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Time Attack Guide and Rewards

Time Attack
This is a guide to Time Attack, a new feature in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition (XC1) for the Nintendo Switch. For how to beat each Time Attack walkthroughs, differences between Free and Restricted Modes, and Rewards you obtained for completing Time Attack challenges, read on!

What is Time Attack?

A Time Based Challenge

Time Attack
Time Attack is a mode that challenges you to defeat enemies in the fastest time frame possible. These challenges can be completed in two ways: Free Mode and Restricted Mode.

Accessing Time Trial Challenges

There are orange teleporters, which Reyn will first point out after the events of chapter 3, right before reaching the Bionis' Leg. These are teleporters that will lead you to a mysterious realm. Here, you will find the Nopon Archsage, who can give you challenges to complete.

Defeat the Oncoming Waves

Time Attack
You'll be pitted against waves of enemies. The number of waves can be seen before accepting the challenge. You must then perform well, and quickly, to get a good rating, which is needed to obtain the best rewards.

Rewards for Completing Time Attack

First Time Rewards

Time Attack
After completing trials for the first time, you'll be rewarded generously. These rewards can only be obtained once, and will vary depending on the challenge completed.

Note that first time rewards have a minimum required rank to obtain. Refer to the challenge menu to know which rank you need to obtain to get those frilly dresses and other neat rewards.

Nopon Stones

Time Attack
Nopon Stones are the most common rewards for beating the challenges available. These stones can be traded for several items, which will be listed further down in this guide.

How to Get Nopon Stones

Repeat Challenges

As mentioned above, challenges can be repeated, and you can grind to obtain more stones.

Get A High Rating

Easier said than done. Time Attack challenges, as the name suggests, is a mode that forces you to complete the given trial in the fastest way possible. However, there are also other criteria for estimating the amount of reward you can get. Below are the key points you need to keep in mind when aiming for a higher rating.

  • Heals
  • Chain Attacks
  • Chain Attack Arts
  • Vision Tags smashed
  • Buffs / Debuffs
  • Chance Arts
  • Topples Inflicted

The more times you perform the following actions, the higher rating you will get. Of course, you can't just sit there and keep performing these actions, since time is also among the considered critera in judging your final rating. However, using Chain Attacks, heals, and Monado Arts is one way you can increase that score!

Differences Between Restricted Mode and Free Mode

Free Mode Uses Current Party Setup

Free mode allows you to use your current party for the chosen challenge. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage. You won't be able to tackle higher level challenges, but you'll be able to breeze through lower level ones.

Restricted Mode Uses a Locked Party Setup

Time Attack Restricted Mode
Restricted mode prepares a specific party setup for you to use for each chosen challenge. This has its own pros and cons, similar to Free Mode. You'll be able to tackle higher level challenges anytime you want, but they won't get easier by grinding.

How to View Restricted Mode Arts and Equipments

View Your Party Setup Using Y Button

Time Attack
Heading into the fray without knowing the abilities of your character and allies will surely spell trouble. Check out their equipment by using the Y button when choosing a restricted challenge to view their arts, learned skill trees, equipment, and gems.

Items Bought With Nopon Stones


You can trade Nopon Stones for gems. This is extremely useful for a low level party, since you can trade for a higher ranked gem early on in the game (assuming you're willing to grind those Nopon stones). Gems available range from rank 1 to rank 5 gems where higher ranked gems get more expensive than lower ones.

Cosmetic Equipment

Time Attack
There is a bunch of equipment available for trading, but they offer little defensive stats. Luckily, since you can change your party's equipment design without changing their armour, this is not an issue!

These are essentially cosmetic equipments to make your party even livelier. Who wouldn't want a party in their Bikini's while killing huge monsters outside?

Slotless Mechon Armour and Heavy Armour

There is some heavy armour available for trade too. They offer high defensive stats at the cost of not having any slots. Useful for the early parts of the game but not a gear you would like to have later on.

List of Time Trial Challenges

Below are all the challenges available for Time Attack. Select a challenge from the list below to for a full walkthrough, as well as rewards and unlock requirements.

Free Mode

No. Challenge Reward(s) Unlock Condition
1 Humble Beginnings Camo Mask,Camo Hoodie,Camo Gloves,Camo Leggings,Camo Fins Reach Chapter 3: Tephra Cave Revisited
2 Fair Game Captain's Skirt,Captain's Pumps Sharla joins the party
3 The Walls Have Eyes Debonair Glasses,Debonair Top,Debonair Watch,Debonair Bottoms,Debonair Sandals Dunban joins the party
4 Shaggy-dog Story Worker's Headband,Worker's Shirt,Worker's Beads,Worker's Shorts,Workers' Sandals Riki joins the party
5 Oh, Brother! Eryth Skirt,Eryth Sandals Melia joins the party
6 Third Wheel Water Boosters Seven joins the party
7 Sparks Fly, You Die F Sun Visor,F Water Frame,F Water Arms,F Water Boosters Reach Agniratha
8 Lost in a Dark Dream Ledios Helm L, Ledios Plate L, Ledios Arm L, Ledios Cuisses L, Ledios Greaves L Complete Future Connected
9 He of the Metal Face Denim Glasses,Denim Top,Denim Gauntlets,Rustly Knapsack Defeat the 1st disciple
10 Uniquely Disadvantaged Power II Goggles L,Power L Frame, Power II Arms L, Power II Boosters L Reach Gondorl Cathedral

Restricted Mode

No. Challenge Reward(s) Unlock Condition
1 Humble Beginnings Exotic Glasses,Exotic Top,Exotic Watch,Exotic Bottoms,Exotic Sandals Reach chapter 3 Tephra Cave Revisited
2 Fair Game Captain's Hat,Captain's Top,Captain's Bangles Sharla joins the party
3 The Walls Have Eyes Festival Headband,Festival Shirt,Festival Beads,Festival Shorts,Festival Sandals Dunban joins the party
4 Shaggy-dog Story Pineapple Glasses,Pineapple Top,Pineapple Gauntlets,Starchy Knapsack, Riki joins the party
5 Oh, Brother! Eryth Corsage,Eryth Top,Eryth Bracelets Melia decides to join the party
6 Third Wheel Sun Visor,Water Frame,Water Arms Seven joins the party
7 Sparks Fly, You Die Resort Mask,Resort Hoodie,Resort Gloves,Resort Leggings,Resort Fins Reach Agniratha
8 Lost in a Dark Dream Power III Goggles L, Power III Frame L, Power III Arms L, Power III Boosters L Complete Future Connected
9 He of the Metal Face Officer's Hat,Officer's Top,Officer's Bangles,Officer's Skirt,Officer's Pumps Defeat the 1st disciple
10 Uniquely Disadvantaged Frontier Corsage,Frontier Top,Frontier Bracelets,Frontier Skirt,Frontier Sandals Reach Gondorl Cathedral

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