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A guide to game length in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition (XC1) for the Nintendo Switch. Find out about how story length, the length of the new epilogue: Future Connected, and how long it would take to 100% the game.

How Long Does it Take to Beat Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition?

50 ~ 70 Hours for the Main Story

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The main story of Xenoblade Chronicles will take most players about 50 to 70 hours to play through on their first run. This includes the minimal amount of grinding/side quests required in order to advance. If you are determined to speed run through the game as quickly as possible, this number can be severly reduced, although in a normal first time playthrough, you should expect 60+ hours.

10 ~ 20 Hours for Future Connected

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The epilogue chapter: Future Connected is reported to be about 10 to 12 hours in length, and about 20 hours total including all of the side quests. If you are just trying to play through this chapter to enjoy the new story, expect to finish it in a little over 10 hours.

40 ~ 80 Hours for Side Content

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The sheer amount of content in Xenoblade Chronicles is incredible. Aside from the already mentioned story and epilogue modes, you can expect about 40+ hours of side content (including side quests, achievements, etc.). If you want to really make the most of this game by thoroughly exploring areas and completing all objectives there, you will find plenty of gameplay to keep you busy.

140+ Hours for a 100% Playthrough

If you are planning on doing every last thing possible in Xenoblade Chronicles, including quests, grinding, etc., expect it to take at least 140 hours. Really, this number could easily be stretched out even further, depending on how much grinding you want to do, and what all matters to you in a 100% playthrough.

For a checklist of what you need to do to obtain a 100% playthrough, check our guide about it!
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Is Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition Worth It?

Buy it if you value massive games with tons of content

If you have never played Xenoblade Chronicles before, you will likely be blown away by the amount of content in this game. When it comes to game size and content, this game is an amazing value with over 140 hours of enjoyable gameplay.

Even if you just want to play the main story and epilogue chapters, you can expect weeks worth of gameplay from Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition, so if you missed the game's previous releases, now is your chance to experience for yourself.

Buy it if you loved the original

If the original Wii (or 3DS) version was one of your favorites, you should definitely buy the Switch remake. Getting to re-expeience the massive RPG in beautiful HD, along with the QOL changes and epilogue chapter this remake brings, should be more than enough to please fans of the original game.

If you were a bit on the fence on the original game, this remake may not be enough to turn you into a fan, but we highly recommend it to newcomers and those who were big fans of the original.

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