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Chapter 11: Sword Valley and Galahad Fortress Walkthrough

This is a walkthrough for the Sword Valley and Galahad Fortress section of Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition for Nintendo Switch. For a map of Sword Valley and Galahad Fortress Landmarks and Locations, as well as boss strategy and other tips and tricks, read on!

Chapter 11: Sword Valley and Galahad Fortress Walkthrough

Sword Valley

1 Follow the narrow path until you reach your current destination.
2 Buy some equipment if the current gear at the store is better than the ones you have.
Many anti-mechon weapons are available here, which are great, since they make you have to rely less on Monado Enchant.
3 Once preparations are complete, talk to Dickson and tell him what happened.
4 Head inside Ged's Fortress and activate the gate lock.
5 Proceed to the 6th gate and look for the activated access panel. Use it to open the gate.
6 Climb one of the two paths leading to the higher ground then follow the quest guide from there.
Do not engage the M104 Fortress unit. They are extremely tough, especially if your character's levels are below 50.
7 Head to Dolgan outpost and activate the gate lock.
Each gate lock is guarded by a mechon, so prepare for a fight for every gate lock you will need to unlock. Strangely enough, Prudent Purson, which is the guard of Dolgan outpost, is situated on the upper floor, so it is not necessary to defeat him to proceed through Sword Valley.
8 Head to the Enalda Control Base, then defeat Tranquil Morax.
9 Unlock the gate lock, then head to the next destination marked on the map.
10 Defeat MumkharMumkhar.jpg
11 Head deeper into Sword Valley, and follow the Quest Guide until you reach Galahad Fortress.

Galahad Fortress

1 Head to the 2nd Fuel Room and defeat the mechons inside

chain damage galahad fortess fuel room.jpgLure them out in the entrance, then use AOE attacks to dispatch them all in one fell swoop.
2 Return to the lift, and use it to descend the fortress.
3 Open the door in the central room by using the device near it.
4 Stop the Turbines by using the switch from the northern and southern rooms.
There are elite mechons guarding the room, so prepare for a fight.
5 Stop the Ether Blast Furnace by using the switch in the room furthest to the west.
6 Proceed to the next lift by following the quest guide leading to the ether blast furnace.
There are several elite mechons, so proceed with caution.
7 Defeat all the Defender Mechons protecting Nemesis Face.
Do not attack Nemesis Face!
8 Survive the fight against Gold Face and Nemesis Face.
Simply keep your team alive and the battle will end eventually.

Side Quests

The following side quests are available from this chapter:

Sword Valley Side Quests

Quest Location Giver Rewards
Secure Dolgan Outpost Dolgan Outpost Surprise Quest 28000 G
5000 EXP
Orion Cap
Secure Enalda Control Base Enalda Control Base Surprise Quest 32000 G
8000 EXP
Orion Gloves
3rd Gate Front Line 3rd Gate Surprise Quest 40000 G
15000 EXP
Orion Shoes
Secure the Radio Tower Radio Tower Surprise Quest 45000 G
22000 EXP
Topple Resist IV, Daze Resist IV

Quests in Red Text indicate Timed Quests. As these quests will expire after progressing to a certain part of the game, be sure to complete them while they are still available!

Galahad Fortress Side Quests

There are no Side Quests in this area.

Maps and Collectopaedia

Sword Valley Map

Sword Valley Landmarks and Locations


A Bionis' Thumb
B Supply Convoy
C Ged Fortress
D Dolgan Outpost
E Enalda Control Base
F Heavy Machine Depot
G Control Tower
H Radio Tower
I Fortress Rear Entrance
J Monado Wound


1 6th Gate
2 5th Gate
3 4th Gate
4 3rd Gate
5 Ether Storage Area
6 Port Access Pathway
7 Port Maintenance Bay


There are no available Heart-to-Hearts in this area.

