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How to Unlock Seven's Extra Skill Trees

This is a guide to unlocking Fiora's hidden skill trees in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition (XC1). Read on to know how to unlock Fiora's Extra Skill Trees as well as the prerequisites needed to do so.

How to Unlock Fiora's Extra Skill Trees

Rashness (Fourth Skill Tree)

This Skill Tree is pretty easy to obtain. It requires completing the quests Fixing a Broken Door and Wilted Flower from Rizaka. You will then need to accept the quest The Oath Sword from Karlos. The quests may not appear if your affinity with the Hidden Village is below two stars.

Entering Power Pipe Ruins

rashness switch.jpg
To complete the quest from Karlos, you'll need to activate the switch at the open area to the left of Ulna Passage landmark. You can then climb it to reach the area where Reyn and Sharla first wound up when arriving in the Hidden Village.

Rashness Skills

Skill Effect SP Coins
Vision Mode Boosts next Arts damage when warned of a vision (25%). 200 18
Ultimate Counter Turns all counter-attacks into critical hits. 500 60
Vital Force Dealing damage will occasionally max the Talent Gauge (2% chance). 800 75
Critical Combo Turns all double attacks into critical hits. 1000 70
Explosion of Energy Increases tension by one level when using Talent Arts. 1500 80

Innocence (Fifth Skill Tree)

To obtain Fiora's fifth skill tree, you will have to accomplish two things. First is Dullan's questline. Dullan can be found in the Bionis' Leg Refugee Camp and Colony 6. The second one is completing the Book of Bafalgar quest.

bafalgar tomb secret area.jpg
This will unlock a hidden path in Tephra Cave, which is needed to complete Dullan's quest A Flower for a Rose.

battling brutes.jpg
The last quest from Dullan is called Battling Brutes, which requires you to battle two level 99 unique monsters. Firework Geldesia, one of the target enemies, has a daze counter spike ability so Daze Resist or Topple Plus (to disable the ability via topple locking) is recommended to have.

Innocence Skills

Skill Effect SP Coins
Maiden's Power Improves chain attack damage when in battle with Shulk (50%). 200 -
Maiden's Courage Increases Arts damage if warned of a vision by Shulk (50%). 500 -
Maiden's Blessing Restores HP when taking damage when in battle with Shulk (10%). 800 -
Maiden's Zeal Prevents tension from becoming low if in battle with Shulk. 1000 -
Maiden's Miracle Grants All Stats Up buff when encouraged by Shulk (25%, 20 sec). 1500 -

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