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List of Blue (Water) Gems

This is a list of all Blue (Water) Gems in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition (XC1) for the Nintendo Switch. To learn the effects and max values of all Blue Gems, as well as our ranking, read on!

List of Blue Gems

Blue gems are associated with the water element, and can be crafted by harvesting blue ether crystals.

Name Effect Max Value Ranking
HP Up Increases maximum HP by (%). 50% A Rank Icon
Poison Defence Decreases Poison damage taken by (%). 100% C Rank Icon
Spike Defence Decreases Spike damage taken by (%). 100% S Rank Icon
Paralysis Resist Grants resistance against Paralysis by (%). 100% C Rank Icon
Debuff Resist Grants resistance against all debuffs by (%). 100% S Rank Icon
Recovery Up Increases the amount of HP recovered when healed in battle by (%). 50% A Rank Icon
Aura Heal HP recovered at regular intervals while an aura is active. 150 B Rank Icon
Damage Heal Chance of recovering HP when attacked. 200 B Rank Icon
Arts Heal HP recovered when Arts are used. 150 A Rank Icon
HP Steal Chance that successful attacks will recover HP. 200 C Rank Icon
Unbeatable Chance of survival with 1 HP when Incapacitated by (%). 50% S Rank Icon
AP Up Increases the amount of AP gained after defeating an enemy by (%). 200% S Rank Icon
Aquatic Cloak Decreases the Detection Range of aquatic monsters by (%). 60% C Rank Icon
Auto-Heal Up Increases Auto-Heal HP by (%). 25% C Rank Icon
Terrain Defence Reduces damage received from terrain by (%). 75% C Rank Icon

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