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Epilogue: Future Connected Walkthrough Part 4

This is a walkthrough for the fourth area of Future Connected, the epilogue of Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition for Nintendo Switch. For a map of the area, as well as boss strategy and other tips and tricks, read on!

Epilogue: Future Connected Walkthrough - Part 4

Imperial City Alcamoth (Revisited)

1 Skip travel to Alcamoth's Main Entrance to proceed in the story. There are also new side quests in Gran Dell.
2 Once in Alcamoth, go up the slope and into the Imperial Palace. Take a left when you can and go through the teleporter.
This is a point of no return. Make sure you've finished everything you need to before this point as you will be unable to save or go back after.
3 Once you go through the teleporter, you will finally face the Fog King in battle.
4 Watch the short scene and get ready for phase 2.
5 After you finish off phase 2 the Fog King will be defeated for good, so sit back and enjoy the ending!

Side Quests

The following side quests are available at this time:

Quest Location Giver Rewards
The Future Within Our Grasp Grand Arch Maxis 250000 G
150000 EXP
Debuff Resist V
The Quest for Radzamalt³ Grand Arch Radzam 50000 G
A Surefire Hit Grand Arch Thad 50000 G
The Fallen Grand Arch Selene 100000 G
100000 EXP
Anemone Brim L, Princess Dress L
Stubborn Minds Grand Arch
Winnie 35000 G

Quests in Red Text indicate Timed Quests. As these quests will expire after progressing to a certain part of the game, be sure to complete them while they are still available!

Maps and Collectopaedia

Alcamoth Maps

List of Maps

Alcamoth Landmarks and Locations


A Imperial Palace
B Ascension Hall


1 Melfica Road
2 Great Hall

Alcamoth Collectopaedia

Fruit Cool Lemon Heart Peach
Flower Mystic Dahlia Stardrop
Animal Nanoceros Mane Cat
Strange Ha Ha Ha Thunder Atmos


Fruit Trendy Goggles
Flower Trendy Gloves
Animal Trendy Leggings
Strange Trendy Fins
100% Completion Trendy Hoodie

Tips and Strategies

As the main goal of this part is to fight the Fog King, there isn't much else to do but try and complete any remaining side quests, Collectopaedia entries, and Quiet Moments. Go for 100% completion!

Boss Strategy Guide

Fog King - Phase 1

fog king 1.jpg

The Fog King has no set level and is the final boss of the epilogue. Buff yourself with Monado Armour if necessary and proceed as usual.

Take Out the Fog Knights

The Fog King's first order of business is to summon 2 level 75 Fog Knights. As extra enemies can cause more trouble for your tank, get rid of these quick. They are vulnerable to Break so knock them down and finish them off.

Use Union Strikes

Red Comet's blaze damage is incredibly strong, especially if you've recruited all of the Ponspectors. Once you have a full party gauge and you aren't in danger hit the Fog King with Red Comet for massive damage.

Save a Union Strike for Phase 2

Fog King becomes significantly stronger during the 2nd Phase of the fight. Saving a Union Strike can save your party during a Pinch.

Fog King - Phase 2

fog kin 2.jpg

Just when you thought it was over (but it's never that easy in a JRPG),get ready for phase 2!

Knights of the Round 2

The Fog King will summon Fog Knights yet again, only this time there will be 3 of them. Repeat the strategy from phase 1 and focus the King again. If you take too long during the fight 3 more Knights will be summoned.

Use Blue Carress Against Mist Press

mist press.jpg
You can walk your dog, cook a meal, eat the meal, and return to find that your party is still toppled.

Fog King can Topple your party for a whole century several seconds and this can be lethal. Timing Blue Carress will give your party a Health Regen buff that can save your party from getting wiped out.

Watch Out For Mist Charge

When the Fog King uses Mist Charge, it will store energy and release it all with its next attack. Make sure your party is topped up on HP or this could take you out.

Red Comet Mk2

While Yellow Chaos is great for taking out the Knights and halting incoming damage, just like phase 1, Red Comet will deal a lot of damage to the Fog King.

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