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This is a profile and usage guide for Sharla, a character from Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition for the Nintendo Switch. Here you can find Sharla's roles, builds, stats at Lv. 99, best Arts, best skill trees, and official artwork.

Sharla Basic Information

Sharla Profile

Quick Facts
Sharla Banner
Name Sharla
Age 21
Race Homs
Height 168cm
Gender Female
Weapon Type Ether Rifle
Voice Actor (Eng.) Kellie Bright
Voice Actor (Jp.) Akeno Watanebe

Sharla Introduction

A survivor of the Colony 6 Mechon invasion. Sharla is the older sister of Juju, who she is very protective of. Sharla is a medic, and in battle she is able to restore HP to party members and cure status ailments.

Sharla Stats at Lv. 99

Sharla's Stats at Lv. 99

HP Strength Ether Agility
4542 359 379 111

Stats Explained

Sharla Build and Usage Guide

Sharla Strengths and Weaknesses

Physical Attacks Ether Attacks Tanking
B Rank Icon A Rank Icon B Rank Icon
Buffing Debuffing Healing
S Rank Icon B Rank Icon S Rank Icon

Note: A C Rank indicates that the character is either very poor in this role or cannot do it at all.

How to Play Sharla

Sharla is one of the harder characters to play as, due to her low offensive ability, and her Talent Art, which fills up as she uses Arts. Once the Talent Gauge fills up, she will be forced to use Cool Off, which will heal her, but prevent her from moving, attacking, or using arts. Cool Off can be used any time, and it will take more time when at 100%, so we recommend using it much sooner to reduce the amount of time Sharla is a sitting duck.

Heal Blast (or Heal Bullet) and Heal Round will be used to heal teammates, and Cure Bullet / Aura Bullet will be used for support. After leveling up the healing skills, be sure and spend some AP leveling up Drive Boost, since it reduces cooldown on all other arts. Due to her range, Sharla can attack from far away, even if Bind is inflicted on her. her main offensive Arts are Thunder Bullet, Head Shot, and Metal Blast. Be sure and level these up, particularly Thunder Bullet.

Recovery Up, Ether Up, and HP up are all good gems for boosting her support, and Electric Plus is essential for maximizing the effect of Thunder Bullet. Devotion or Affection are her best skill trees, and be sure to link skills that shorten cooldown. Link to Fiora's skill Explosion of Energy, which will increase tension each time the Talent Art is used.

Sharla as an AI

Sharla as an AI will focus on healing members and providing support, as well as keeping her aggro down. Make sure to have Heal Blast (or Heal Bullet) and Heal Round set, as well as Cure Bullet and Aura Bullet for support, initially prioritizing leveling up the healing skills. If set, Sharla will also use Tranquilizer to inflict sleep on enemies that aren't targeted, or ones that come after her.

In chain attacks, Head Shot Metal Blast will be the best damage options. If Shield Bullet is set, you can warn Sharla to use it on a party member targeted in a vision to reduce the damage.

Sharla Arts

Sharla's Arts
Name Lv. Learnt Effect Power (%) CD (sec.)
Cool Off 1 Ether Art
Cools an overheated Ether gun.
- -
Heal BulletHeal Bullet 1 Ether Art
A shot of recovery ether, restoring some HP to target.
198 ~ 549 25 ~ 18.2
Thunder BulletThunder Bullet 1 Ether Art
Two-hit combo, critical against flying enemies.
90 ~ 207 20 ~ 11
Shield BulletShield Bullet 1 Ether Art
Releases a special barrier of ether that absorbs some damage.
- 90 ~ 49.5
Cure BulletCure Bullet 1 Ether Art
Removes debuffs from target and grants temporary debuff immunity.
- 30 ~ 16.5
Drive BoostDrive Boost 50 Ether Art
Reduces cooldown of all Arts except Drive Boost.
- 120 ~ 66
Heal BlastHeal Blast 14 Ether Art
A shot of recovery ether, restoring a large amount of HP to target.
330 ~ 924 90 ~ 33.3
Heal RoundHeal Round 18 Ether Art
Shoot recovery ether into the air, restoring HP to the entire party.
220 ~ 616 60 ~ 49.2
Head ShotHead Shot 42 Physical Art
A critical hit, inflicting Instant Death on enemies suffering Daze.
300 ~ 453 120 ~ 33.6
Metal BlastMetal Blast 16 Physical Art
Shoot a powerful bullet in a straight line, inflicting Break.
120 ~ 255 60 ~ 49.2
Aura BulletAura Bullet 34 Ether Art
A special ether bullet that extends the duration of an Aura.
- 60 ~ 38.4
Heat BulletHeat Bullet 22 Ether Art
Releases special ether bullet that increases the tension of the party.
- 30 ~ 16.5
Head ShakerHead Shaker 30 Physical Art
Pistol whip the enemy, inflicting Daze.
200 ~ 380 90 ~ 57.6
Covert StanceCovert Stance 26 Ether Art
Aura that stops you gaining aggro, reducing attacks from enemies.
- 45 ~ 32.8
Heal CounterHeal Counter 38 Ether Art
Create a special ether barrier that restores HP when attacked.
- 60 ~ 43.8
TranquilliserTranquilliser 12 Ether Art
An ether bullet with hypnotic qualities, inflicting Sleep.
- 40 ~ 22
Cure RoundCure Round 46 Ether Art
Removes debuffs, grants a period of debuff immunity to the party.
- 45 ~ 24.8

Best Arts | Which Arts Should You Level Up?

