Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition

Collectopaedia Guide and Rewards

This is a guide to the Collectopaedia in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition (XC1). Keep reading if you want to know which collectables fill each page of the Collectopaedia as well as rewards for completion!

Main Game Collectopaedia Guide and Rewards

Colony 9 Collectopaedia

Veg Sweet Wasabi Cool Potato Red Lettuce Chewy Radish -
Fruit Dance Apple Black Kiwi - - -
Flower Strong Dandelion Moon Flower Dawn Hydrangea - -
Bug Prairie Dragonfly Giant Hornet White Beetle Sorrow Beetle -
Parts Blue Chain Rabbit Diode - - -
Strange Plate Snow Rainbow Zirconia - - -

Collection Rewards

Vegetables Quick Step III
Fruit Agility Up II
Flowers Poison Defence III
Bugs Regnas Gauntlets
Parts Ether Up II
Strange Strength Up II
100% Completion Carbon Driver

Tephra Cave Collectopaedia

Fruit Clear Almond Bright Fig Dark Grape - -
Flower Insanity Mint Night Tulip - - -
Animal Shin Newt Cave Rat Shin Gecko Happy Rabbit -
Bug Brown Butterfly Gold Caterpillar Rumble Stonefly - -
Nature Kneecap Rock Confusion Ivy Clarity Moss - -
Strange Leaf Mystery Steel Silk - - -

Collection Rewards

Fruit Lightning Attack II
Flowers Poison Defence III
Animals HP Up II
Bugs Slow Resist II
Nature Attack Plus II
Strange Attack Stability II
100% Completion Warrior Cuisses

Bionis' Leg Collectopaedia

Veg Hot Taro Juicy Broccoli Spicy Cabbage Hard Lotus -
Fruit Sour Gouseberry Red Durian Walnut Grape Humming Plum -
Bug White Ladybird Hill Firefly Moth Crawler Queen Locust Fire Tarantula
Nature Mat Ice Bluesky Bark Pione Stone - -
Parts Rusty Bolt Winding Gear - - -
Strange Gold Dust Illusion Devious Gravity White Songbird Death Bangle -

Collection Rewards

Vegetables Pelt Top
Fruit Paralysis II
Bugs Grand Gauntlets
Nature Bind Resist II
Parts Strength Up II
Strange Pelt Bottoms
100% Completion White Cluster

Colony 6 Collectopaedia

Flower Cute Orchid Sirius Anemone Spirit Clematis - -
Animal Pyro Lizard Amblygon Turtle Dobercorgi - -
Strange Verdant Eternity White Night Rod - - -

Collection Rewards

Flowers Auto-Atk Stealth II
Animals Paralysis Resist II
Strange Ether Def Up II
100% Completion Warrior Plate

Ether Mine Collectopaedia

Animal Light Bat Black Frog Yellow Cat - -
Bug Black Beetle Rubber Mantis Mystery Firefly - -
Nature Charcoal Leg Ether Pebble Rumble Coal - -
Parts Black Chip Ready Coil - - -
Strange Love Crane Fire Abron - - -

Collection Rewards

Animals Back Atk Plus II
Bugs Bleed Defence III
Nature Recovery Up II
Parts Topple Up II
Strange Muscle Up II
100% Completion Rayon Pike

Satorl Marsh Collectopaedia

Veg Blue Turnip Cute Parsnip Poisonous Gourd Humming Cabbage -
Flower Sunflower Rogue Merry Coronation Ether Rose Orb Daisy Forget-You-Not
Animal Chimera Rabbit Venom Platypus Humming Cat - -
Nature Mist Tree Lemon Stone Feather Leaf Water Log Wool Rock
Parts Blue Gear Shard Rumble Part - - -
Strange Pauper's Cup Happy Carnival Dawn Dice - -

Collection Rewards

Vegetables Nopol Gear
Flowers Jungle Shoes
Animals Lock-On Resist II
Nature Nopol Gauntlets
Parts Strength Up II
Strange Haste II
100% Completion Panther Top

