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How to Unlock Melia's Extra Skill Trees

This is a guide to unlocking Melia's hidden skill trees in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition (XC1). Read on to know how to unlock Melia's Extra Skill Trees as well as the prerequisites needed to do so.

How to Unlock Melia's Extra Skill Trees

Reticence(Fourth Skill Tree)

To unlock Reticence, head to the Ether Plant in Eryth Sea and complete the chain quest, Mend the Plant and Hode Attack from Jarack.

Once both quests are complete, head to Hovering Reef 4 and accept the quest Trouble at the Lighthouse from Shalen. Successfully completing all the quest will reward Melia the Reticence Skill Tree.

Reticence Skills

Skill Effect SP Coins
Palace Guard Improves block rate (15%). 200 7
Heavyweight Expert Improves ether defence the more heavy equipment is worn (30 each). 500 45
Unadorned Beauty Strength, ether, agility and HP up if no gems are equipped (20%). 800 12
Mental Barrier Reduces damage taken from ether area attacks (25%). 1000 75
Arcane Aura Reduces aggro drawn while an aura is active (30%). 1500 18

Passion (Fifth Skill Tree)

To unlock Melia's Passion Skill Tree, you must aid Talia in her research in the quest Ancient High Entia Mystery. To unlock the quest, you need atleast 2 1/2 affinity with the Upper Bionis residents. You must also complete the quest “Investigating Satorl” OR “Talia's Research”.
high entia doors.jpg
You will also need to obtain the High Entia Emblem when doing the quest to unlock the High Entia Door barring your path towards the objective. You will also be ambushed by a Glory Slobos (Lvl 97) after examining the statue. Return to Talia to complete the quest.

Passion Skills

Skill Effect SP Coins
Nonchalant Heart Reduces tension loss when an attack fails (5). 200 7
Awakening Strike Boosts damage dealt to enemies suffering Sleep (50%). 500 10
Telethia Killer When an aura is active, increases damage dealt to Telethia (50%) 800 48
Passion of Flame Extends Blaze duration when dealt to an enemy (20 sec). 1000 -
Rejection of Evil Greatly reduces the effects of Spike attacks (50%). 1500 50

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