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100% Walkthrough | Completion Checklist

This is a guide to achieving 100% completion in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition (XC1). Read more to see our checklist on what needs to be done in order to fully complete the game.

100% Playthrough Checklist

The game offers a hefty amount of content just for the story alone. But there are several contents you can still do to truly accomplish every trials and contents of the game. We will note below, all the things you need to consider and do to truly complete the game 100%

Story Quests

The first and most obvious thing you must do is complete the story. There are 17 chapters, a final boss, and the epilogue: Future Connected to complete. See below for our guides on how to complete them!

Main Story Future Connected
Story Walkthrough Epilogue: Future Connected Walkthrough

Side Quests

There are a plethora of side quests to be found in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition. While you definitely don't need to do each and every one of them to get strong enough to beat the main game, you can never really say you completely finished the game if you leave one of them undone.

Main Story Future Connected
Side Quest Guide Future Connected Side Quests Guide


The Collectopaedia is an encyclopaedia of sorts in Xenoblade Chronicles that allows you to log collectables from each area for rewards. As you pick up items from collection points, you will come across a variety of items known as collectables that are different from regular materials used for side quests or sold at vendors. Collecting them all is a good indicator of completing the game 100%.

Read our Collectopaedia guide below for more information!
Collectopaedia Guide and Rewards


H2H Dialogue Choice.jpg
Heart-to-Hearts are a special type of cutscene between two characters, which can only be activated if the two character's have a high enough affinity. While entirely optional, these cutscenes do a great job of building the world of Xenoblade Chronicles, and give some insight and backstory to its characters. It can also increase the affinity between the two participants and thus, improve chances of Chain Links and their Performance when crafting gems!

Check out our Heart-to-Heart Guide to find out how to get all of them!
Heart-to-Heart Answers and Guide


Achievements is a system in Xenoblade Chronicles that reward the player for reaching various milestones in the game, such as defeating a set amount of enemies or discovering new places. They are similar to the Achievements/Trophy system on Xbox/Play Station consoles, except for the fact that each achievement will actually reward you with EXP. This makes it actually beneficial to do achievements as you play.

Have a look at our guide below to see all achievements and how to obtain them!
Achievement Guide

Time Attacks

Time Attack
Time Attacks are challenges that are offered by the Nopon Archsage in the Mysterious realm. Warp points that leads to this realm are scattered throughout the Bionis. These challenges task you with defeating enemies in the shortest amount of time, and completing them all is a good challenge to count towards 100% completion.

Check our guide on time attacks down below!
Time Attack Guide and Rewards

Colony 6 Reconstruction

colony 6 reconstruction banner.jpeg
Colony 6 is a colony ravaged by the Mechon, and a grand quest will open up to reconstruct the Colony by providing it with materials and occupants. It's a worthwhile endeavor that will allow you to see a town grow, and doing so will provide several benefits for your party such as additional skill trees, new sidequests, and even new shops!

See our guide on the reconstruction of Colony 6 in the link below!
Colony 6 Reconstruction Guide

Landmarks and Locations

Secret Area.png

Checking out the map and seeing everything is something a 100% playthrough should provide. Make sure to complete the map and seek out those secret landmarks and locations.

Take note that some areas (primarily, in the mechonis) becomes unavailable by progressing the story so obtaining a full map in a single playthrough may prove impossible if tackled carelessly

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