Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition

Chapter 5: Colony 6 and Ether Mine Walkthrough

This is a walkthrough for the Colony 6 and Ether Mine section of Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition for Nintendo Switch. For a map of Colony 6 and Ether Mine Landmarks and Locations, as well as boss strategy and other tips and tricks, read on!

Chapter 5: Colony 6 and Ether Mine Walkthrough

Colony 6

1 Head to Colony 6, the entrance of which is in the Upper Level of Bionis' Leg.
2 Take the Elevator going down on the right side.
3 Go to the Drainage Outlet.

Ether Mine

1 Make your way through the tunnels.
2 Defeat the Mechons in the Storage Depot.
3 Activate the Depot Access Lever.
4 Climb down the central mechanism to reach the bottom.Xenoblade Chronicles Central Pit.jpg
5 Jump on the rotating platform and jump off at the next rock formation until you get to the rock outcropping directly across you.
6 Descend to the bottom of the pit using the elevator.
7 Perform a Chain Attack on Xord.
8 Escape via the Freight Elevator.
9 Defeat Xord.

Side Quests

The following side quests are available from this chapter:

Colony 9 Side Quests

Quest Location Giver Rewards
A Mysterious Light Tranquil Square Kenny Rohan 2200 G
700 EXP
Bloody Roar OR Auto-Atk Stealth II
Out Like a Light? Tranquil Square Kenny Rohan +200 Reputation
3400 G
950 EXP
Iron Armour OR King Cluster

Quests in Red Text indicate Timed Quests. As these quests will expire after progressing to a certain part of the game, be sure to complete them while they are still available!

Maps and Collectopaedia

Colony 6 Map

Colony 6 Landmarks and Locations


A Reconstruction HQ
B Supply Road
C Watchpoint Junction
D Drainage Outlet
E Freight Road
F Misty Path
G Main Entrance


1 Splintered Path
2 Freight Elevator
3 Pod Depot
4 Hope Farm


Title Location Char. 1 Char. 2 Affinity
Renewed Determination Freight Road Shulk Reyn Pink
Strength of Heart Main Street Shulk Dunban Pink
The Colony Reborn Special Lv 5 Area Shulk Sharla Pink
One Year On Pod Depot Reyn Dunban Purple
Recovery and Reflection Hope Farm Fiora Dunban Purple
Quiet Time Park Fiora Riki Purple
Dunban's Right Arm Hope Farm Dunban Sharla Purple

Colony 6 Collectopaedia

Flower Cute Orchid Sirius Anemone Spirit Clematis - -
Animal Pyro Lizard Amblygon Turtle Dobercorgi - -
Strange Verdant Eternity White Night Rod - - -

Collection Rewards

Flowers Auto-Atk Stealth II
Animals Paralysis Resist II
Strange Ether Def Up II
100% Completion Warrior Plate

Ether Mine Map

List of Maps
Ground Floor Basement - 1F
Basement - 2F Basement - 3F
Basement - 4F

Ether Mine Landmarks and Locations


A Drainage Tunnel
B Drainage Control Room
C Mining Base
D Central Pit - Entrance
E Personnel Lift 2
F Freight Elevator
G Glowmoss Lake
H Regulation Piston
I Personnel Lift 3
J Central Pit - Base Level


1 Test Pit 1
2 Test Pit 2
3 Test Pit 3
4 Storage Depot
5 Central Terminal
6 Test Pit 4
7 Observation Point
8 Central Pit - Level 1
9 Central Pit - Level 2
10 Central Pit - Level 3
11 Freight Elevator


Title Location Char. 1 Char. 2 Affinity
A Broken Watch Mining Base Shulk Sharla Purple
A Wistful Glow Central Terminal Reyn Sharla Pink

Ether Mine Collectopaedia

Animal Light Bat Black Frog Yellow Cat - -
Bug Black Beetle Rubber Mantis Mystery Firefly - -
Nature Charcoal Leg Ether Pebble Rumble Coal - -
Parts Black Chip Ready Coil - - -
Strange Love Crane Fire Abron - - -

Collection Rewards

Animals Back Atk Plus II
Bugs Bleed Defence III
Nature Recovery Up II
Parts Topple Up II
Strange Muscle Up II
100% Completion Rayon Pike

Tips and Strategies

Do Not Fall Off The Mechanism

Xenoblade Chronicles Mechanism.jpg
When climbing down, there will be a lot of moving parts and jumping obstacles. Falling down will mean you restart back at the nearest landmark, which can be quite far away and a pain to restart. Be careful while traversing.

Use Area of Effect Attacks in the Caves

Xenoblade Chronicles Ether Mine Cave.jpg
The space of the cave is tight and narrow, meaning enemies will be clumped up together a lot of the time. Using Area Attacks will be very effective in these situations is basically guaranteed to damage all enemies.

Fill the Map/Collectopaedia and View Heart-to-Hearts

After defeating the boss and leaving Ether Mines, certain areas will become inaccessible, so make sure to complete the map/collectopaedia and view all Heart-to-Hearts on the inside while you are still there.

Boss Strategy Guide


Xenoblade Chronicles Xord.jpg
You will fight Xord twice: once at the bottom of the pit, and another time on the freight elevator.

Use Chain Attacks To Break Xord

Xordd will resist all attacks and Break Arts at first, though they will go through if done during a Chain Attack. This will trigger a cutscene and allow you to escape to the freight elevator.

Attack Xord's Minions To Build Party Gauge

During combat, Xord will summon Mechons to fight alongside him. Using Arts on these Mechons and achieving their bonus effects builds the Party Gauge, allowing for a Chain Attack on Xord.

Use Monado's Speed Art

Xord's physical arts hit hard, so it's worthwhile to use Speed to increase survivability, especially for Reyn who should be tanking most of the blows.

Beware Xord's Charging and Wide Reaching Attacks

His attacks can either charge or reach wide, so make sure to have a lot of space and be prepared to dodge.

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Final Boss Memory Space


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