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Differences Between Future Connected and the Main Game

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This article will tell you all about the differences in Future Connected from the main game in Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition. Read on to find out about new, changed, and removed features in the brand new epilogue!

Future Connected Differences From the Main Game

New Party Members

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One of the first things you'll notice in Future Connected is that Shulk and Melia are the only returning party members. Instead, you will be joined by Riki's children, Nene and Kino. While new characters, Nene and Kino's skills function identically to Reyn and Sharla's respectively, allowing you to stick to strategies you may have used previously. You will also have a group of up to 12 AI-controlled Nopon Ponspectors who will assist you in battle.

No Chain Attacks

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The party gauge is still present with similar functions, like using one bar to revive a downed ally, but you won't be performing chain attacks when it's full. Once you've recruited enough Ponspectors, you will gain access to new Union Strikes, powerful attacks that deal damage to all enemies and provide other effects like healing your party or putting enemies into a daze. Hit the B button with the right timing to increase the amount of bonus damage dealt!

Ponspectors and Union Strikes Explained

No Affinity

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Another major change is the lack of affinity, which means your party members won't increase bonds when fighting together, there is no affinity chart that lists every NPC, nor are there any Heart-to-Hearts. However, there is a replacement for the latter in the form of Quiet Moments, which are voiced cutscenes between two characters with no dialogue options. With no affinity, viewing these scenes is as simple as progressing the story.

List of Quiet Moments

No Monado Visions

At the end of Xenoblade Chronicles, Shulk loses his abiity to see into the future, so a year later during Future Connected this is also true. Whether you relied on it or not before, you will need to be careful when fighting stronger enemies whose abilities can potentially cause your demise.

Skill Trees and Reputation Are Out

Skill Trees Disabled
The Skill Trees that provided a variety of buffs for your characters has also been removed, and with it the ability to link skills across characters. There is also no reputation related to the settlements within the epilogue, so side quests will not provide anything more than EXP, gold, or items.

New Enemy Types

As the focus of Future Connected is to defeat the mysterious Fog King, there are also Fogbeasts, enemies that have been imbued with the Fog King's power. You can tell a Fogbeast apart from a regular enemy by the black aura that surrounds them as well as the special eye icon above their heads. These enemies will also spread the power to nearby enemies with a riot surge, causing any enemy in the set radius to Riot, increasing their level to that of the Fogbeast. While not as powerful as unique monsters, their ability to cause multiple enemies to aggro you can be overwhelming. They also respawn much more frequently than unique monsters, so stay sharp.

Ether Deposits Provide Gems

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One of the last differences is that Ether Deposits will not provide Crystals when mining and will instead result in fully processed Gems. With no Crystals this also means that Gem Crafting is not available either.

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