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This is a profile and usage guide for Dunban, a character from Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition for the Nintendo Switch. Here you can find Dunban's roles, builds, stats at Lv. 99, best Arts, best skill trees, and official artwork.

Dunban Basic Information

Dunban Profile

Quick Facts
Dunban Banner
Name Dunban
Age 30
Race Homs
Height 180cm
Gender Male
Weapon Type Sword
Voice Actor (Eng.) Rufus Jones
Voice Actor (Jp.) Ryo Horikawa

Dunban Introduction

Dunban is brave and heroic, as well as responsible and mature. A year prior to the game's beginning, Dunban fought in a war against the Mechon, weilding the Monado to drive them off. However, this took a serious toll on him, leaving his right arm paralyzed. After Shulk inherits the Monado, Dunban begins to fight using regular swords.

Dunban Stats at Lv. 99

Dunban's Stats at Lv. 99

HP Strength Ether Agility
5530 541 350 148

Stats Explained

Dunban Build and Usage Guide

Dunban Strengths and Weaknesses

Physical Attacks Ether Attacks Tanking
S Rank Icon B Rank Icon S Rank Icon
Buffing Debuffing Healing
A Rank Icon A Rank Icon C Rank Icon

Note: A C Rank indicates that the character is either very poor in this role or cannot do it at all.

How to Play Dunban

Though his HP is much lower than Reyn's, Dunban can absorb enemy aggro and tank attacks thanks to his very high agility stat. Several Arts can be used after Gale Slash for additional effects, so this is an essential art for Dunban, and should be one of the first that you level up.

After Gale Slash, use Worldly Slash to lower the enemy's defense and strength, or Electric Gutbuster to inflict break, which can be followed up with Steel Strike to topple the foe. Peerless and Spirit Breath are both excellent auras, which raise Dunban's strength and remove debuffs/give him haste respectively. All of these are excellent arts that you should level up accordingly.

Blossom Dance, his Talent Art, requires you to time your B presses for full effect. For the most damage, save this Art for a Chain Attack, and unleash it after the damage multiplier has grown large enough.

Dunban's equipment (gems) should prioritize high agility, critical rate, double attacks, and haste. Enthusiasm (strength) is his best Skill Tree, followed by Wisdom (agility).

Dunban as an AI

When Reyn isn't in the party, Dunban does a great job of absorbing the enemy's aggro. He will use Gale Slash to combo with his other arts like Electric Gutbuster, Worldly Slash, etc. Gale Slash > Electric Gutbuster > Steel Strike allows him to topple foes, so make sure these are all set.

In chain attacks, he can be used to topple a foe with break inflicted, or deal massive damage through his physical arts and talent art.

Dunban Arts

Name Lv. Learnt Effect Power (%) CD (sec.)
Blossom Dance 1 Physical Art
Unleash the power within, slicing for as long as your focus endures.
150 -
Blossom Dance (2nd Strike) 1 Physical Art
A follow-up for Blossom Dance triggered by timing a B press at the right time.
200 -
Blossom Dance (3rd Strike) 1 Physical Art
Follows up Blossom Dance 2nd Strike, and hits twice.
125 -
Blossom Dance (4th Strike) 1 Physical Art
Follows up Blossom Dance 3rd Strike, hits enemies within a close range and draws aggro.
450 -
Gale SlashGale Slash 1 Physical Art
Stab an enemy quickly and deeply inflicting Bleed damage.
100 ~ 208 15 ~ 12.3
Electric GutbusterElectric Gutbuster 1 Physical Art
Deal a devastating kick. Inflicts Break if used after Gale Slash.
60 ~ 186 8 ~ 6.6
PeerlessPeerless 1 Ether Art
Aura of high spirits cures party of Confuse and increases strength.
- 45 ~ 24.8
Worldly SlashWorldly Slash 1 Physical Art
Combo lowering physical defence. After Gale Slash, lowers strength.
80 ~ 161 30 ~ 19.2
Battle EyeBattle Eye 1 Ether Art
Fix your gaze firmly on a single enemy, creating an Aura of focus.
- 75 ~ 41.2
Steel StrikeSteel Strike 1 Physical Art
Pulverise the enemy with a precise attack, inflicting Topple.
200 ~ 353 30 ~ 16.5
Serene HeartSerene Heart 28 Ether Art
A peaceful and focused Aura that increases Accuracy and Evasion.
- 45 ~ 24.8
Final FlickerFinal Flicker 52 Ether Art
Sacrifice HP to refill the Talent Gauge.
- 60 ~ 33
Jaws of DeathJaws of Death 48 Ether Art
Aura that recovers HP just before Incapacitation.
- 120 ~ 66
Tempest KickTempest Kick 32 Ether Art
Air waves deal damage. Removes enemy buffs after Gale Slash.
150 ~ 303 30 ~ 19.2
Heat HazeHeat Haze 36 Ether Art
An inscrutable Aura removes all aggro and increases Critical Rate.
- 90 ~ 65.7
Spirit BreathSpirit Breath 22 Ether Art
Aura that removes debuffs and grants Haste.
- 45 ~ 20.7
Soaring TempestSoaring Tempest 44 Physical Art
Spin up into the air, striking foes all around with shockwaves.
60 ~ 114 90 ~ 49.5
ThunderThunder 40 Ether Art
A pulse attacks enemies behind. If used with an Aura, forces Daze.
250 ~ 403 40 ~ 22
Demon SlayerDemon Slayer 56 Physical Art
A powerful attack on one enemy reverberates to all others.
300 ~ 453 120 ~ 87.6
Blinding BlossomBlinding Blossom 24 Ether Art
Impressive exploits draw aggro from a party member to Dunban.
- 30 ~ 21.9

Best Arts | Which Arts Should You Level Up?

