Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition

Epilogue: Future Connected Walkthrough Part 3

This is a walkthrough for the third area of Future Connected, the epilogue of Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition for Nintendo Switch. For a map of the area, as well as boss strategy and other tips and tricks, read on!

Epilogue: Future Connected Walkthrough - Part 3

Teelan's Laboratory and Gran Dell (Revisited)

1 Skip travel to the Skybridge landmark and pay Teelan a visit in his laboratory. Keep in mind for Rioting monsters and Fogbeast surges while exploring the map.
2 After the scene you will fight Gael'gar and his two Agressor Andos.
3 After the fight you will be back in Gran Dell with your next objective to ask the people about High Ether Crystals. Follow the quest marker and speak with the Gran Dell Militia near the entrance.
4 Skip travel to the Gran Dell Ramparts landmark and speak to the High Entian on top of the wall. There is also a Giants' Trove behind him if you didn't get it already.
5 Next head to Heroes's Rest, west of the Prayer Rock landmark, and speak to Sarja.
6 Skip travel back to the Grand Arch landmark and speak with Radzam. Your next goal is to make your way to Zekr Marga Quarry.

Fyme Lane and Forbidden Hushland

1 Start by skip travelling to Thulles Way if you haven't already explored the northern parts of the Shoulder.
2 Head straight north to enter Fyme Lane and continue along the path, passing the Scapular Lance landmark.
3 Keep going until you reach Gamaro Hollow. Continue west into the Forbidden Hushlands.
If you haven't completed Nonona's quest yet,a quick north from Gamaro Hollow will take you to the Old Expedition HQ landmark.You will find Nonona here. Complete his quest to obtain a Ponspector.
4 Beware of strong and Rioting enemies in this area as you make your way to the quarry. Once you arrive you'll unlock the Quarry Colonnade landmark and be ready to head inside.

Zekr Marga Quarry

1 The quarry is filled with spiders that will aggro to sound, so unless you're looking for a fight, carefully walk around them as you make your way to the High Ether Deposit, the large crystal deep inside.
2 You can either take the far left path around the Arachno Queen or take her on directly and go straight through the middle, though this is more dangerous if you are unprepared.
If you do in fact choose to take on the Arachno Queen, beware that you will be aggroing another 5 enemies. Take advantage of Union Strikes for massive damage to all enemies.
3 Whichever path you take, head up the stairs on the right to find the High Ether Crystal. Return to Radzam to upgrade Shulk's Monado.
4 You will be interrupted by the invasion of Fogbeasts in Gran Dell. Head to Gran Dell Ramparts for a boss fight.
5 With the boss out of the way, your next destination is Companions' Cape. Skip travel there at once for a boss fight with the Antol King.
6 Skip travel back to Gran Dell Ramparts once again for a cutscene. You will fight yet another boss, a Deinos Sauros.
7 Watch the cutscene and you will receive the upgraded Monado, closing out this part.

Side Quests

The following side quests are available at this time:

Quest Location Giver Rewards
The Quest for High Ether
Story Quest
Grand Arch Story 0 G
Brace for Friendship Grand Arch
Angela 30000 G
Redwood Amulet, Redwood Knapsack, Redwood Anklet
Rival Hearts Grand Arch Ardred 20000 G
Jubilant Ribbon, Jubilant Plate
Hook, Line and Sinker Grand Arch Vredda 45000 G
Steady on, Grandad! Grand Arch
Miles 36000 G
Replica Wristband, Replica Bottoms, Replica Shoes
Sorrow Grand Arch
Nestinor 32000 G
Pointed Sleeves L, Princess Bottoms L, Knee-High Boots L
Shoulder Survey Snaps Old Expedition HQ Melekanze 18000 G
Replica Hood, Replica Jacket
Secure the Area Junks Mithril 40000 G
Ponspectors Till We Cry Gran Dell Approach Wunwun 0 G
100000 EXP
Nerthis Crown
The Search for High Ether
Story Quest
Grand Arch Story 0 G
Nonona's Calling Old Expedition HQ Nonona 0 G
50000 EXP
Poison Attack IV

Quests in Red Text indicate Timed Quests. As these quests will expire after progressing to a certain part of the game, be sure to complete them while they are still available!

Maps and Collectopaedia

Bionis' Shoulder Maps

List of Maps

Bionis' Shoulder Landmarks and Locations


A Scapular Lance
B Old Expedition HQ
C Quarry Colonnade
D Marga's Weeping


1 Fyme Lane
2 Gamaro Hollow
3 Forbidden Hushland
4 Zekr Marga Quarry

Bionis' Shoulder Collectopaedia

Veg Rainbow Carrot High Leaf Cream Wheat Morrow Cob Kilopumpkin
Animal Angel Bream Gentleclam Sky Mole Blade Bird Palmtop Elephant
Parts Half Part Snare Wire Subzero Steel Blaze Chain Congenial Cogs
Strange Swirly Slash Hero Nipper Highlightning Dubious Sculpture Shimmertumble


Veg Valak Corsage
Animal Valak Bracelets
Parts Valak Skirt
Strange Valak Sandals
100% Completion Valak Top

Tips and Strategies

Recruit Every Ponspector

By part 3, you will have access to all 12 Ponspectors, so if you haven't been doing their quests do them now! They provide invaluable assistance in battle, especially in a pinch.

Boss Strategy Guide


Focus the Aggressor and Defender Andos

Gael'gar is level 70 and will be joined by a level 68 Aggressor Andos and level 68 Defender Andos that can inflict a series of debuffs. Take care of them first to ensure they don't interfer with the real fight.

Use Union Strikes

When your party gauge is maxed out go for a Uninon Strike to inflict massive damage to all enemies on the field. Yellow Chaos is recommended for its ability to Daze all enemies and inflict Strength Down, reducing the damage they can do to you. Take advantage of the Daze status to get as many abilities in as possible.

If you are properly leveled this fight should pose little difficulty.

Laeklit Mammut

This triceratops Fogbeast is level 71 so make sure you've levelled accordingly. The same general strategy applies here, as the Laeklit Mammut is not immune to Break, Topple, or Daze. Knock this big boy down and take him out.

Antol King

The Antol King is a level lower than your previous encounter, but comes with 4 Yellow Antols alongside it. Focus the little ones down and then go for the Antol King's head. If you came straight from the previous fight, you may have enough party gauge to pull of a Union Strike which will make short work of these pesky spiders. Shulk's Stream Edge paired with Monado Cyclone can quickly Break and Topple all of the Yellow Antols if a Union Strike doesn't take them out.

Deinos Sauros

Your third Fogbeast in a row, this time with 5 Wind Vangs. The Deinos Sauros is level 73 so it will prove to be more formidable than the previous two. Hit the Wind Vangs with Stream Edge and Monado Cyclone to quickly Topple them and take them out. Keep an eye on your tank's HP, as the Deinos Sauros does more damage mixed with the number of opponents. Use a Union Strike if you have it and the Deinos Sauros will go down just like the others.

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