Chapter 4: Bionis' Leg Walkthrough | Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition

This is a walkthrough for the Bionis' Leg section of Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition for Nintendo Switch. For a map of Bionis' Leg Landmarks and Locations, as well as boss strategy and other tips and tricks, read on!

Chapter 4: Bionis' Leg Walkthrough

Bionis' Leg

1 Go to the source of the smoke
2 Head towards the waterfalls in the Bionis' Leg
3 Defeat the Berserk ArdunsXenoblade Chronicles Chapter 4 Berserk Ardun.jpg
4 Visit the camp near Kamos Guidepost
5 Talk to Sharla
6 Pursue Juju
7 Defeat the Mechron M71
8 Fight Mysterious FaceXenoblade Chronicles Mysterious Face.jpg

Side Quests

The following side quests are available from this chapter:

Bionis' Leg Side Quests

Quest Location Giver Rewards
Emergency Treatment Refugee Camp Olga +50 Reputation
750 G
300 EXP
Quark Gear
Being a Good Grandfather Refugee Camp Satata +50 Reputation
1000 G
220 EXP
Initial Tension III
A Thoughtful Idea Refugee Camp Matryona +50 Reputation
1200 G
280 EXP
Quark Armour
A Dash of Colour Refugee Camp Ewan +100 Reputation
750 G
200 EXP
Lime Bangle
Imaginations Tempered Refugee Camp Matryona +150 Reputation
1500 G
250 EXP
Damage Heal II
Spirits Raised Refugee Camp Arda +150 Reputation
800 G
400 EXP
Arts Heal II
Thieving Monsters Refugee Camp Gorman +50 Reputation
950 G
300 EXP
Grand Armour, Grand Leggings
The Greedy Monster Refugee Camp Satata +50 Reputation
1100 G
400 EXP
Sleep Resist II
Save the Girl! Refugee Camp Surprise Quest +50 Reputation
1200 G
300 EXP
Diver Top, Diver Bottoms
Earnest's Fibs Refugee Camp Earnest +50 Reputation
750 G
300 EXP
Lime Bangle
Earnest's Mischief Refugee Camp Earnest +50 Reputation
1000 G
500 EXP
Earth Cloak II
Earnest's Solitude Refugee Camp Earnest +150 Reputation
1200 G
750 EXP
Grand Boots
The Lost Nopon Spiral Valley Gerugu +50 Reputation
750 G
300 EXP
Point Rifle
With Much Gratitude Spiral Valley Batubatu +100 Reputation
1000 G
450 EXP
Spike II
With Even More Gratitude Spiral Valley Gerugu +150 Reputation
1200 G
750 EXP
Grand Gear, Electric Plus III
Legend of Mythical Empress Spiral Valley Gerugu +200 Reputation
6500 G
3000 EXP
Haste II
Monster Quest 1 - Part 1 Ragrinar Canyon Path Homs Traveller +50 Reputation
1500 G
Monster Quest 1 - Part 2 Ragrinar Canyon Path Homs Traveller +50 Reputation
1200 G
Monster Quest 1 - Part 3 Ragrinar Canyon Path Homs Traveller +50 Reputation
2500 G
Monster Quest 1 - Part 4 Ragrinar Canyon Path Homs Traveller +50 Reputation
1800 G
Monster Quest 2 Refugee Camp Refugee +50 Reputation
2000 G
Monster Quest 3 - Part 1 Refugee Camp Refugee +50 Reputation
2500 G
Monster Quest 3 - Part 2 Refugee Camp Refugee +50 Reputation
5000 G
Challenge 1 - Part 1 Refugee Camp Refugee +50 Reputation
5500 G
Challenge 1 - Part 2 Refugee Camp Refugee +50 Reputation
3800 G
Challenge 2 - Part 1 Refugee Camp Refugee +50 Reputation
4200 G
Challenge 2 - Part 2 Refugee Camp Refugee +50 Reputation
4800 G
Material Quest 1 Refugee Camp Refugee +50 Reputation
1000 G
Material Quest 2 Refugee Camp Refugee +50 Reputation
1500 G
Material Quest 3 Refugee Camp Refugee +50 Reputation
1200 G
Material Quest 4 Refugee Camp Refugee +50 Reputation
1200 G
Collection Quest 1 Refugee Camp Refugee +50 Reputation
1000 G
Collection Quest 2 Refugee Camp Refugee +50 Reputation
1500 G
Search Quest 1 Refugee Camp Refugee +50 Reputation
2500 G
200 EXP
Search Quest 2 Refugee Camp Refugee +50 Reputation
2000 G
200 EXP

Quests in Red Text indicate Timed Quests. As these quests will expire after progressing to a certain part of the game, be sure to complete them while they are still available!

