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How to Beat Avalanche Abaasy | Super Boss Guide

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This is a guide to beating Avalanche Abaasy, one of the super bosses in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition (XC1). Know which gems and skills you need to equip to beatAvalanche Abaasy as well as items you can gain from doing so.

Avalanche Abaasy Level, Location, and Abilities

Avalanche Abaasy Level and Location

Level 120
Location Valak Mountain
(Three Sage Summit)
Appearance Condition Chapter 17
Blizzard Weather

Avalanche Abaasy Notable Abilities

Demon Purging Fire Deals massive damage to a huge area and inflicts Blaze and Paralysis
Ultra Tail Strike Inflicts Topple to all targets hit.
Ultra Air Crush X Inflicts massive damage to a single unit.

How to Beat Avalanche Abaasy

Recommended Gems

Night Vision Increases the accuracy of physical attacks during the night by (%).
Divine Protect Grants resistance against Instant Death by (%).
Topple Plus Extends the duration for which an enemy suffers Topple by (%).
Topple Resist Grants resistance against Topple by (%).

The highest leveled enemy and the strongest as well. You're going to need all the gems listed above with the exception of Divine Protect. Divine Protect does the same job as Debuff Resist but poorly, swap out Divine Protect for Debuff Resist immediately to counter Abaasy's other debuff moves.

Topple Resist is optional as well since Abaasy's Tail Strike Topple can be dodged by a Chain Attack (albeit, difficult).

Recommended Skills

Glorious Future

Not entirely necessary with Haste Gems equipped but helpful nonetheless. Allows you to use a defensive Monado Art in a pinch.

Chain Attack Healing

Shoulder to Shoulder Heals the party after a chain attack (10%). Owner
Friendship Heals Heals the party slightly after a chain attack (5%). Owner

Extremely helpful against Abaasy's Demon Purging Fire. Allows your team to time a Chain Attack while Abaasy uses it to survive with 1 HP then end the Chain Attack with everyone in half health.

Stat Buffs Against Higher Leveled Enemies

Showdown Stance All Stats Up buff at start of battle with higher-level monsters (30%, 30 sec) Owner

Skills that provides buffs when battling against higher leveled enemies are highly recommended against Super Bosses and Avalanche Abaasy is no exception.

Chain Link Boosters

Ties of Friendship Increases chance of a Chain Link (5%). Owner
Chain of Friendship Increases the chance of a Chain Link (15%). Owner

More arts used in a single chain attack is always welcome.

Recommended Characters

Dunban IconDunban Reyn IconReyn Shulk IconShulk

With Shulk as the leader, this is our recommended party setup for Avalanche Abaasy. They all have several red physical arts that can deal insane damage during Chain Attacks. With proper gems and skills, even Reyn will be able to hit Avalanche Abaasy.

Battle Strategy

abaasy battle start.jpg
Avalanche Abaasy is the highest leveled enemy in the game. It also sports extremely high damage with its arts and it also has a nasty spike ability that inflicts instant death!

You will want to only use physical arts when they provide bonus effects to fill up the party gauge and inflicts some debuffs. With Haste Gems, Shulk's monado activate should be up at all time and should only be used to use Armour or use a Speed / Shield against an attack that can deal massive damage.

Using a Chain Attack

abaasy sword drive chain attack.jpg
When a Chain Attack becomes available, you will want to start with a Stream Edge/ Air Slash to apply break (Stream Edge to fill the talent gauge, Air Slash to apply Slow). Follow it up with 2 Topple Arts from Dunban and Reyn then follow it with Cyclone so you can switch to offensive arts. Continue Chaining with high damaging arts like Worldly Slash, Soaring Tempest, Lariat, and Sword Drive for massive damage!

Low Health Avalanche Abaasy

abaasy dead.jpg
Abaasy will awaken when it's on low health, think of it as Crazed on steroids. Avalanche Abaasy will become insanely strong during the last stretch of the fight. Forget about Toppling and when using Chain Attacks, you'll want to use Shadow Eye first then Air Slash, Peerless, Berserk, Buster, Worldly Slash, then Sword Drive. Continue using other red physical arts to eventually bring Abaasy down!

Notable Items from Avalanche Abaasy

Daze Plus Crystals

Increases the duration of Daze against targets.

Daze Up Crystals

Increases damage to Dazed enemies.

Debuff Resist Cystals

Debuff Resist Crystals are also available from Avalanche Abaasy. It grants resistance to all debuffs. Blow Down, Topple, and Daze are not included.

Topple Up Crystals

Increases your damage to Toppled enemies. Might not prove any use anymore since the strongest enemy in the game has already been defeated.

Veritas Glyph

All Super Bosses drops the Veritas Glyph and Avalanche Abaasy is no exception.

Demonic Everflame

A quest item for crafting the Replica Monado 4. It is only available from two enemies: Avalanche Abaasy and Demon King Dragonia.

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