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Heart-to-Heart Answers and Guide

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A guide to Heart-to-Hearts, a special type of cutscene available between two characters in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition (XC1) for Nintendo Switch. Everything about this mechanic, including the benefits of viewing Heart-to-Hearts, and the best answer choices for all Heart-to-Hearts can be found here.

Heart-to-Heart Answers

The following list shows all Heart-to-Hearts per area, as well as the location, characters, and required affinity. For the best answers to each Heart-to-Heart, click the title of whatever event you'd like to see.

Colony 9

Title Location Char. 1 Char. 2 Affinity
Enduring Friendship Tephra Cave Entrance Shulk Reyn Green
Sunrise in the Park Outlook Park Shulk Fiora Yellow
Fiora's Cooking Dunban's House Reyn Fiora Green
Watching Over Them Residential District Reyn Dunban Pink
Overlooking the Colony Agora Shore Reyn Sharla Purple
Ancient Wreckage Cylinder Hangar Reyn Melia Purple
A Heropon's Perspective Mechon Wreckage Site Sharla Riki Purple

Tephra Cave

Title Location Char. 1 Char. 2 Affinity
The Legend of the Spider Bone Corridor Shulk Reyn Purple
A Scene Revisited Kneecap Hill Reyn Fiora Pink
Glowing in the Night Spring of Grief Dunban Riki Purple

Bionis' Leg

Title Location Char. 1 Char. 2 Affinity
Geography Lesson Believer's Paradise Shulk Dunban Purple
What Visions May Bring Raguel Bridge - North Shulk Sharla Green
Heir to the Monado Refugee Camp (Outside) Reyn Dunban Green
What's on Reyn's Mind Refugee Camp (Inside) Reyn Sharla Green
Revisiting the Past Rho Oasis Dunban Sharla Pink

Colony 6

Title Location Char. 1 Char. 2 Affinity
Renewed Determination Freight Road Shulk Reyn Pink
Strength of Heart Main Street Shulk Dunban Pink
The Colony Reborn Special Lv 5 Area Shulk Sharla Pink
One Year On Pod Depot Reyn Dunban Purple
Recovery and Reflection Hope Farm Fiora Dunban Purple
Quiet Time Park Fiora Riki Purple
Dunban's Right Arm Hope Farm Dunban Sharla Purple

Ether Mine

Title Location Char. 1 Char. 2 Affinity
A Broken Watch Mining Base Shulk Sharla Purple
A Wistful Glow Central Terminal Reyn Sharla Pink

Satorl Marsh

Title Location Char. 1 Char. 2 Affinity
The Shimmering Marsh Zaldania Waterfall Shulk Dunban Green
High Entia History Sororal Statues Dunban Melia Purple
Atop the Crown Tree Crown Tree Sharla Riki Pink

Makna Forest

Title Location Char. 1 Char. 2 Affinity
Fallen Brethren Bridge 1 Shulk Melia Green
Riki's Crazy Crystal Plan Eks Watering Hole Reyn Riki Purple
No Boys Allowed Sparkling Pool Sharla Melia Green

Frontier Village

Title Location Char. 1 Char. 2 Affinity
At the Pollen Works Pollen Works Shulk Riki Green
Reawakened Memories Prophecy Hut (Outside) Fiora Sharla Purple
A Day Like Any Other Nopon Tower Fiora Melia Purple
Life's Hard for a Heropon Riki's House Dunban Riki Pink
True Natures Contemplation Terrace Dunban Melia Green
A Mysterious Sanctuary Prophecy Hut Riki Melia Green

Eryth Sea

Title Location Char. 1 Char. 2 Affinity
Fish Fly! Fish Fly! Sleeping Dragon Isle Reyn Riki Green
Riki Have Question Syrath Lighthouse Fiora Riki Pink
A Gift for a Loved One Ether Plant Sharla Dunban Green
Flowers of Eryth Sea Hovering Reef 2 Sharla Riki Green


Title Location Char. 1 Char. 2 Affinity
The Future is Ours Ascension Hall Shulk (FC) Melia (FC)
So Close, Yet So Far Audience Chamber Shulk Melia Purple
A Breathtaking Sight Sky Terrace Reyn Melia Pink
Brother and Sister Fountain of Hope Fiora Dunban Green
The Forefathers Great Hall Fiora Riki Green
Melia's Imperial Villa Imperial Villa Fiora Melia Green
Ancient Astrology 1F West Sharla Melia Purple

High Entia Tomb

Title Location Char. 1 Char. 2 Affinity
Hopes and Plans Hall of Trials Shulk Melia Pink
Echoes of Ancient Times Valley of Emperors Reyn Melia Green

Valak Mountain

Title Location Char. 1 Char. 2 Affinity
A Snowy Hot Spring Jakt Geyser Shulk Riki Purple
First Sight of Snow La Luz Church Reyn Fiora Purple
In Ose Tower Sealed Tower Dunban Riki Green

Fallen Arm

Title Location Char. 1 Char. 2 Affinity
Just Like Old Times Silver Wreckage Shulk Fiora Purple
Those Waiting For You Distant Fingertip Shulk Riki Pink
A Family of Two Junks (2F) Fiora Dunban Pink
A Night-time Chat Ether Light Fiora Sharla Green
Overcoming the Pain Digit 1 Fiora Melia Pink
Eternal Scars Black Wreckage Dunban Melia Pink
Camping Spot Inlet Beach Riki Melia Purple

Bionis' Interior

Title Location Char. 1 Char. 2 Affinity
Fiora's Body Spinal Nerve Tower Fiora Sharla Pink
Kind Words Terminal Nerve Tower Riki Melia Pink

Prison Island

Title Location Char. 1 Char. 2 Affinity
Before the Final Battle Corridor of Silence Shulk Fiora Pink
Journey's End Empty Throne Reyn Riki Pink
Untold Feelings Gravina Bridge Sharla Melia Pink

What Are Heart-to-Hearts?

Special cutscenes between two party members

Heart to Heart Shulk Fiora.jpg

Heart-to-Hearts are a special type of cutscene between two characters, which can only be activated if the two character's have a high enough affinity. While entirely optional, these cutscenes do a great job of building the world of Xenoblade Chronicles, and give some insight and backstory to its characters.

Heart to Heart Overworld.jpg
These are shown as icons on the map, and will also display a symbol when you get close to them.

Increases affinity between two characters

H2H Dialogue Choice.jpg

During these cutscenes, you will have two chances to select from two different answer choices, which will affect the course of the dialogue. Selecting the best answers will boost the affinity of the two characters by a lot, while getting one or none of the best answers awards less affinity. These answers can often be guessed by going with the answer the other character would most likely prefer, but sometimes it is not so clear cut.

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