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How to Get Bunnia Scent Wood

This is a guide to obtaining Bunnia Scent Woods, a collectible in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition (XC1). Read on to know how to get Bunnia Scent Wood and its uses.

How to Get Bunnia Scent Wood

Trade with Bokoko (Satorl Marsh)

Bunnia Scent Wood can be obtained by trading with Bokoko in Satorl Marsh.

Defeat Ogre Bunnias or Despotic Arsene

Defeating Ogre Bunnias is the normal way of obtaining Bunnia Scent Woods. They are found in Satorl Marsh.
Despotic Arsene.jpg
Defeating Despotic Arsene, one of the superbosses of the game, is one way of obtaining Bunnia Scent Woods but it is not recommended. For guides on defeating Despotic Arsene, check the link below.
How to Beat Despotic Arsene | Super Boss Guide

Trade with the Nopon Archsage

The easier method for obtaining Bunnia Scent Woods. Bunnia Scent Woods can be obtained by trading with the Nopon Archsage.

How to Use Bunnia Scent Woods

Use in the Quest “A Young Captain's Challenge”

During a series of quest from Emmy Leater, you will encounter a quest calaled A Young Captain's Challenge. It's divided into two routes, either you get a Carbo Shield, or craft a Nopon Sword for Emmy using Bunnia Scent Woods.

Shulk's Extra Skill Tree

extra skill trees.jpg
This questline will eventually lead to Shulk learning his 5th Skill Tree. For more info about Shulk's extra skill tree, see the link below.

How to Unlock Shulk's Extra Skill Tree

Use in Colony 6 Reconstruction

Bunnia Scent Woods can be used as a material for Colony 6's Reconstruction. Four are needed to advance the Housing of Colony 6 to level 2. For more information about Colony 6's reconstruction, see our guide below.
Colony 6 Reconstruction Guide

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