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This is a list of playable characters in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn the age and height, as well as voice actors and more for all characters.

Xenoblade Chronicles Characters


Quick Facts
Shulk Banner
Name Shulk
Age 18
Race Homs
Height 171cm
Gender Male
Weapon Type Monado
Voice Actor (Eng.) Adam Howden
Voice Actor (Jp.) Shintaro Asanuma

Shulk is the protagonist of the story. He lives in Colony 9, where he spends his time researching the Monado, a powerful but mysterious blade that is capable of damaging Mechon armor. Shulk later gains control of the Monado, and is able to hone its power to see into the future.

Shulk Arts, Skill Trees, and How to Use


Quick Facts
Reyn Banner
Name Reyn
Age 18
Race Homs
Height 190cm
Gender Male
Weapon Type Gunlance
Voice Actor (Eng.) Jay Taylor
Voice Actor (Jp.) Eiji Miyashita

One of Shulk and Fiora's best friends. Reyn is part of the Colony 9 Defense Force. While he is somewhat hot-headed and brash, he is also protective of his friends and has a strong heart. In combat, Reyn acts a a tank for the enemies' attacks, allowing the party to target the enemy with their Arts.

Reyn Arts, Skill Trees, and How to Use


Quick Facts
Fiora Banner
Name Fiora
Age 18
Race Homs
Height 160cm
Gender Female
Weapon Type Knives / Twin Blades
Voice Actor (Eng.) Carina Reeves
Voice Actor (Jp.) Eri Nakao

A childhood friend of both Shulk and Reyn, who also grew up in Colony 9, and little sister to Dunban. A very caring soul, who goes out of her way to care for Shulk and ensure his safety.

Fiora Arts, Skill Trees, and How to Use


Quick Facts
Dunban Banner
Name Dunban
Age 30
Race Homs
Height 180cm
Gender Male
Weapon Type Sword
Voice Actor (Eng.) Rufus Jones
Voice Actor (Jp.) Ryo Horikawa

Dunban is brave and heroic, as well as responsible and mature. A year prior to the game's beginning, Dunban fought in a war against the Mechon, weilding the Monado to drive them off. However, this took a serious toll on him, leaving his right arm paralyzed. After Shulk inherits the Monado, Dunban begins to fight using regular swords.

Dunban Arts, Skill Trees, and How to Use


Quick Facts
Sharla Banner
Name Sharla
Age 21
Race Homs
Height 168cm
Gender Female
Weapon Type Ether Rifle
Voice Actor (Eng.) Kellie Bright
Voice Actor (Jp.) Akeno Watanebe

A survivor of the Colony 6 Mechon invasion. Sharla is the older sister of Juju, who she is very protective of. Sharla is a medic, and in battle she is able to restore HP to party members and cure status ailments.

Sharla Arts, Skill Trees, and How to Use


Quick Facts
Riki Banner
Name Riki
Age 40
Race Nopon
Height 60cm
Gender Male
Weapon Type Biter
Voice Actor (Eng.) Wayne Forester
Voice Actor (Jp.) Yuki Kaida

Riki is a fun-loving Nipon from Makna. Riki has a very unique style of speaking, and often serves as comic relief. Although he was chosen as his tribe's hero, apparently this was only to repay his debt to the chief for eating too much food with his family. In battle, he excels in debuffing the enemy and inflicting status ailments.

Riki Arts, Skill Trees, and How to Use


Quick Facts
Melia Banner
Name Melia
Age 88
Race High Entia
Height 156cm
Gender Female
Weapon Type Staff
Voice Actor (Eng.) Jenna Louise Coleman
Voice Actor (Jp.) Shiori Katsuta

Melia is the princess of the High Entia. She is very prideful at first, but soon warms up to the party and becomes a close ally and friend to Shulk's crew. Melia is is a typical mage archetype, so she has high ether attack and defense at the cost of low HP and physical defense. She can use various ether arts to inflict damage on her foes.

Melia Arts, Skill Trees, and How to Use

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