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How to Topple | Topple Lock Guide

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This guide will show you how to topple enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition (XC1) on the Nintendo Switch. Additionally, we will cover how to topple lock enemies, and show the best party for topple locking.

What is the Topple Status?

A State That Prevents Actions

Usually occuring after Break, a toppled unit will not be able to attack, move, or use arts. Toppled characters can be helped by other characters that are capable of taking actions, similar to encouraging an ally.

Status Effects Explained

How to Topple

Use Break Abilities

Toppling (and Dazing for that matter) is a 1-2-3 step move, in which you must first break the enemy, topple it, then daze it. Break Abilities are depicted with a pink art icon, while a topple ability is represented with a green icon, and daze abilities are represented by a yellow icon.

Examples of Arts with each effect

Break Air Slash, Stream Edge, Metal Blast, Air Fang
Topple Wild Down, Steel Strike, Monado Cyclone, Final Cross
Daze Shaker Edge, Thunder, Shield Bash, Cross Impact

Check Its Duration

topple icon.jpg
Break, Topple, and Daze's duration can be seen near the upper left side after the enemy's name. This bar represents the duration left on its break, topple, or daze status. Make sure to always refer to this bar to when executing topple combos.

How to Topple Lock

Use Multiple Topple and Daze Abilities

Topple Locking is better done on a beefy enemy, or an elite enemy, and is generally wasted on weaker ones, since they'll die before you can even start the combo.

Topple and Daze work by taking the duration of the current existing topple and daze status and adding the newly applied toppled and daze status. This means, that it is possible to stack multiple topple and daze statuses to a single enemy!

Use Chain Attacks!

topple (3).jpg
Chain Attacks pause all existing durations of buffs and debuffs on everyone. The Topple status is included in this list, and by using topple and daze abilities to a toppled target during a chain attack, you will be able to stack massive amounts of topple on that enemy!

How to Chain Attack

Utilize Bonus Effects!

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Once a toppled unit has been assaulted by multiple topple and daze abilities, it is now your turn to use bonus effects from your arts to quickly refill the Party Gauge. If you are able to refill the party gauge while the enemy is still toppled, you will be able to stack multiple topple and daze abilities to that unit again, repeating the process! This is a topple lock.

Improving Topple Lock Consistency

Equip Topple/Daze Plus Gems

Daze gem
Equipping Topple and Daze Plus Gems (not to be confused with Topple Up and Daze Up, which increase damage, and are recommended too) will make a topple lock more consistent to execute.

Level Up Topple and Daze Arts

Wild Down
The most obvious way to improve the chances of Topple Locking. Leveling your arts will guarantee two things: Increasing the damage or duration of that art, and lowering the cooldown of the art. What we need in a topple lock is the reduced cooldown, so we can keep using the same arts over and over again.

Best Characters for a Topple Lock Party

Warning: The following section may contain spoilers.

Below are the characters that are recommended to use for a topple lock party.


Shulk IconShulk

He can easily apply break status, and his Monado Art Cyclone and Shaker Edge can apply Topple and Daze respectiveley. Shaker Edge also has a low cooldown, allowing multiple uses. Ideal as the team leader for a Topple-Lock Party.


Dunban IconDunban

While he doesn't have a reliable daze art (Thunder is s abit less reliable), his Steel Strike can easily apply a 3 second topple, and it also has a low cooldown.


Reyn IconReyn

The key member in a Topple Lock party. Reyn can apply a 3 second topple with Wild Down, and it's got an even lower cooldown than Dunban's Steel Strike. He also has access to Shield Bash, which has an 8 second cooldown that applies a 2 second daze on an enemy.


Fiora IconFiora

An alternative to Shulk. Very good at toppling enemies, thanks to her Final Cross art. With Fiora in place of Shulk, her, Dunban, or Reyn can act as party leader.

Don't use Melia, Sharla, or Riki

Melia does have a topple Art in Starlight Kick, but due to the fact that it needs to follow up another Art of hers, it can be hard to make use of. She can be used in a topple party if you are desperate, but you will have to set her as the leader.

Sharla has no topple Art, while Riki's Roly-Poly is RNG-based, and thus not very efficient.

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