Bionis' Interior Collectopaedia

Veg Sarsaparilla Black Liver Bean - - -
Animal Blood Worm Azure Mouse Happy Duck - -
Strange Tap Tap Tap High Entia Jewel - - -

Collection Rewards

Vegetables Haste V
Animals Aggro Down IV
Strange Strength Down V
100% Completion Z Speed Goggles

Makna Forest Collectopaedia

Veg Schorl Mushroom Kelp Mushroom Honey Rhubarb - -
Fruit Dark Mango Pure Cherry Bitter Kiwi Juicy Grape -
Flower Enigma Lotus Humming Nettle Princess Daffodil Black Iris -
Animal Ash Fox Soft Sea Cucumber Fossil Monkey Venomous Lizard -
Bug Scarlet Ladybird Shield Bug Hades Beetle Benign Cricket -
Strange Lemonade Sky Forest of Gossip Gravel Disk - -

Collection Rewards

Vegetables Sleep Resist III
Fruit Sky Gloves
Flowers Blaze Defence III
Animals Sky Shoes
Bugs Slow III
Strange Debuff Plus II
100% Completion Ironwall Gnasher

Frontier Village Collectopaedia

Fruit Spicy Nut Crimson Citrus - - -
Bug Rainbow Bug Empress Beetle - - -
Strange Rumble Box Black Panel - - -

Collection Rewards

Fruit Strength Up III
Bugs Weapon Power II
Strange Agility Up III
100% Completion Half-Bloom Striker

Eryth Sea Collectopaedia

Veg Pink Asparagus Tropical Radish Dolphin Carrot Gold Burdock -
Flower Sea Berry Despair Clover Doomsday Poppy Night Lily Razor Teasel
Animal Sea Frog Mane Cat - - -
Nature White Tail Marine Marble Oil Branch Dilemma Rock -
Strange High Violet Steel Hauyne - - -

Collection Rewards

Vegetables Critical Up II
Flowers Mithril Armour
Animals Aerial Cloak II
Nature Mithril Leggings
Strange Ether Up III
100% Completion Heavy Armour

Alcamoth Collectopaedia

Fruit Cool Lemon Heart Peach - - -
Flower Mystic Dahlia Stardrop - - -
Strange Ha Ha Ha Thunder Atmos - - -

Collection Rewards

Fruit Blaze Plus III
Flowers Muscle Up III
Strange Paralysis Resist III
100% Completion Gust Shot

High Entia Tomb Collectopaedia

Bug Green Earwig Blue Ladybird - - -
Parts White Tube Green Diode Spiral Lamp - -
Strange Tasty Sausage Macro Passion - - -

Collection Rewards

Bugs Ether Up III
Parts Electric Plus III
Strange Ether Def Up III
100% Completion Shell Armour

Valak Mountain Collectopaedia

Veg Sour Radish Ice Cabbage Girl Courgette Amethyst Vanilla -
Fruit Ether Plum Fire Apple Ruby Mangosteen Sour Grape -
Flower Fortune Mallow Black Peony Fatal Belladonna - -
Animal Wet Rat Ice Monkey Crystal Frog Mud Squirrel -
Nature Gypsum Branch Black Ash Emerald Snow Rabbit Stone Broom Icicle
Strange Frost Glass Large Handcuffs - - -

Collection Rewards

Vegetables Heavy Boots
Fruit Chill Defence III
Flowers Confuse Resist III
Animals Aura Heal II
Nature Heavy Gear
Strange Chill Plus III
100% Completion Cerasus Cutlass

Sword Valley Collectopaedia

Veg Fire Pepper Meaty Carrot Bitter Broccoli - -
Fruit Bitter Melon Citron Gooseberry Juicy Melon Amethyst Melon -
Flower Jujube Silver Black Blossom Abyss Heather Delerium Foxglove -
Parts Gold Condenser Purple Lamp Crimson Gear - -
Strange Red Frontier Darkness Bottle Bud of Eternity - -

Collection Rewards

Vegetables Good Footing III
Fruit HP Steal III
Flowers Auto-Heal Up III
Parts First Attack Plus III
Strange Art Seal Resist III
100% Completion Cosmic Nibbler

