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List of Field Gems

This is a list of Field Gems in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition (XC1) for the Nintendo Switch. To learn the effects and max values of all Field Gems, as well as our ranking, read on!

List of Field Gems

Field gems work outside of battle. They are good for roaming around quickly and undetected, but best swapped out for other gems before a tough battle.

Name Effect Max Value Ranking
Aquatic Cloak Decreases the Detection Range of aquatic monsters by (%). 60% C Rank Icon
Auto-Heal Up Increases Auto-Heal HP by (%). 25% C Rank Icon
Terrain Defence Reduces damage received from terrain by (%). 75% C Rank Icon
Quick Step Increases movement speed by (%). 25% A Rank Icon
Fall Defense Reduces damage taken from falling by (%). 75% C Rank Icon
Aerial Cloak Reduces the detection range of aerial enemies by (%). 60% C Rank Icon
Earth Cloak Reduces the detection range of ground enemies by (%). 60% C Rank Icon

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