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List of Future Connected Unique Monsters

This page lists all of the unique monsters found in the epilogue of Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition (XC1). If you're on the hunt for Arts Coins, keep reading to see the location of every unique monster found in the epilogue.

List of Future Connected Unique Monsters

Phlegmatic Jamir

Level Location Dropped Item
63 Navvir Highlands Tough Bunnit Wood

Phlegmatic Jamir is near a group of Little Bunnits and a Wood Bunnit that can aggro on you.

Highborn Alexandra

Level Location Dropped Item
64 Cinnabar Plateau Golden Eks Heart

Grotesque Deimis

Level Location Dropped Item
65 Barouh Ruins Cave Esse Glyph

Grotesque Deimis is surrounded by Daksha Pods and a Red Antol who can aggro depending on your level.

Booming Frederick

Level Location Dropped Item
66 Purifying Falls Brog Smelling Salts

Booming Frederick only spawns while it's raining.

Bouyant Rostein

Level Location Dropped Item
68 Shoulderstone Scree Green Eluca Juice

Bouyant Rostein is joined by a group of Perna Eluca who will join the fight. Depending on your level and point in the game, a Fogbeast is also nearby and can be aggro'd as well.

Air Marshal Reisenbach

Level Location Dropped Item
69 Clear Sky Bluff Pterix Energy Egg

Air Marshal Reisenbach can be difficult to aggro due to its height above the ground. Standing in the area shown on the map is the best spot to get its attention.

Quondam Grimbellum

Level Location Dropped Item
69 West of Cinnabar Plateau Fancy Orluga Mask

Quondam Grimbellum spawns next to a group of Bunnit who will aggro when you engage with it.

Confluent Uzva

Level Location Dropped Item
69 Fyme Lane Spathi Glyph

Watchout for the Fogbeast Ciconia Ekidno near Confluent Uzva that will both cause it to Riot and lure in further away enemies into the battle.

Cyclonic Yughana

Level Location Dropped Item
70 Agni's Skygarden Ruins Tokilos King Egg

There are two Leg Tokilos near Cyclonic Yughana as well as a cliff, so watch your positioning or you might get pushed off the edge.

Custodian Barreldart

Level Location Dropped Item
71 Gamaro Hollow Creare Glyph

Custodian Barreldart is both a Fogbeast and surrounded by three Satorl Torta and two Klanis Apis so try and remove their Riot Auras and take them out first if you're struggling with this one.

Deputy Seagal

Level Location Dropped Item
72 Zekr Marga Quarry Experia Glyph

Deputy Seagal is joined by a Leg Volff.

Caustic Naquatra

Level Location Dropped Item
73 Zekr Marga Quarry Black Queen Fibre

Depending on where you engage with Caustic Naquatra, you might aggro other sound based Arcachnos.

Dismal Umya

Level Location Dropped Item
73 Nerthis Necropolis Moving Lizard Tail

Dismal Umya is in the middle of a bunch of Arachnos so watch your step.

Terpsichorean Cenoth

Level Location Dropped Item
73 Tranquil Tarn Twin Flamii Eggs

Watch your attacks as Terpsichorean Cenoth spawns in the middle of a large group of Flamii.

Citadel Tostega

Level Location Dropped Item
74 Tranquil Tarn Tude Jewel Shell

Citadel Tostega spawns right in front of the Prayer Rock landmark, so if you're unprepared you may accidentally aggro it.

Perceptive Quinops

Perceptive Quinops is also guarding one of the Sparkle Stones required for the Brace for Friendship side quest.

Marquis Odesh

Level Location Dropped Item
74 Clear Sky Bluff Experia Glyph

Marquis Odesh is surrounded by a group of enemies that can be lured away and dealt with separately or all at once.

Ravager Apelpisía

Level Location Dropped Item
77 Zekr Marga Quarry Royal Kromar Pike

Ravager Apelpisía is accompanied by a Goldi Kromar and an Ether Igna that can be lured away if necessary. Beware its Dancing Crazy III ability that can topple anyone in range followed by an instant death attack.

Contemptuous Greymane

Level Location Dropped Item
78 Agni's Skygarden Ruins Gogol Horn

Contemptuous Greymane is a Fogbeast and surrounded by a group of Bunnia who will aggro if not lured away and taken out separately. When Contemptuous Greymane gets low on HP he will summon a group of Gogol if not finished off quick enough.

What Are Unique Monsters?

Unique Monsters are powerful enemies that roam the map designated by their special title and ability to aggro onto you regardless of level. Successfully defeating one will get you rare materials and weapons as well as an Arts Coin.

What Are Arts Coins?

Arts Coins are a special currency obtained the first time you successfully defeat a Unique Monster (or a Fogbeast) and then at random any other time. These can be used to purchase Advanced Arts Manuals from a shop that opens up in Companion's Cape (and later moves to Gran Dell). 56 Arts Coins are required to purchase every Arts Manual in the epilogue.

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List of Future Connected Unique Monsters


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