Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition

How to Beat Despotic Arsene | Super Boss Guide

This is a guide to beating Despotic Arsene, one of the super bosses in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition (XC1). Know which gems and skills you need to equip to beatDespotic Arsene as well as items you can gain from doing so.

Despotic Arsene Level, Location, and Abilities

Despotic Arsene Level and Location

Level 108
Location Satorl Marsh (north of the Glowing Obelisk Landmark)
Appearance Condition Chapter 17

Despotic Arsene Notable Abilities

Imperial Might Applies Haste to self.
Emperor Combo X A rank X single target talent art.
Make sure to shield this!
Imperial Sobat Hits all enemies in front.

How to Beat Despotic Arsene

Recommended Gems

Night Vision Increases the accuracy of physical attacks during the night by (%).
Topple Plus Extends the duration for which an enemy suffers Topple by (%).
Agility Up Increases agility.

These are the 3 gems you will want to have before fighting Despotic Arsene. These 3 gems will all be slotted to a 3 slotted weapon and your characters will not equip any armours.

Recommended Skills

Glorious Future

Glorious Future Talent Gauge will be at max after a vision. Owner

Despotic Arsene's attacks hit like a truck despite it looking like a cute little bunny. This will make Visions rain like crazy and can allow Shulk to keep on using Speed, Shield, and Armour to everyone.

Inner Peace

Inner Peace Greatly increases agility with no armour equipped (30%). Owner

The skill that makes a naked build work. With this skill, even Reyn who has the lowest agility in the game can hit an Agility stat above 200.

Stat Buffs Against Higher Leveled Enemies

Showdown Stance All Stats Up buff at start of battle with higher-level monsters (30%, 30 sec) Owner

Skills that provides buffs when battling against higher leveled enemies are highly recommended against Super Bosses and Despotic Arsene is no exception.

Chain Link Boosters

Ties of Friendship Increases chance of a Chain Link (5%). Owner
Chain of Friendship Increases the chance of a Chain Link (15%). Owner

More arts during chain attacks means more damage. Works incredibly well together with Ultimate Teamwork.

Ultimate Teamwork

Ultimate Teamwork Increases chain attack damage (25%). Owner

More damage for Chain Attacks means a faster battle. Inner Peace build with Night Vision ensures all attacks can hit. This makes damaging Arsene in Chain Attacks way easier.

Recommended Characters

Dunban IconDunban Reyn IconReyn Shulk IconShulk

Shulk is highly needed for his Monado buffs. Together with Glorious Future, your team becomes untouchable. And with Inner Peace, Night Visioin VI, and Agility Up VI, Hitting Despotic Arsene becomes incredibly easy.

Battle Strategy

Despotic Arsene

You'll have to keep on using defensive Monado Arts whenever a vision appears. This will slowdown Shulk's damage output but Dunban and Reyn will be able to keep their assault on Despotic Arsene safely.

Use a Chain Attack then use Eater when Despotic Arsene applies haste to himself to reduce his damage output. This can be done easily by using Battle Soul first then launching a Chain Attack, and afterwards using Battle Soul again. This can fill Shulk's talent gauge to maximum without relying on Glorious Future, at the cost of a hefty amount of health.
despotic arsene chain attack.jpg
Timing a Chain Attack when Despotic Arsene is Toppled is recommended (but difficult due to half topple duration) as well. This ensures all attacks will hit Arsene during the Chain Attack allowing you to focus on damage.

Notable Items from Despotic Arsene

Critical Up Crystals

Despotic Arsene drops rank V Critical Up crystals. A great gem to have for your attackers.

Veritas Glyph

Despotic Arsene, like all super bosses, drops Veritas Glyphs. Veritas Glyph is the only item that can be traded for a Love Source.

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1 Anonymousalmost 4 years

Unbeatable is an armour gem so can’t be equipped on the weapon as indicated when naked.


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