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How to Beat Blizzard Belgazas | Super Boss Guide


This is a guide to beating Blizzard Belgazas, one of the super bosses in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition (XC1). See which gems and skills you need to equip to beat Blizzard Belgazas, as well as items you can gain from doing so.

Blizzard Belgazas Level, Location, and Abilities

Blizzard Belgazas Level and Location

Level 114
Location Valak Mountain (Great Glacier)
Appearance Condition Reach chapter 17.

Blizzard Belgazas Notable Abilities

Mountain Stomp Inflicts Blow Down and Daze
Rex Gore Inflicts Blow Down and Daze
2nd hit inflicts death during a blizzard
Tyrannus Roar Applies Craze to self (becomes immune to Topple)
Belgazas will use this when it's low on HP.

How to Beat Blizzard Belgazas

Recommended Gems

Night Vision Increases the accuracy of physical attacks during the night by (%).
Topple Plus Extends the duration for which an enemy suffers Topple by (%).
Good Footing Grants resistance against Blow-Down by (%).
Unbeatable Chance of survival with 1 HP when Incapacitated by (%).
Debuff Resist Grants resistance against all debuffs by (%).
Spike Defence Decreases Spike damage taken by (%).

Good Footing is recommended to avoid the Blow Down Daze combo from Mountain Stomp and Rex Gore. Night Vision gems are necessary to even get a chance to defeating this guy normally. It gets an aura spike damage when toppled so a maxed out Spike Defence is recommended. Topple Plus is also recommended to prevent Belgazas from even standing up during the whole fight.

Recommended Skills

Stat Buffs Against Higher Leveled Enemies

Showdown Stance All Stats Up buff at start of battle with higher-level monsters (30%, 30 sec) Owner

Skills that provides buffs when battling against higher leveled enemies are highly recommended against Super Bosses and Blizzard Belgazas is no exception.

Chain Link Boosters

Ties of Friendship Increases chance of a Chain Link (5%). Owner
Chain of Friendship Increases the chance of a Chain Link (15%). Owner

More arts used in a single chain attack is always welcome.

Physical Defence Skills

Physical Resilience Reduces physical damage taken (10%). Owner

Skills that boost your physical defence is highly recommended for the first few seconds of the fight. Surviving Belgazas' initial attacks gives you time to build up the party gauge and topple lock him in return.

Recommended Characters

Dunban IconDunban Fiora IconFiora Reyn IconReyn

Unlike Despotic Arsene and Avalanche Abaasy, Blizzard Belgazas takes a full duration debuff from Topple. Blizzard Belgazas' ether defence is also lower than its physical defence so Fiora's Final Cross shines during this fight.

Battle Strategy

final cross belgazas.jpg
Proper strategizing already starts before initiating a fight with Belgazas. Make sure to check the weather first before fighting. Fighting Belgazas during a Blizzard will make some of his moves deadlier so it is suggested to not fight it until the weather is clear. Head upfront then fill up your party gauge to unleash a Chain Attack. Topple Belgazas then stay on Belgazas' sides (unless when you're using Double Blade for a back hit multiplier).

The gems equipped should not make Belgazas give you any trouble until you can topple lock him. Once he gets Topple Locked, never let go, especially when Belgazas is at low health. If it uses Craze, it will become immune to Topple which can make the battle harder than necessary.

Notable Items from Blizzard Belgazas

Veritas Glyph

All Super Bosses drop the Veritas Glyph. This is the only item that can be traded for a Love Source.

Topple Plus Crystals

If you don't have it yet, Belgazas drops Topple Plus rank V crystals which can be crafted to rank VI Topple gems if heated.

Divine Protect Crystals

Divine Protect gems can greatly help you against the highest leveled super boss in the game (debuff resist gems can too).

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