Galahad Fortress Collectopaedia

Bug Wheel Lurker Ultramarine Ant - - -
Parts Locust Spring Art Core Coil Tail Antenna - -
Strange Hunger Crash Splish Splash - - -

Collection Rewards

Bugs Terrain Defence II
Parts Agility Down III
Strange Ether Up III
100% Completion Arkose Pike

Fallen Arm Collectopaedia

Veg Sour Turnip Golden Beetroot - - -
Fruit White Plum Ice Kiwi Fruit Spicy Papaya Large Mango -
Animal Oil Oyster Dark Fish Ether Penguin Rainbow Slug -
Nature Poisonous Coral Poison Ivy Amber Leaf - -
Parts Warning Lamp Digital Filament - - -

Collection Rewards

Vegetables Muscle Up IV
Fruit Heat Sink III
Animals Gemini Boots
Nature Blaze Defence IV
Parts Muscle Up IV
100% Completion Taurus Greaves

Mechonis Field Collectopaedia

Veg Juicy Steakplant Acerola Pea Energy Aubergine Sweet Pepper -
Flower Azure Hollyhock Utopia Crocus - - -
Bug Scarlet Crawler Shiny Scarab Water Boatman - -
Nature Ivy Nest Mossy Panel Bronze Wood - -
Parts Retro Diode Modern Blue Gear Snow Transistor - -
Strange Tweet Tweet Flame Frame - - -

Collection Rewards

Vegetables Taurus Arms
Flowers Agility Up IV
Bugs Daze Up IV
Nature First Attack Plus III
Parts Lightning Attack IV
Strange Fall Defence IV
100% Completion Taurus Helm

Central Factory Collectopaedia

Veg Meaty Potato Blue Root - - -
Animal Prism Centipede Cable Mouse Oil Fox - -
Bug Dew Beetle Glider Cockroach - - -
Nature White Styrene Black Styrene Blood Oil - -
Parts Angel Engine X Leaf Coil Warrior Screw - -
Strange Smoke Cylinder Sacred Panther Parts Noble - -

Collection Rewards

Vegetables Strength Up IV
Animals Blaze Defence IV
Bugs Ether Up IV
Nature Lock-On Resist IV
Parts Talent Boost III
Strange Arts Heal IV
100% Completion Machina Driver III

Agniratha Collectopaedia

Fruit Juicy Blueberry Sweet Lime Spicy Banana - -
Flower Lewisia Silver Freesia Cyst Bellflower Crystal - -
Bug Electric Cricket Scissor Bug - - -
Nature Missing Tree Fortune Feather - - -
Parts Fancy Bolt Blue Light Amp Fairy Tale Diode Grape Spring -
Strange Eryth Blue Dramatic Night - - -

Collection Rewards

Fruit Auto-Heal Up III
Flowers Topple Resist IV
Bugs Ether Def Up IV
Nature Ether Def Down IV
Parts Daze Resist IV
Strange Tension Swing III
100% Completion Debuff Resist IV

Prison Island Collectopaedia

Fruit Dry Lemon Death Lychee Hell Raspberry Deadly Kiwi -
Animal Dancing Squirrel Lightning Weasel Angry Monkey - -
Bug Señorita Scarab Emperor Beetle - - -
Nature Absurd Branch Insanity Moss - - -
Parts White Cover Modern Resistor Green Cam Strong Screw -
Strange Blue Glow Blue Blood - - -

Collection Rewards

Fruit Break V
Animals Good Footing V
Bugs Agility Up V
Nature Strength Up V
Parts Ledios Cuisses
Strange Ether Up V
100% Completion Ledios Plate

Other Collectopaedia

Bug Minute Mantis Love Beetle - - -
Parts Golden Cog Angel Engine Y Thunder Compass - -
Strange Coin of Fortune Love Source - - -

