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Chapter 12: Fallen Arm Walkthrough

This is a walkthrough for the Fallen Arm section of Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition for Nintendo Switch. For a map of Fallen Arm Landmarks and Locations, as well as boss strategy and other tips and tricks, read on!

Chapter 12: Fallen Arm Walkthrough

Fallen Arm

1 Head to the ruined Mechon.
2 Go to Zakt's Spring and fetch some Clean Water.
3 Head deeper into the ruins.
4 Defeat the Mechon Ambush.
You can start using Monado Arts again. Use the Monado's power and defeat the Mechons!
5 Climb the tower, then head forward.
6 Follow the quest guide leading into the tunnel.

Hidden Machina Village

Optional Take the offer and explore the village.
There are several mechon type equipments that can be purchased for your new character.
1 Head to the “Junks” building. Listen to Linada, then head inside the Junks Building.

Side Quests

The following side quests are available from this chapter:

Fallen Arm Side Quests

Quest Location Giver Rewards
Save the Machina! Junks Voltak +300 Reputation
10500 G
6500 EXP
Gemini Gear
Eliminate the Threat Junks Voltak +500 Reputation
12500 G
8200 EXP
Cumulo Cutlass
Mysterious Noises Junks Prox +300 Reputation
9200 G
5300 EXP
Eleos Drones
Protect the Village Junks Eleqa +500 Reputation
11000 G
7200 EXP
Strength Down V, Weapon Power IV
Stop the Mechon Rampage! Junks Eleqa +700 Reputation
11500 G
7500 EXP
Monado Armor
I Want to be a Homs! Junks Rakzet +200 Reputation
12000 G
8200 EXP
Gemini Gauntlets
Powerless Junks Rakzet +300 Reputation
13800 G
9800 EXP
Auto-Heal Up III
Power Up! Junks Rakzet +700 Reputation
14500 G
10500 EXP
Sleek Oil, Sleek Trunks
Fixing a Broken Door Junks Rizaka +300 Reputation
11500 G
8500 EXP
Phys Def Down IV
The Wilted Flower Junks Rizaka +500 Reputation
12300 G
9000 EXP
Lightning Attack IV, Mechonis Key
Scheduled Inspection Junks Xekit +500 Reputation
16000 G
12000 EXP
Break IV
A Tough Battle Junks Kazat +500 Reputation
14700 G
10000 EXP
Heat Sink III
Therapy Junks Eleqa +300 Reputation
8000 G
5000 EXP
Ether Def Down IV
Food Delivery Junks Natalia +200 Reputation
5500 G
5500 EXP
Gemini Boots
For My Loved One... Digit 2 Plain Zarkort +300 Reputation
10000 G
7600 EXP
Alcyone Bottoms
To My Loved One... Digit 2 Plain Zarkort +300 Reputation
13600 G
10000 EXP
Alcyone Top

Quests in Red Text indicate Timed Quests. As these quests will expire after progressing to a certain part of the game, be sure to complete them while they are still available!

Maps and Collectopaedia

Fallen Arm Map

Upper Level
Lower Level

Fallen Arm Landmarks and Locations


A Wreckage Beach
B Ulna Passage
C Inlet Beach
D Junks
E Giant Mechon Debris
F Black Wreckage
G Connecting Bridge
H Digit 2 Plain
I Radiocarpea
J Rotating Bulkhead
K Distant Fingertip


1 Silver Wreckage
2 Zakt Spring
3 Jifum Beach
4 Transformer Area
5 5th Pulse Zone
6 Power Pipe Ruins
7 Radiocarpea Coast
8 Hidden Machina Village
9 Ether Light
10 Digit 1
11 Digit 1 Crevasse
12 Ether Exhaust System
13 Digit 5 Beach
14 Digit 5
15 Digit 4
16 Digit 3
17 Digit 2


Title Location Char. 1 Char. 2 Affinity
Just Like Old Times Silver Wreckage Shulk Fiora Purple
Those Waiting For You Distant Fingertip Shulk Riki Pink
A Family of Two Junks (2F) Fiora Dunban Pink
A Night-time Chat Ether Light Fiora Sharla Green
Overcoming the Pain Digit 1 Fiora Melia Pink
Eternal Scars Black Wreckage Dunban Melia Pink
Camping Spot Inlet Beach Riki Melia Purple

Fallen Arm Collectopaedia

Veg Sour Turnip Golden Beetroot - - -
Fruit White Plum Ice Kiwi Fruit Spicy Papaya Large Mango -
Animal Oil Oyster Dark Fish Ether Penguin Rainbow Slug -
Nature Poisonous Coral Poison Ivy Amber Leaf - -
Parts Warning Lamp Digital Filament - - -

Collection Rewards

Vegetables Muscle Up IV
Fruit Heat Sink III
Animals Gemini Boots
Nature Blaze Defence IV
Parts Muscle Up IV
100% Completion Taurus Greaves

Tips and Strategies

Mechonis Equipment

There are originally only 3 types of equipment (Light, Medium, and Heavy). However, a new equipment type, called “Mechonis” is added to the list, together with your 7th character. This armour is exclusive to your new character.

Boss Strategy Guide

No Enemy Bosses

There are no boss enemies in this chapter.

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