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AP Farming Guide

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This is a guide to AP grinding in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition (XC1) for the Nintendo Switch. Here you can find out the different methods of farming AP (Art Points), and figure out how to level up your Arts quickly.

What is AP?

Points for leveling up Arts

AP, or Art Points, are a type of point which, like EXP or SP, are gained through various methods, and can make your character stronger. In the case of AP, it is used to level up your character's Arts. So while EXP will allow a character's stats to increase, AP is used to boost an Art's power and lower its cooldown.

Best Arts | Which Arts Should You Level Up?

How to Gain AP

There are two ways in which AP is obtained. They are similar to the methods for gaining EXP.



Along with EXP, AP can be gained through defeating enemies. While enemies two levels higher or lower than your characters will grant you a normal amount of AP, higher level monsters provide more AP, providing an incentive to take on the challenge. Conversely, lower leveled monsters provide Shulk and company with less AP. While you will battle a lot along your adventure, AP grinding through battles alone is not the most efficient method.



One of the easiest ways to gain AP is through simply arriving at new landmarks and locations. By opening up your map and checking out which sections of your current area haven't been explored yet, you can easily travel there for free AP. Finding a landmark will also allow you to fast travel to even more areas, in case you need to go back quickly later.

Secret Area.png

Each landmark/location offers a set amount of EXP/AP/SP, which will be higher for areas later in the game. There is also a special type of Landmark, called a Secret Area. Not surprisingly, they can be a bit harder to find, but they offer more AP than normal landmarks and locations. When you get to a new area, simply travelling all over the map to get all Locations and Landmarks should be the first thing you do to collect AP.

Easy AP Farming

The following methods can be used to boost the amount of AP characters obtain through battling and exploring. These are great ways to earn even more AP when you are grinding through battles, etc.

Equip AP Up Gems

AP Up is a type of Gem that, when equipped to a character, will increase the amount of AP that they gain from battling enemies. It is rather rare, but they can be obtained through the side quests The Road Home and To Colony 6!, Colony 6 Reconstruction, or through the Collectopaedia (Other). They are also sometimes found attached to armour and weapons.

Use Riki’s skills

Riki Banner.png

Riki has a couple of unique skills that will allow him to gain extra AP. These include AP for All! and Learning all the Time!

Once Riki has learned these skills, other characters with a high enough affinity will be able to link Learning all the Time! enjoy its benefits as well. Linking this skill is great for characters you aren't using in battle, as it will allow them to gain the same amount of AP without having to battle.

Defeat enemies with Chain Attacks

Chain Attack (4).jpg

Chain attacks can deal massive damage to enemies in battle, and if you manage to defeat an enemy with a Chain Attack, you will gain bonus AP, along with EXP and SP. Save up your party gauge and wait to unleash it when it looks like the enemy could be taken out by it.

Battle unique monsters and higher level monsters

Xenoblade Chronicles Chapter 4 Higher Level Enemy.jpg

As mentioned earlier, more AP can be gained from battling higher level monsters. This will be difficult, as they will be able to block and dodge many more of your attacks, but beating them, especially with the AP Up Gems and Riki's Learning all the Time! Skill Linked, will make it worthwhile.

Unique Monster
Additionally, unique monsters provide more AP than a normal type enemy would. These will also be very tough to take down, especially if underleveled, but hunting out and defeating Unique Monsters is one of the best ways to farm AP.

Super Fast Leveling

Xenoblade Chronicles Tephra Glitch Wall Mark.jpg

There is an exploit that can be done after beating the boss of Tephra Cave. Doing so can allow you to level into the 50's in a matter of minutes. While you may not want to use this type of game breaking method, this method will allow you to earn a ton of AP in addition to EXP and SP. For more information, see the page below.

Tephra Cave Glitch: Early Game Leveling

Use Expert Mode

Expert Mode Explanation.jpg

In addition to the point above, it is worth mentioning that the amount that AP increases is dependent on your lowest leveled member. This means that you can use Expert Mode to lower a character's level before fighting a monster, which will grant extra EXP/AP/SP when you beat it.

If your team is at a high level compared to the monsters in the area, they won't receive very much AP, but lowering your character levels will allow you do receive a lot more. This may feel a bit exploitive of the game, but it is an effective way to shorten the time you spend grinding.

What is Expert Mode?

Use Casual Mode

Casual Mode.jpg

While more hardcore gamers may scoff at the idea, Casual Mode makes battling challenging monsters that provide a lot of AP much easier. Casual mode can be toggled on and off at any time, so if you are just trying to farm AP as quickly as possible, there is no shame in temporarily lowering the difficulty to do so much more easily.

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Leveling down a party member actually decreases how much AP they earn from battle (with Shulk not in the active party and Riki's Learning all the Time linked gets about 50 AP when he's level 1 but around 500 AP when he's level 99 when defeating a glory slobos with a chain attack. His level did not affect how much AP everyone else earned)


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