Collection Rewards

Bugs AP Up V
Parts EXP Up V
Strange Critical Up V
100% Completion Aggro Down V

Future Connected Collectopaedia Guide and Rewards

Bionis' Shoulder Collectopaedia

Veg Rainbow Carrot High Leaf Cream Wheat Morrow Cob Kilopumpkin
Animal Angel Bream Gentleclam Sky Mole Blade Bird Palmtop Elephant
Parts Half Part Snare Wire Subzero Steel Blaze Chain Congenial Cogs
Strange Swirly Slash Hero Nipper Highlightning Dubious Sculpture Shimmertumble

Collection Rewards

Vegetables Valak Corsage
Animals Valak Bracelets
Parts Valak Skirt
Strange Valak Sandals
100% Completion Valak Top

Alcamoth (FC) Collectopaedia

Fruit Cool Lemon Heart Peach - - -
Flower Mystic Dahlia Stardrop - - -
Animal Nanoceros Mane Cat - - -
Strange Ha Ha Ha Thunder Atmos - - -

Collection Rewards

Fruit Trendy Goggles
Flowers Trendy Gloves
Animals Trendy Leggings
Strange Trendy Fins
100% Completion Trendy Hoodie

What is the Collectopaedia?


The Collectopaedia is an encyclopaedia of sorts in Xenoblade Chronicles that allows you to log collectables from each area for rewards. As you pick up items from collection points, you will come across a variety of items known as collectables that are different from regular materials used for side quests or sold at vendors. Try and collect them all for beneficial gems or gear that will help you in your journey across the Bionis and Mechonis!

How to Complete the Other Collectopaedia

The final page of the Collectopaedia known as Other consists of Collectables that can only be obtained through trading with NPCs throughout the game. However, not only do you need to trade with NPCs, you must also meet the required affinity rating for each area by completing side quests. Once you have met these requirements you will be able to trade with the NPC and obtain the Collectable provided you have a Collectable of equal value, as these can get pretty expensive.

We are currently gathering information for how to complete the Other Collectopaedia, so keep checking back here!


Minute Mantis

NPC Location Value Area Affinity
Sonia Ether Light
6:00 - 18:00
16200 Colony 9 Area: 3★

While you can reach 3★ affinity in the Colony 9 Area quite early on from doing every side quest, you won't be able to find a Collectable of equal value until reaching Makna Forest where you can find Gravel Disks.

Love Beetle

NPC Location Value Area Affinity
Lupa Archaeology Center
18:00 - 6:00
16200 Central Bionis: 3★

Similar to the Minute Mantis, the Love Beetle can be traded for a Gravel Disk from Makna Forest.


Golden Cog

NPC Location Value Area Affinity
Oleksiy Colony 6
15:00 - 0:00
16200 Colony 6: 3★

First, you must get Oleksiy to join Colony 6 by having Level 4 Housing and Level 4 Special. He will then be found near the watchtower, where you can trade with him for the Golden Cog.

Angel Engine Y

NPC Location Value Area Affinity
Rakzet Junks
0:00 - 21:00
19800 Hidden Village: 3★

You can get the Angel Engine Y by trading with Razket, who sits on the island to the southwest of the Junks in the hidden Machina Village on the fallen arm.

Thunder Compass

NPC Location Value Area Affinity
Jarack Ether Plant
0:00 - 21:00
21600 Upper Bionis: 3★

You can get the Thunder Compass by trading with Jarack at the Ether Plant in Eryth Sea. You must achieve a three star affinity rating with Upper Bionis, which you can do by doing quests for residents for Alcamoth.


Coin of Fortune

NPC Location Value Area Affinity
Ma'crish Reconstruction HQ
27000 Colony 6: 3★

You can get the Coin of Fortune by trading with Ma'crish once she gets to Colony 6. She can be found at Alcamoth and can only be invited to Colony 6 once it has Level 2 Housing.

Love Source

NPC Location Value Area Affinity
Jer'ell Reconstruction HQ
56250 Colony 6: 5★

You can get the Coin of Fortune by trading with Ma'crish once she gets to Colony 6. She can be found at Alcamoth and can only be invited to Colony 6 once it has Level 4 Housing.

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