Maps and Collectopaedia

Bionis' Leg Maps

Upper Level
Lower Level

Bionis' Leg Landmarks and Locations


A Raginar Canyon Path
B Jabo Rock Rest Area
C Kamos Guidepost
D Refugee Camp
E Raguel Bridge - South
F Raguel Bridge - North
G Spiral Valley
H Zax Guidepost
I Bask Cave Passage
J Observation Platform
K Believer's Paradise


1 Gaur Plain
2 Volff Lair
3 Rho Oasis
4 Tirkin Headquarters
5 Viliera Hilla
6 Sky Stage
7 Kisk Cave
8 Daksha Shrine
9 Raguel Lake
10 Tranquil Grotto
11 Maguel Road
12 Windy Cave
13 Crevasse Waterfall
14 Traveller's Rest
15 Kasharpa Falls


Title Location Char. 1 Char. 2 Affinity
Geography Lesson Believer's Paradise Shulk Dunban Purple
What Visions May Bring Raguel Bridge - North Shulk Sharla Green
Heir to the Monado Refugee Camp (Outside) Reyn Dunban Green
What's on Reyn's Mind Refugee Camp (Inside) Reyn Sharla Green
Revisiting the Past Rho Oasis Dunban Sharla Pink

Bionis' Leg Collectopaedia

Veg Hot Taro Juicy Broccoli Spicy Cabbage Hard Lotus -
Fruit Sour Gouseberry Red Durian Walnut Grape Humming Plum -
Bug White Ladybird Hill Firefly Moth Crawler Queen Locust Fire Tarantula
Nature Mat Ice Bluesky Bark Pione Stone - -
Parts Rusty Bolt Winding Gear - - -
Strange Gold Dust Illusion Devious Gravity White Songbird Death Bangle -

Collection Rewards

Vegetables Pelt Top
Fruit Paralysis II
Bugs Grand Gauntlets
Nature Bind Resist II
Parts Strength Up II
Strange Pelt Bottoms
100% Completion White Cluster

Tips and Strategies

Avoid the Higher Level Enemies

Xenoblade Chronicles Chapter 4 Higher Level Enemy.jpg
The Bionis' Leg is vast, and it holds many enemies that are a much higher level than your party. You don't need to fight them, and fighting them will most likely end with multiple demises, so just avoid them.

Monado Speed

Upon fighting the boss of this level, you unlock the Monado Art called Monado Speed, which grants Shulk and his party evasion against physical attacks. Use it to increase survivability. When Shulk gets a vision of an enemy Physical Art (in Red Text), this is the go-to move for countering that Art, by applying it to whoever is being targeted.

Boss Strategy Guide

Mechon M71 (Level 18)

Xenoblade Chronicles Chapter 4 Boss.jpg

Two Phase Battle

You'll fight the Mechon M71 twice, once under the rock formation and another time on it. Be prepared, as the phase change happens at about half health, and the switch from Phase 1 to 2 resets its health.

Kill the Tentacles in Phase 1

There are three tentacles considered as separate Level 15 enemies alongside the Mechon M71. Take them out first, as they do a lot of damage, but are very easy to kill. One Back Slash and a few hits are enough to get rid of them.

Use Positional Attacks In Phase 1

In Phase 1, the orientation of the Mechon and its tentacles do not shift, so if you're behind it, you'll remain behind it for the whole battle. This makes it easy to land hits like Back Slash.

Make sure you are leveled enough

This is one of the tougher bosses in the early game if you are under leveled. Ideally, you will be at the same level as Mechon M71, but at the very least, you should not be more than 2 levels less than it.

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Final Boss Memory Space

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