon B Rank Icon A Rank Icon

Note: A C Rank indicates that the character is either very poor in this role or cannot do it at all.

How to Play Shulk

A very beginner friendly character, and highly recommended for newcomers. Shulk excels in position based Arts, meaning that you'll need to use attacks like Slit Edge, Back Slash, and Air Slash to target the sides/backs of enemies. To really get the most out of these attacks, it is essential that you have a tank on your team such as Reyn or Dunban, who can draw the enemy aggro out, allowing Shulk to get out of the enemy's line of sight and use these arts on enemy sides/backs to charge the party gauge and deal heavy damage.

A good combat starting strategy is to attack the enemy, use Shadow Eye to lower aggro and raise physical arts, strike the enemy's side with Slit Edge to lower defense, then attack from behind with Backslash for massive damage. Be sure and level up these Arts as quickly as possible, along with Air Slash for its ability to inflict break/slow and charge the party gauge, as well as Monado Buster/Shield/Enchant for their usage against mechons.

When visions allow Shulk to predict an enemy art, you can use Monado Arts to break the tags. Use auto-attacks to fill the talent gauge about halfway, then use Battle Soul to charge the talent arts meter, and use the appropriate Monado art. The HP taken from Battle Soul can be quickly recovered through Light Heal, so using these two arts in succession is another good combo. During chain attacks, Shulk can use Air Slash (or Stream Edge) to inflict break, then have Reyn/Dunban (etc.) inflict Topple with Wild Down/Steel Strike, which can be followed up with Shaker Edge to inflict Daze.

Shulks gem setup is rather versatile, so things like Haste, Double Attack, Recovery Up, Aggro Down, and HP Up are all useful for him. The default Skill Tree Intuition will raise Shulk's agility, and is generally a great option.

Shulk as an AI

As an AI as well, Shulk has a tendency to use Arts like Slit Edge, Back Slash, and Air Slash to target the sides/backs of enemies, so you need to make sure that another party member is the one absorbing aggro for him to be effective. During Mechon battles, Shulk will use Battle Soul and fill his talent gauge so that he can cast Monado Enchant and provide support to his allies.

Shulk Arts

Name Lv. Learnt Effect Power (%) CD (sec.)
Turn Strike 1 Physical Art
Heavy damage to a single target, and inflicts Break (10 sec).
500 -
Activate Monado - - Art
Unleash the Monado's power to use a Monado Art.
- -
BusterBuster - Physical Art
Use the Monado's full strength to attack all enemies in a line.
250 ~ 700 -
EnchantEnchant - Ether Art
Causes attacks to pierce Mechon armour. Boosts damage slightly.
- -
ShieldShield - Ether Art
Deflects enemy Talent Arts of the same level or lower.
- -
SpeedSpeed - Ether Art
Envelop an ally in the Monado's power, improving evasion.
- -
PurgePurge - Ether Art
Inflicts Aura Seal, removing enemy Auras and Spike effects.
200 ~ 353 -
EaterEater - Ether Art
The Monado's power consumes enemies, including any buffs.
150 ~ 303 -
ArmorArmor - Ether Art
The Monado's protection reduces physical and ether damage.
- -
CycloneCyclone - Ether Art
The Monado's power attacks enemies all around its wielder.
300 ~ 408 -
Slit EdgeSlit Edge 3 Physical Art
Attacking from the side will reduce physical defence.
60 ~ 204 10 ~ 8.2
Back SlashBack Slash 1 Physical Art
Attacking from behind will inflict a large amount of damage.
200 ~ 380 20 ~ 14.6
Light HealLight Heal 1 Ether Art
Gather the ether in the air to restore the HP of 1 party member.
216 ~ 423 25 ~ 18.2
Shaker EdgeShaker Edge 23 Physical Art
Slash at the enemy, inflicting Daze.
120 ~ 246 40 ~ 14.8
Air SlashAir Slash 14 Physical Art
Break the enemy's stance. A side attack may inflict Slow.
150 ~ 303 15 ~ 8.2
Shadow EyeShadow Eye 10 Ether Art
Reduces aggro and increases physical Arts damage.
- 45 ~ 36.9
Battle SoulBattle Soul 32 Ether Art
Sacrifice half of HP to fill Talent Gauge.
- 60 ~ 43.8
Stream EdgeStream Edge 5 Physical Art
Swing weapon in front, attacking multiple enemies.
150 ~ 303 30 ~ 21.9

Best Arts | Which Arts Should You Level Up?

