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In Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition (XC1) for the Nintendo Switch, your characters can freely change appearances without changing armour. Read on to find out how to change your characters' appearances and how to unlock new appearances!

How to Change Appearance

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In the original Xenoblade Chronicles for the Wii, some players struggled with changing out their armour for better ones because that meant giving up the design of whatever armour you were wearing. Luckily, Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition found a way to let you get new armour stats while keeping your favorite look.

To change appearance, just go to the Equipment menu, then below the armour, there is another set of armour slots. These are the 'Appearance' slots, which will allow you to change the appearance of different parts of your clothing while not affecting the stats of whatever armour you are wearing.

Before, Shulk wearing a hodgepodge of different armour that don't blend well together. Total fashion disaster! After, Shulk looking more put together, similar to his appearance in Super Smash Bros. He's really feeling it!

If you have great armour that don't look good together and it bothers you, this is a great way to ensure your characters don't look like they just scrapped together whatever they could find, or to keep your character wearing your favorite looking armour.

How to Unlock New Appearances

You can unlock new appearances by getting new armour. If you get an armour with a certain default look, you can select that look as an appearance, no matter what armour you're wearing!

Buying Armour at Shops

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You can buy armour in shops. This is good because they usually sell in sets, so if you want a look that comes together, buy your armour in these sets!

Finding Armour as Loot Drops

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You can sometimes find armour dropped by enemies, especially at higher levels. This can give you cool looking armour you didn't expect and allow you to use them to snazz up your characters.

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