Sharla Skill Trees and Skills

Click one of the buttons below to dispay / hide a skill tree.


Devotion Skill Tree

Effect How to Unlock
Ether Up Default Skill Tree unlocked when Sharla becomes playable.
0 1 2 3 4 5
5 10 20 30 40 50

Devotion Skills

Skill Effect SP Coins
Medium Equipment Allows medium weight armour to be equipped. - 10
Medical Knowledge Greatly boosts power of Healing Arts in chain attacks (25%). 700 12
Long-Range Extends range of long-distance Arts (5). 1000 -
Always Ready Increases agility (10). 2000 14
Rapid Healing Reduces cooldown of Healing Arts (15%). 3500 -


Perseverance Skill Tree

Effect How to Unlock
Physical Defense Up Default Skill Tree unlocked when Sharla becomes playable.
0 1 2 3 4 5
5 10 20 30 40 50

Perseverance Skills

Skill Effect SP Coins
Firm Defence Boosts physical defence (5%). 300 18
Ether Expansion Increases ether (25). 700 8
Solid Defence Grants Physical Defence Up buff at start of battle (20%, 30 sec). 1000 6
Ether Unleashed Increases ether when HP is at half (15%). 2000 2
Ultimate Sniper Reduces the duration of Cool Off (50%). 3500 -


Confidence Skill Tree

Effect How to Unlock
Strength Up Default Skill Tree unlocked when Sharla becomes playable.
0 1 2 3 4 5
10 30 40 50 70 100

Confidence Skills

Skill Effect SP Coins
Ether Assault Increases damage dealt by ether Arts attacks (20%). 300 20
Initial Endurance Grants Physical Protect to party with Battle Start Affinity (20%, 30sec). 700 7
Middleweight Expert Improves phys. and ether defence of medium weight armour (10%). 1000 47
Adrenaline Increases tension when taking damage (5). 2000 48
Heavy Equipment Allows heavy weight armour to be equipped. 3500 30


Affection Skill Tree

Effect How to Unlock
HP Up Acquired through completing the Stopping the Elopement Side Quest.
0 1 2 3 4 5
2% 5% 8% 10% 12% 15%

Affection Skills

Skill Effect SP Coins
Vote of Confidence Improves Healing Arts after being warned of a vision (25%). 200 -
Bedside Manner Healing Arts restore more HP (10%). 500 5
Hearty Cry Heals the party slightly after a successful Burst Affinity (10%). 800 44
Shield of Kindness Grants Ether Protect buff with Battle Start Affinity (25%, 30 sec). 1000 10
Miracle of Love Heals remaining party members when Incapacitated (20%). 1500 25


Reliance Skill Tree

Effect How to Unlock
Ether Defence Up Acquired through completing the Avenge a Mamapon's Death Side Quest.
0 1 2 3 4 5
5 10 20 30 40 50

Reliance Skills

Skill Effect SP Coins
Memory of Gadolt Improves block rate (10%). 200 -
Vendetta Increases chance of a counter-attack (15%). 500 11
Decisive Follow-Up Grants Ether Up buff when an ally defeats an enemy (20%, 30 sec). 800 10
Revenge Strength Up and Phys Def Up when an ally is Incapacitated (50%, 30 sec) 1000 11
Ether Explosion Greatly increases ether (75). 1500 25

Best Skill Links for Each Character

Best and Worst Gifts For Sharla

Best Gifts for Sharla

Collectable Affinity Points Area
Love Source 100 Other
Sour Gooseberry 24 Bionis' Leg
Fire Apple 22 Valak Mountain
Spicy Nut 18 Frontier Village
Bright Fig 18 Tephra Cave
Fire Pepper 18 Sword Valley

Worst Gifts for Sharla

Collectable Affinity Points Area
Wheel Lurker -14 Galahad Fortress
Water Boatman -14 Mechonis Field
Ultramarine Ant -12 Galahad Fortress
Shield Bug -12 Makna Forest
Brown Butterfly -12 Tephra Cave
Mud Squirrel -12 Valak Mountain

The Best Gifts for Each Character

Sharla Artwork

The following official artwork for Sharla from Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition was released by the official Nintendo Twitter Page and Japanese Xenoblade Twitter Page.

Click to enlarge

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