Shulk Skill Trees and Skills

Integrity Skill Tree

Integrity Humanity Intuition Bravery Pessimism
Effect How to Unlock
Block Rate Up Default Skill Tree unlocked when Shulk becomes playable.
0 1 2 3 4 5
2% 4% 6% 8% 10% 15%

Integrity Skills

Skill Effect SP Coins
Medium Equipment Allows medium weight armour to be equipped. - 10
Secret of Life More HP is restored when reviving a party member (10%). 700 20
Rewarding Work Successfully completed quests award more EXP (10%). 1000 3
Resilient Warrior Boosts physical defence and ether defence (5%). 2000 11
Ultimate Teamwork Increases chain attack damage (25%). 3500 18

Humanity Skill Tree

Integrity Humanity Intuition Bravery Pessimism
Effect How to Unlock
Ether Up Default Skill Tree unlocked when Shulk becomes playable.
0 1 2 3 4 5
5 10 20 30 40 50

Humanity Skills

Skill Effect SP Coins
Healing Wisdom Healing Arts restore more HP (15%). 300 8
Kind Encouragement Restores extra HP to an encouraged ally (5%). 700 7
Friendship Heals Heals the party slightly after a chain attack (5%). 1000 20
Cheer of a Friend Causes Burst Affinity to fill more of the Party Gauge (15). 2000 45
Chain of Friendship Increases the chance of a Chain Link (15%). 3500 45

Intuition Skill Tree

Integrity Humanity Intuition Bravery Pessimism
Effect How to Unlock
Agility Up Default Skill Tree unlocked when Shulk becomes playable.
0 1 2 3 4 5
2 5 8 10 12 15

Intuition Skills

Skill Effect SP Coins
Battle Cry Increases tension gained from Battle Start Affinity (20). 300 13
Underdog Agility Up buff at start of battle with higher level enemies (15%, 30 sec). 700 2
Equipment Master Reduces weight of equipment (5). 1000 5
Fever Pitch Increases chance of Fever when gem crafting. 2000 18
Element of Surprise Improves Arts with Bonus Effects from behind. 3500 20

Bravery Skill Tree

Integrity Humanity Intuition Bravery Pessimism
Effect How to Unlock
Critical Hit Rate Up Acquired through completing the A Young Captain's Trust OR A Young Captain's Revival Side Quest.
0 1 2 3 4 5
2% 5% 10% 12% 15% 20%

Bravery Skills

Skill Effect SP Coins
Fate Evasion Grants EXP Bonus when vision tags are destroyed. 200 -
Hero's Privilege Allows low-value items to be offered when trading (20%). 500 -
Lone Warrior Grants Agility Up when a party member is incapacitated (20). 800 4
Ultimate Defence Boosts physical and ether defence for the party (10%). 1000 65
Glorious Future Talent Gauge will be at max after a vision. 1500 28

Pessimism Skill Tree

Integrity Humanity Intuition Bravery Pessimism
Effect How to Unlock
Ether Defence Up Acquired through completing the Désirée's Future Side Quest.
0 1 2 3 4 5
5 10 20 30 40 50

Pessimism Skills

Skill Effect SP Coins
Fight the Future Extends time before a vision becomes a reality (4 sec). 200 -
Stealth Warrior Reduces aggro drawn from using Arts (10%) 500 30
Epic Evasion Increases chance of Burst Affinity after evasion (5%). 800 45
Forced Mercy Reduces aggro when damage is taken (25%). 1000 30
Immunization Grants immunity to debuffs that reduce stats. 1500 45

Best Skill Links for Each Character

Best and Worst Gifts For Shulk

Best Gifts for Shulk

Collectable Affinity Points Area
Love Source 100 Other
Blue Chain 30 Colony 9
Rainbow Slug 24 Fallen Arm
Pauper's Cup 24 Satorl Marsh
Grape Spring 24 Agniratha
Digital Filament 24 Fallen Arm
Winding Gear 24 Bionis' Leg
Shield Bug 22 Makna Forest
Azure Hollyhock 22 Mechonis Field

Worst Gifts for Shulk

Collectable Affinity Points Area
Gold Burdock -18 Eryth Sea
Angry Monkey -14 Prison Island
Meaty Carrot -12 Sword Valley
Honey Rhubarb -12 Makna Forest
Juicy Broccoli -12 Bionis' Leg

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Shulk Artwork

The following official artwork for Shulk from Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition was released by the official Nintendo Twitter Page and Japanese Xenoblade Twitter Page.

Click to enlarge

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