Epilogue: Future Connected Walkthrough | Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition

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A walkthrough for Future Connected, the epilogue chapter of Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition for the Nintendo Switch. Here you can find maps, walkthrough charts, boss information, and tips and tricks for getting through the epilogue. Select a chapter from the list below.

Xenoblade Chronicles Future Connected Walkthrough

Part 1 Navvir Highlands~Alcamoth
Part 2 Shoulderstone Scree~Gran Dell
Part 3 Teelan's Laboratory~Zekr Marga Quarry
Part 4 Alcamoth (Revisited)

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View the Main Story Walkthrough via the link below!

Story Walkthrough

And if you're wondering about new features or changes from the main game check out this page as well!

Differences from the Main Game

Future Connected Summary

A year after the events of Xenoblade Chronicles, Shulk and Melia have found out that the Imperial City of Alcamoth has been located near the Bionis' Shoulder, a previously unexplored land. Boarding the Junks, they set off to reclaim Melia's home only to be shot out of the sky by a mysterious rift above Alcamoth. With stoaway Nopon Nene and Kino, Shulk and Melia head off to investigate the mysterious Fog King who has taken over Alcamoth and learn more about those who survived and have made the Bionis' Shoulder their new home...

What Are the Rewards for Clearing the Epilogue?

Additional Content in the Main Game

The major reward on clearing is the 8th challenge of the Time Attack from the main game will be unlocked. Along with this is the ability to buy Master-level Arts Manuals that will allow you to upgrade your arts to level XII for even more power.

Ability to Change Shulk's Weapon Look in the Epilogue

Throughout the epilogue Shulk only has access to one weapon, the Monado Replica EX, and while the look of his clothes can be changed, with no other weapons for Shulk he has nothing to change it to. After clearing, however, Shulk can change the Monado Replica EX's look to any weapon obtained in the main game.

No New Game Plus

The main game has a new game plus feature but Future Connected unfortunately does not, due to its 10-20 hour length. Those seeking to go through the epilogue again will have to start fresh. However all cutscenes remain viewable through the Event Theatre.

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