Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition

How to Unlock Shulk's Extra Skill Tree

This is a guide to unlocking Shulk's extra skill trees in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition (XC1). Read on to know how to unlock Shulk's Hidden Skill Trees as well as the prerequisites needed to do so.

How to Unlock Shulk's Extra Skill Tree

Pessimism Skill Tree (Fourth Skill Tree)

To obtain Shulk's Pessimism Skill tree, you must first have a high affinity with Colony 9 (4 Stars - 5 Stars) and have completed Jackson's Awakening quest. Triggering these conditions will unlock the quest Désirée's Future. If the quest does not appear, look for Desiree and talk to her once.

You must then listen, and challenge yourself to listen, and pretend to be interested in Desiree's story before deciding on her career. Both choices will reward you the new Skill Tree so feel free to choose any of the two choices presented to you.

Pessimism Skills

Skill Effect SP Coins
Fight the Future Extends time before a vision becomes a reality (4 sec). 200 -
Stealth Warrior Reduces aggro drawn from using Arts (10%) 500 30
Epic Evasion Increases chance of Burst Affinity after evasion (5%). 800 45
Forced Mercy Reduces aggro when damage is taken (25%). 1000 30
Immunization Grants immunity to debuffs that reduce stats. 1500 45

Bravery Skill Tree (Fifth Skill Tree)

extra skill trees.jpg
To unlock Shulk's fifth Skill Tree, you'll have to complete a series of quests from Emmy Leater. Completing the quests will reward you the Bravery tree. There will be some routes during the quests but all of them will lead to Shulk learning the new Skill Tree. Each quest requires a higher affinity level than its predecessor, with the last quest requiring 4 stars.

Bravery Skills

Skill Effect SP Coins
Fate Evasion Grants EXP Bonus when vision tags are destroyed. 200 -
Hero's Privilege Allows low-value items to be offered when trading (20%). 500 -
Lone Warrior Grants Agility Up when a party member is incapacitated (20). 800 4
Ultimate Defence Boosts physical and ether defence for the party (10%). 1000 65
Glorious Future Talent Gauge will be at max after a vision. 1500 28

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