Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition

Chapter 16: Central Factory (Revisited) Walkthrough

This is a walkthrough for the Central Factory (Revisited) section of Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition for Nintendo Switch. For a map of Central Factory (Revisited) Landmarks and Locations, as well as boss strategy and other tips and tricks, read on!

Chapter 16: Central Factory (Revisited) Walkthrough

Mechonis Core

1 Defeat Zanza.
Your HP cannot fall below 1, so it is impossible to lose this fight. Bring his HP down to 80%, then the battle will end.
2 Use the Transporter to enter Central Factory.

Central Factory

1 Return to Junks, stationed at the 5th floor of Central factory.
2 Defeat the Sureny Telethia
Make it's Hp fall below 80%, then the fight will end.

Side Quests

No Side Quests

There are no side quests available from this chapter.

Maps and Collectopaedia

Mechonis Core Maps


Mechonis Core Landmarks and Locations





Central Factory Maps

2F 3F/4F

Central Factory Landmarks and Locations


A Port Terminal
B Control Tower
C Central Warehouse Lift
D Factory Vent
E Tower Boarding Gate
F Regeneration Control
G Agniratha Transporter
H Ventilation Conduit
I Bridge to Apocrypha


1 Central Gate
2 Landing Strip 1
3 Landing Strip 2
4 Maintenance Entrance 1
5 Maintenance Wing
6 Storage Depot
7 Central Lift
8 Training Ground Roof
9 Central Tower Lift
10 Large Mechon Store
11 Main Factory Gate
12 Mechon Factory
13 Central Tower Roof
14 Face Maintenance Bay
15 Apocrypha Generator


There are no available Heart-to-Hearts in this area.

Central Factory Collectopaedia

Veg Meaty Potato Blue Root - - -
Animal Prism Centipede Cable Mouse Oil Fox - -
Bug Dew Beetle Glider Cockroach - - -
Nature White Styrene Black Styrene Blood Oil - -
Parts Angel Engine X Leaf Coil Warrior Screw - -
Strange Smoke Cylinder Sacred Panther Parts Noble - -

Collection Rewards

Vegetables Strength Up IV
Animals Blaze Defence IV
Bugs Ether Up IV
Nature Lock-On Resist IV
Parts Talent Boost III
Strange Arts Heal IV
100% Completion Machina Driver III

Tips and Strategies

Recommended Party Setups

Xenoblade Party.jpg

Shulk is definitely a good character to have in the party. But the game actually allows you to remove him in favor of creating a 3 man roster that suits your playstyle. Shulk is temporarily unavailable so creating a different party is a must for this chapter. Melia is highly suggested to be your party leader in this fight due to her mind blast ability, and great potential as a controlled character. Check our guide about recommended party members for more party setups.

Best Party and Team Setup

Boss Strategy Guide

Sureny Telethia

A Telethia, Without Shulk, Melia is the only one that can counter a Telethia's Mind Read, so set her as your leader. Make sure to not waste Melia's Elemental Discharge until the Telethia uses Mind Read to complete the fight.

Boss Recommended Characters

Sharla IconSharla Riki IconRiki Melia IconMelia

Shulk is temporarily unavailable in this fight. Soul Read is an aura that causes all attacks to miss, but Melia's Mind Blast can dispel this, allowing your team to fight.

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