Sword Valley Collectopaedia

Veg Fire Pepper Meaty Carrot Bitter Broccoli - -
Fruit Bitter Melon Citron Gooseberry Juicy Melon Amethyst Melon -
Flower Jujube Silver Black Blossom Abyss Heather Delerium Foxglove -
Parts Gold Condenser Purple Lamp Crimson Gear - -
Strange Red Frontier Darkness Bottle Bud of Eternity - -

Collection Rewards

Vegetables Good Footing III
Fruit HP Steal III
Flowers Auto-Heal Up III
Parts First Attack Plus III
Strange Art Seal Resist III
100% Completion Cosmic Nibbler

Galahad Fortress Map


Galahad Fortress Landmarks and Locations


A Ether Influx Conduit
B Main Control Room
C Ether Blast Furnace
D Preparation Bay
E Fortress Depths


1 Main Maintenance Bay
2 1st Fuel Supply Room
3 2nd Fuel Supply Room
4 3rd Fuel Supply Room
5 1st Turbine Room
6 2nd Turbine Room
7 Blast Furnace Conduit
8 Piston Control Room
9 Ether Input Stream
10 Face Maintenance Bay


There are no available Heart-to-Hearts in this area.

Galahad Fortress Collectopaedia

Bug Wheel Lurker Ultramarine Ant - - -
Parts Locust Spring Art Core Coil Tail Antenna - -
Strange Hunger Crash Splish Splash - - -

Collection Rewards

Bugs Terrain Defence II
Parts Agility Down III
Strange Ether Up III
100% Completion Arkose Pike

Tips and Strategies

Both Areas Become Inaccessible Later

Make sure to get all collectables, and attempt to complete the map as much as possible before leaving, as you cannot return to Sword Valley/Galahad Fortress again later in the game, so you might as well do so during this chapter.

M104 Fortress Unit

A fortress sized Mechon. It's so big, the whole thing can't even fit in the screenshot.

There are some huge mechons here, and the name Fortress Unit suits them extremely well. Unfortunately for you, these Mechons don't just have size at their disposal, but power as well. Make sure to avoid these Mechons!

Fighting M104 Fortress Unit

If however, you truly wish to fight against the M104, there are a few key points to know beforehand.

  • M104 can hit all your units with its titan stomp, and it can deal around 3k damage to each member. This can be dodged using Monado Speed but only one character will be able to do so.
  • M104 can also use a rank 5 and rank 7 move called Titan Laser, which is as frightening as it sounds.
  • Its Dark Matter move is an ether-based attack, so improving your Ether Defense is going to help greatly in this fight.
  • With its high Agility, this beast can be hard to even hit if you are underleveled. It is at level 52, so ideally you should get up to at least level 50 or higher.

Boss Strategy Guide


I dunno about all this -5g- technical stuff. But it's something to do with that ether.

Mumkhar is going to fight you while in his Mechon, and he's accompanied by two other faced mechons as well. The other Mechons aren't that durable, so prioritize finishing them off first. He has several AOE attacks like Hell Spin Venom and Custom Grand Shot, so avoid letting anyone fall to low HP. He also has a shieldable talent art called Hell Talon Venom IV. Having a shield rank equivalent to 4 can let you avoid a possible fatal blow from this move.

Mumkhar Recommended Characters

Shulk IconShulk Dunban IconDunban Riki IconRiki

Mumkhar has several high damaging moveset that hits a wide range, regardless of aggro. Deploying low HP characters like Melia and Sharla is not recommended in this battle.

Nemesis Face

This is a reverse hostage battle where you need to defeat all the boss' allies while keeping the main boss alive. A good party setup is enough to win this battle easily.

Gold Face

Gold Face
A survival battle. It is highly similar to your first fight with Xord. Simply delaying the fight and healing your party is necessary to end this battle.

Gold Face Recommended Characters

Shulk IconShulk Sharla IconSharla Riki IconRiki

This 3 party member setup is focused on healing each other. This should be enough for you to survive the enemy assault until the battle ends.

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