Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition

Uniquely Disadvantaged Time Attack S Rank Guide (Free Mode)

This is a guide to the Time Trial challenge Uniquely Disadvantaged (Free Mode) in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition (XC1) for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn how to beat Uniquely Disadvantaged, strategies to use, and how to get an S Ranking.

Uniquely Disadvantaged (Free Mode) Rewards and Recommended Level

Recommended Level 99
Maximum Noponstone Rewards 8000
No. of Waves 3
Power II Goggles L
Power II Frames L
Power II Arms L
Power II Boosters L
Minimum Rank to Obtain RewardA
How to Unlock Reach Gondorl Cathedral

Uniquely Disadvantaged Recommended Party Setup

Recommended Party Leader

Fiora IconFiora

Fiora's Arts

Final Cross IconFinal Cross Power Drain IconPower Drain Air Fang IconAir Fang Double Wind IconDouble Wind
Lock-On IconLock-On Zero Gravity IconZero Gravity Spear Blade IconSpear Blade Double Blade IconDouble Blade

Fiora's Role

Fiora's goal is of course to raise her tension for Final Cross. She also has useful debuffs that can get you through the first wave even without a good party setup. Once her tension is maxed out, focus on keeping it high at all times and filling the party gauge for Chain Attacks. Zero Gravity, Spear Blade, and Double Blade is your primary way to increase the party gauge without relying on Burst Affinity.

Recommended Party Members

Dunban IconDunban Reyn IconReyn

With a party leader that focuses on toppling the enemy, it won't come as a surprise that other characters that can topple easily such as Dunban and Reyn should be your other party members.

Party Member's Recommended Arts

Steel Strike IconSteel Strike Worldly Slash IconWorldly Slash Spear Blade IconSpear Blade Wild Down IconWild Down

Topple them, then beat them up. These are the core arts your party members should have. Putting Belgazas, Abaasy, and the other super bosses during this round on an 18 second topple is a sure way to swing the tide of battle to your favor.

They are weaker than their true counterparts, so one or two rounds of toppling skills and then focusing on damage arts is enough to bring them down.

Recommended Gems

Critical Up Increases a weapon's critical hit rate by (%).
Debuff Resist Grants resistance against all debuffs by (%).
Night Vision Increases the accuracy of physical attacks during the night by (%).
Spike Defence Decreases Spike damage taken by (%).
Strength Up Increase Strength.
Topple Plus Extends the duration for which an enemy suffers Topple by (%).
Topple Up Increases the damage dealt to enemies suffering Topple by (%).

The above rank VI gems are highly recommended for this challenge. Night Vision, Topple Plus, and Spike Defense in particular, are must-haves in this fight. Spike Defense is needed to be able to put Belgazas in a topple position, which can allow you to survive their assault during the third wave.

Recommended Skills

Pretty Stars / Love Sun

Time-based buffs are also extremely good. Just make sure to adjust the time before accepting the challenge.

High Enemy Level Buffs

Make sure to equip skills that boost your stats if you're fighting high leveled enemies. You will be pitted against enemies whose levels are way above the level cap so these skills are pricess during this challenge.

Chain of Friendship and Ultimate Teamwork

Skills that boost the chance and damage of Chain Link are a must-have.

Friendship Heals and Shoulder to Shoulder

HP is a scarce resource in a team composition like this. Fiora's problem can be alleviated by amping her critical strike chance together with her Critical Drain, but the same doesn't apply to the others. Equipping Skills that heal the whole team after a Chain Attack allows the party to press on (and on and on).

Uniquely Disadvantaged (Free Mode) Tips and Strategies

Uniquely Disadvantaged General Tips

This battle is filled with enemies that can use nasty debuffs. You're in for a hard time without Debuff Resist gems, but it is still doable. Keeping your Tension and Party Gauge up and utilizing burst affinities and Chance arts are the key to victory.

You can get an S rank by completing the Challenge before the 6:00 mark.

Wave 1 Enemies and Strategies

Enemy (quantity) Level
Cellar Bugworm 97
Shimmering Forte 98
Conflagrant Raxeal 99

This wave will be extremely tough without a proper party setup or Debuff Resist gems and Spike Defence gems. Bugworm alone can severely damage the team with its poison. Focus on taking them out one by one and building Fiora's Tension up.

