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Epilogue: Future Connected Walkthrough Part 1

This is a walkthrough for the first area of Future Connected, the epilogue of Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition for Nintendo Switch. For a map of the area, as well as boss strategy and other tips and tricks, read on!

Epilogue: Future Connected Walkthrough - Part 1

Navvir Highlands and Companion's Cape

1 After the opening cutscene, go south through the water to find Nene and Kino and fight the Officer Volff.
2 When the cutscenes end, make your way south to Companion's Cape, picking up items and discovering landmarks along your way.
3 Your next destination is Cragmaw Caverns. The Caverns are located North-East from the Companion's Cape.
4 There are several sidequests available at the Camp (change the time to reveal more quests) but the sidequest from Carranelle are important. This quest must be completed so you can obtain Gems from Ether Deposits.
4 Go to the west and talk to Ponspector Tentoo to gain access to Cragmaw Caverns and the Ponspector Brigade.
5 Before entering the cavern, make a quick trip back to Navvir Crossroads to find Ponspector Tei-Tei. Complete his quest if you'd like then make your way back.
Sound Type enemiesThe item is located behind a sound type enemy and can be reached by walking through the enemy.

Cinnabar Plateau and Whisperwind Crossing

1 Pass through Cragmaw Caverns and watch the scene. You will immediately bump into another Ponspector, Evelen. Complete her quest and move on through Cinnabar Plateau.
Ponspector Evelen.jpg The first quest requires you to eliminate the Sardi that is found just behind Evelen while the Morrow Cobs can be found scattered around the map.
Note There are two ponspectors that can be met by heading north. Their quests' recommended level is around the high 60s so do tackle them if you're party is well leveled up.
Optional 1 From Evelen's position, head north until you meet Ponspector Fofora. Her quest requires you to defeat 3 lvl 67 Kromars
3 Komars Defeating the Kromar then returning to her will initiate the last part of the quest. Cross Xen's Thoroughfare then head north and circle around it to reach Fofora. Talking to her will end her questline.
Optional 2 From Xen's Thoroughfare, Head left then south. Follow the path until you reach the Abaasy's Sordum landmarl. Ponspector Faifa is located near there.
Riddles.jpgShe will require you to deliver her a Sky Mole which is common around the area. Her next task will require you to defeat a Green Feris.
2 Keep walking until you find the opening of some ruins. Head into Barouh Ruins Cave to proceed. If you make a detour up north you will find Ponspector Dekadeka surrounded by Slobbering Antols.
3 Take the path up and out of the ruins. Follow the path up and around and keep moving to the east to Whisperwind Crossing.
4 Cross the bridges up to the northeast to reach your destination, Soltnar Seal Island.
5 Make your way up the pillar to view a cutscene. Walk into the Teleporter to enter Alcamoth.

Imperial Capital Alcamoth

1 After the cutscene you can find another Ponspector, Drydry, to the north. Complete his quest and make your way up the slope to Melfica Road.
dry dry.jpgThe High Entia Feathers are found North-West from Drydry's position. There are no enemies in the vicinity so make sure to complete this quest.
2 Watch another cutscene and you'll fight your first major boss, Snowal Talos.
3 After the fight you will be back in front of the Soltnar Seal Island landmark with a new destination, Xen's Thoroughfare, ending the first section of the epilogue.

Side Quests

The following side quests are available at this time:

Quest Location Giver Rewards
Drydry Entia Main Entrance Drydry 30000 G
Topple Plus IV
Incensed Dekadeka Barouh Plaza Dekadeka 30000 G
Lock-On Resist IV
Evelen on the Edge Zephyr's Counsel Evelen 30000 G
Sleep Resist IV
Tei-Tei Lacking Charm Navvir Crossroads Tei-Tei 30000 G
Phys Def Down IV
Hunting Help Companion's Cape Haemlin 36000 G
Rudra Hood, Rudra Jacket
Ether Exploitation Companion's Cape Carranelle 0 G
Ether Pick
Ether Font Companion's Cape Tulleana 0 G
40000 EXP
Anenmone Brim D, Princess Dress D

Quests in Red Text indicate Timed Quests. As these quests will expire after progressing to a certain part of the game, be sure to complete them while they are still available!

Maps and Collectopaedia

Bionis' Shoulder Maps

List of Maps

Alcamoth Map

List of Maps

Bionis' Shoulder Landmarks and Locations


A Junks
B Navvir Crossroads
C Companion's Cape
D Nerthis Necropolis Gate
E Zephyr's Counsel
F Barouh Plaza
G Pillar Knoll
H Soltnar Seal Island


1 Navvir Highland
2 Purifying Falls
3 Clear Sky Bluff
4 Companion's Forum
5 Nerthis Necropolis
6 Cragmaw Caverns
7 Cinnabar Plateau
8 Barouh Ruins Cave
9 Whisperwind Crossing

Bionis' Shoulder Collectopaedia

Veg Rainbow Carrot High Leaf Cream Wheat Morrow Cob Kilopumpkin
Animal Angel Bream Gentleclam Sky Mole Blade Bird Palmtop Elephant
Parts Half Part Snare Wire Subzero Steel Blaze Chain Congenial Cogs
Strange Swirly Slash Hero Nipper Highlightning Dubious Sculpture Shimmertumble


Veg Valak Corsage
Animal Valak Bracelets
Parts Valak Skirt
Strange Valak Sandals
100% Completion Valak Top

Alcamoth Landmarks and Locations


A Main Entrance
B Fountain of Eternity
C Fountain of Hope


1 Eternity Way (Ruined)
2 Hope Way (Ruined)

Alcamoth Collectopaedia

Fruit Cool Lemon Heart Peach
Flower Mystic Dahlia Stardrop
Animal Nanoceros Mane Cat
Strange Ha Ha Ha Thunder Atmos


Fruit Trendy Goggles
Flower Trendy Gloves
Animal Trendy Leggings
Strange Trendy Fins
100% Completion Trendy Hoodie

Tips and Strategies

Recruit the Ponspectors!

While the other sidequests are great for getting money, having the Ponspectors on your side in battle is going to be incredibly useful. Try and complete all of their quests to add them to your team and get a hefty experience boost!

Boss Strategy Guide

Officer Volff

officer volff.jpeg

Take Down the Leg Volffs

This is your first fight of the epilogue so it isn't too difficult. Focus on the Leg Volffs first to get them out of the way before tackling the leader of the pack.

Bring Nene to Tank

Before the battle starts you'll be given the option to switch up your party. To keep the focus away from your character of choice, swap Nene for Shulk or Melia so she can draw away enemy attacks. This is especially useful for Shulk so he can use his position-based attacks for more damage to quickly take out the Volffs.

Snowal Talos


Back Slash!

Snowal Talos has pretty low HP for a boss and doesn't do much damage, so pick your preferred party setup and hit it hard with Shulk's Back Slash to take it down quickly.

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