Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition

Trading and Overtrading Guide

trade and overtrade
This is a guide to Trading in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition (XC1) for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn how to trade, how to overtrade, and the formula for overtrading!

How to Trade

Exchange Items of Equal Worth

In Xenoblade Chronicles, you can trade your items with named NPCs found in most areas to receive other items. Items that can be traded for range from equipment to materials and even collectibles.

Approach an NPC and Use the Y Button

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You will find named NPCs from friendly establishments. They are marked in the minimap with a light bluish dot. Initiate a conversation with them using the Y button and a trade will start.

Note that the items available for trade will differ depending on Area Affinity! A higher Area Affinity will allow you to trade for better items from NPCs.

Choose an Item You Want to Recieve

trade and overtrade
You will be presented with a list of items that the named NPC has. Those items also have a gold value on their right side. This indicates the item's value, meaning the item you trade will have to be worth at least this amount.

Choose an Item you Will Give

You will now choose an item from your inventory. Unlike NPCs, you can only give out Materials and Collectibles. All items that have lower value than the chosen items will be removed from the list that you can give, but items that are worth the same amount or more will still be available. Giving out an item with a much greater value makes overtrading possible.

What is Overtrading?

Getting an Extra Item for a High Value Trade

trade and overtrade
Normally, the ideal situation for a trade is to give an item whose value is as close as possible to the other party's item. Trading them an item that is worth more however, can make them happy, and in turn, cause them to give you more items.

How To Know What Item They'll Give for Overtrading

trade and overtrade
The game does not display which items are available from an NPC for overtrade, so it is essentially a hidden feature. This means that other than trading the NPC a high valued item, then there is no easy way to figure out what items can be obtained through this method, and how much they are worth.

Currently the Xenoblade walkthrough team is putting together a list of all NPC trade items, so stay tuned!

Overtrade Formula

Base Price + Overtrade Price ≤ Traded Item Value

The value of the item chosen from the NPC plus the overtrade item's value must be equal or less than the value of the item you will give them. This does not take into account skills like Hero's Privilege and Friends Now!, which will increase the value of your items (see below).

A good example is Paola from Colony 6. She overtrades an item called Moonflower, with a base price of 2700. Asking for a Caterpile Syrup, which is worth 190, and giving her an item worth 2900 or more will satisfy her and will cause her to give you a moonflower.

Trade Related Skills

Hero's Privilege and Friends Now!

Friends Now! Allows low-value items to be offered when trading (5%). Owner
Hero's Privilege Allows low-value items to be offered when trading (20%). Owner

These two abilities together will increase the value of your items by a flat 25%. Try to avoid doing trades before you get these two skills, as they will make overtrading and trading much easier!

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