Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition

Final Boss: Memory Space Walkthrough

This is a walkthrough for the Memory Space section of Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition for Nintendo Switch. For a full guide on how to beat Zanza, the final boss of Xenoblade Chronicles, read on!

Memory Space Walkthrough

Memory Space

1 Follow the red guiding light to cross Memory Space.
2 Defeat Spirit - Mumkhar.
3 Stand on the green light to reach the next area.
4 Defeat Spirit - Xord.
5 Defeat Spirit - Gadolt.
6 Defeat Zanza!
zanza vision.jpgDuring the 1st and 2nd phase of the fight, you will need to time your input on the B button to see visions.
7 Enjoy the ending of Xenoblade,

Tips and Strategies

Chaining Attacks

Remember the Chain Attack rule, where you must match the same art types to gain more damage during the Chain Attack. Talent Arts can also be linked to any arts, so utilizing heavy damage-dealing talent arts like Dunban's can make short work of tough boss fights.


The game is over, but there is new content for Definitive Edition. You can play the epilogue by choosing it at the Title Screen. For more info about the Epilogue, check our article about it!
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Final Boss Strategy Guide

Zanza Phase 1

Zanza 1.jpg
Watch out for Monado Cross VIII, as it's a rank VIII ability, so level your Shield Art to VIII as well. Also focus on taking down Zanza's guardians to avoid getting Chain Attacked by them. Monado Left and Right can inflict Topple and Daze respectively, so watch your characters and see which allies you can help when needed. Switch to a different target if your targeted Guardian uses Shield, as they will be invulnerable to damage for a while.

You will need to time the B input (similar to burst affinity) to see visions during phase 1 and 2.

Zanza 1 Recommended Characters

Shulk IconShulk Dunban IconDunban Riki IconRiki

Riki is a better healer than Sharla in this fight due to Zanza's Monado Cross VIII, which can kill your units from full HP. Riki's High HP pool can survive this attack, allowing you to live and make a comeback. Dunban is also a good choice for this fight due to his high damaging talent art that can kill a guardian easily during a chain attack.

Zanza Phase 2 and 3

zanza 2.jpg
This fight will take you for a ride. Watch out for Zanza's Monado Shooter IX. It will wipe out your team if ignored. Make sure to Shield it to survive the fight, or use Chain Attack at the same time Zanza uses it to survive with 1 HP. Titan Bazooka is also lethal, but it only hits enemies in front of Zanza, so a team KO can be avoided by staying away from your other characters.

Pay attention to Bionis Buster as well. It can inflict daze, but it can be dodged by Monado Speed. He can also summon guardians like the 1st phase of the fight. Make sure to take them out immediately!

monado 3.jpg

Before starting the 3rd phase of the fight, make sure to go to the main menu and equip some gems to Shulk's new weapon!

Zanza 2 and 3 Recommended Characters

Shulk IconShulk Dunban IconDunban Riki IconRiki

Again, Riki is a better support than Sharla, but this time, it's due to his debuffing abilities, which can be easily stacked against Zanza. He also has enough HP to survive Titan Bazooka, which can be game-changing. Dunban and Shulk's damage is greatly needed, especially in the 3rd phase of the fight where you can possibly defeat him with a single chain attack with Shulk's new weapon and a good X5 backslash followed by Dunban's Blossom Dance.

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Final Boss Memory Space


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