Wave 2 Enemies and Strategies

Wave 2Territorial Rotbart and Immovable Gonzales

Enemy (quantity) Level
Immovable Gonzalez (x1) 100
Territorial Rotbart (x1) 105

Immediately use a Chain Attack against Immovable Gonzales once you're in position opposite to Territorial Rotbart. This will cause your Final Cross to hit both of them at the same time. Your Chain Attack move should be used in this order: Air Fang-> Wild Down -> Steel Strike -> Final Cross. Hitting both Gonzales and Rotbart with a x3 multiplier for Final Cross is massive and should be enough to get you that S rank.

Wave 3 Enemies and Strategies

Wave 3

Enemy (quantity) Level
Blizzard Belgazas (x1) 114
Avalanche Abaasy (x1) 120

Use the same strategy from Wave 2. Position yourself where Abaasy is placed behind Belgazas to hit them both with a Final Cross. Another trick that will happen here is that, due to Belgazas' huge body, Abaasy will be blocked and will not be able to approach your party if you were able to position all of them to your side. This will make the 2v3 fight into a 1v3.

Try to avoid letting Belgazas get free from being toppled to prevent it from entering a Crazed status. Once Belgazas has been toppled, see to it that it dies before the topple ends. Build your party gauge again, and unleash your full offense against Abaasy to end the fight.

Xenoblade Chronicles Related Links

Time Attack Guide and Rewards

Free Mode

No. Challenge Reward(s) Unlock Condition
1 Humble Beginnings Camo Mask,Camo Hoodie,Camo Gloves,Camo Leggings,Camo Fins Reach Chapter 3: Tephra Cave Revisited
2 Fair Game Captain's Skirt,Captain's Pumps Sharla joins the party
3 The Walls Have Eyes Debonair Glasses,Debonair Top,Debonair Watch,Debonair Bottoms,Debonair Sandals Dunban joins the party
4 Shaggy-dog Story Worker's Headband,Worker's Shirt,Worker's Beads,Worker's Shorts,Workers' Sandals Riki joins the party
5 Oh, Brother! Eryth Skirt,Eryth Sandals Melia joins the party
6 Third Wheel Water Boosters Seven joins the party
7 Sparks Fly, You Die F Sun Visor,F Water Frame,F Water Arms,F Water Boosters Reach Agniratha
8 Lost in a Dark Dream Ledios Helm L, Ledios Plate L, Ledios Arm L, Ledios Cuisses L, Ledios Greaves L Complete Future Connected
9 He of the Metal Face Denim Glasses,Denim Top,Denim Gauntlets,Rustly Knapsack Defeat the 1st disciple
10 Uniquely Disadvantaged Power II Goggles L,Power L Frame, Power II Arms L, Power II Boosters L Reach Gondorl Cathedral

Restricted Mode

No. Challenge Reward(s) Unlock Condition
1 Humble Beginnings Exotic Glasses,Exotic Top,Exotic Watch,Exotic Bottoms,Exotic Sandals Reach chapter 3 Tephra Cave Revisited
2 Fair Game Captain's Hat,Captain's Top,Captain's Bangles Sharla joins the party
3 The Walls Have Eyes Festival Headband,Festival Shirt,Festival Beads,Festival Shorts,Festival Sandals Dunban joins the party
4 Shaggy-dog Story Pineapple Glasses,Pineapple Top,Pineapple Gauntlets,Starchy Knapsack, Riki joins the party
5 Oh, Brother! Eryth Corsage,Eryth Top,Eryth Bracelets Melia decides to join the party
6 Third Wheel Sun Visor,Water Frame,Water Arms Seven joins the party
7 Sparks Fly, You Die Resort Mask,Resort Hoodie,Resort Gloves,Resort Leggings,Resort Fins Reach Agniratha
8 Lost in a Dark Dream Power III Goggles L, Power III Frame L, Power III Arms L, Power III Boosters L Complete Future Connected
9 He of the Metal Face Officer's Hat,Officer's Top,Officer's Bangles,Officer's Skirt,Officer's Pumps Defeat the 1st disciple
10 Uniquely Disadvantaged Frontier Corsage,Frontier Top,Frontier Bracelets,Frontier Skirt,Frontier Sandals Reach Gondorl Cathedral


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