Dunban Skill Trees and Skills

Bravery Skill Tree

Bravery Wisdom Prudence Enthusiasm Obstinance
Effect How to Unlock
Counter Rate Up Default Skill Tree unlocked when Dunban becomes playable.
0 1 2 3 4 5
2% 4% 6% 8% 10% 15%

Bravery Skills

Skill Effect SP Coins
Medium Equipment Allows medium weight armour to be equipped. - 10
Invincible Hero In battle, boosts strength when HP is at max (10%). 700 6
Warrior's Ambition Increases tension after successful Battle Start Affinity (25). 1000 8
Overwhelming Increases aggro drawn by when dealing damage (10%). 2000 2
Hero's Valour Grants HP Up buff at start of battle (20%, 40 sec). 3500 3

Wisdom Skill Tree

Bravery Wisdom Prudence Enthusiasm Obstinance
Effect How to Unlock
Agility Up Default Skill Tree unlocked when Dunban becomes playable.
0 1 2 3 4 5
2 5 8 10 12 15

Wisdom Skills

Skill Effect SP Coins
Spiritual Awakening Greatly increases aggro when no armour is equipped (25%). 300 2
Reckless Abandon Increases agility when HP is at half (15%). 700 8
Twin Swords Increases chance of a double attack (5%). 1000 18
Natural Born Warrior Reduces weight of equipment (5). 2000 5
Inner Peace Greatly increases agility with no armour equipped (30%). 3500 18

Prudence Skill Tree

Bravery Wisdom Prudence Enthusiasm Obstinance
Effect How to Unlock
Block Rate Up Default Skill Tree unlocked when Dunban becomes playable.
0 1 2 3 4 5
2% 4% 6% 8% 10% 15%

Prudence Skills

Skill Effect SP Coins
Sustained Spirit Extends the duration of auras (10 sec). 300 28
Steel Protection Reduces the effects of Spike attacks (20%). 700 30
Mind of the Warrior Reduces depletion rate of Party Gauge outside of battle (1). 1000 2
Lightweight Expert Improves physical and ether def. of light equipment (15%). 2000 28
Critical Drain Restores HP when dealing a critical hit (2%). 3500 50

Enthusiasm Skill Tree

Bravery Wisdom Prudence Enthusiasm Obstinance
Effect How to Unlock
Strength Up Acquired through completing the Stunted Growth Side Quest.
0 1 2 3 4 5
10 30 40 50 70 100

Enthusiasm Skills

Skill Effect SP Coins
Charge Acceleration Grants Haste buff at start of battle (30%, 15 sec) 200 8
Counter Rage Increases chance of a counter-attack (10%). 500 6
Ardent Strike Increases tension gained after a critical hit (10). 800 7
Deadly Determination Increases tension gained when using Arts (10). 1000 48
Blazing Aura Fills Party Gauge when activating an Aura (20). 1500 43

Obstinance Skill Tree

Bravery Wisdom Prudence Enthusiasm Obstinance
Effect How to Unlock
Physical Defense Up Acquired through completing the The Balance of Power Side Quest.
0 1 2 3 4 5
5 10 20 30 40 50

Obstinance Skills

Skill Effect SP Coins
Equipment Expert Greatly reduces weight of equipment (10). 200 10
Gentleman's Valour Grants HP Up buff at start of battle (30%, 40 sec). 500 12
Heavy Equipment Allows heavy weight armour to be equipped 800 15
Body of Steel Reduces physical damage taken (15%). 1000 49
Solid Foundation Grants immunity to Blow-Down attacks. 1500 45

Best Skill Links for Each Character

Best and Worst Gifts For Dunban

Best Gifts for Dunban

Collectable Affinity Points Area
Love Source 100 Other
Prairie Dragonfly 20 Colony 9
Death Bangle 18 Bionis' Leg
Angel Engine Y 18 Other
Gold Condenser 18 Sword Valley
Blue Gear Shard 18 Satorl Marsh

Worst Gifts for Dunban

Collectable Affinity Points Area
Ether Plum -20 Valak Mountain
Soft Sea Cucumber -16 Makna Forest
Blood Worm -16 Bionis' Interior
Cute Parsnip -16 Satorl Marsh
Death Lychee -14 Prison Island
Dark Grape -14 Tephra Cave

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Dunban Artwork

The following official artwork for Dunban from Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition was released by the official Nintendo Twitter Page and Japanese Xenoblade Twitter Page.

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