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How to Unlock Riki's Extra Skill Trees

This is a guide to unlocking Riki's hidden skill trees in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition (XC1). Read on to know how to unlock Riki's Extra Skill Trees as well as the prerequisites needed to do so.

How to Unlock Riki's Extra Skill Trees

Cowardice (Fourth Skill Tree)

To unlock the Cowardice Skill Tree for Riki, you must complete the quest Getting Bigger from Dabidabi. To unlock the quest, you must have a high affinity with Central Bionis (3 1/2 stars) and have completed the quest Mislabelling Problem. Mislabelling Problem can be initiated by doing the quests related to Medi and Yusa (two rival doctors in Frontier Village).
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When doing the “Getting Bigger” quest, it doesn't matter who you give the item to. Both will lead to Riki learning the fourth skill tree.

Cowardice Skills

Skill Effect SP Coins
Pretty Stars! Increases strength during the night (15%). 200 7
Watch Out! Increases agility when HP is at half (20%). 500 8
Amazing Stars! Reduces cooldown during the night (15%). 800 13
Bullseye! Improves accuracy of back attacks (50%) 1000 45
Bestest Stars! Increases EXP awarded in battles during the night (20%). 1500 13

Heroism (Fifth Skill Tree)

Unlocking the Heroism Skill Tree is fairly simple. You must simply complete all the challenges from the Nopon Sage and have a high affinity with Central Bionis (3 1/2 stars). To make the Nopon Sage appear, you must first, complete the quest Meeting the Nopon Sage. Doing so will make the Nopon Sage appear at his usual spot between 12:00 to 3:00.
Final Challenge of the Nopon Sage
The last quest is called Final Challenge of the Sage. The Nopon Sage will task you with defeating Unreliable Rezno, a high-level Unique Monster on the island located in the north-east part of Great Makna Falls.

Heroism Skills

Skill Effect SP Coins
Heavy Equipment Allows heavy weight armour to be equipped 200 15
Nutritious! Greatly increases strength (50). 500 29
Kissy Kissy! Halves the Party Gauge usage when reviving allies (However, at least one bar must be filled). 800 -
Ouchies! Increases Spike damage dealt (25%). 1000 15
Cuddly Hero! Increases resistance to all debuffs (30%). 1500 43

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