Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition

How to Chain Attack

This is a guide to using the Chain Attack command in Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition (XC1) for the Nintendo Switch. Learn how to fill the Party Gauge and use a Chain Attack, the best use of Chain Attacks, and how to improve the chances of Chain Links.

How to Use Chain Attacks

3 Blocks in the Party Gauge are Needed

To use Chain attacks, you need to fill up the party gauge first. Do this by targeting the right body parts of enemies with Arts such as Back Slash, or by successfully timing a B-Press when the prompt appears.

Once the bar has been filled up, you can use the Chain attack command by pressing the up on the directional pad.

Select Arts

Choose arts that you will use to during Chain Link. The cooldown of your arts will be reset, so there is no need save up your arts before using Chain Link (except for Talent Arts!)

Best Use of Chain Attacks

Use Arts of the Same Color

Arts come in several colors. Using the same color for each of your party members will boost the damage dealt of your Chain Attacks significantly, so make sure to plan out the combos you will use. You will see the multipler go up when using arts of the same color.

Talent Arts are black colored, and can be strung with any color to increase the multiplier. This means that a combination such as Green > Black > Yellow will give a Chain x3!

Break, Topple, and Daze

Topple and Daze statuses requires a bit of preparation to use. Using Chain Attacks, however, makes the task way easier. This allows you to Topple or Daze an enemy, easily allowing another all-out assault against the enemy after using Chain Attack. Successfully doing this can also break a Vision Tag, saving party members from doom!

Breaking Vision Tags

As stated above, successfully inflicting Daze on a foe via a chain attack is one way to break a Vision Tag, which can save your party members. Much like warning an ally of a vision, Chain Attacks allow you to slow down time and carefully select an option, allowing you to plan out a counter. If you are playing as Shulk (or he is on your team), and his Talent Gauge is full, using a Chain Attack will give you time to pick the correct one!

Status Duration

Time is frozen when using Chain Attacks. This means using status ailment inducing arts will only start their countdown once the Chain Attack ends. You can stockpile various status ailments against enemies and let them take all the debuffs once the Chain Attack ends.

When to Not Use Chain Attacks

When Allies are Incapacitated


Using Chain Attacks is always available once the Party Gauge's bar are at least 3, but allies that are unable to act will not be able to participate in the chain. Make sure to have all allies combat ready before initiating Chain Attacks.

When Your Character is Near Death

One Block

If your character is near death, and the battle is not going to end after the Chain Attack is through, it may be better to hold off until you can heal up. While it is possible to fill up your party gauge bars during a chain attack, you will normally finish with less than one bar. If you have less than one bar of the Party Gauge, and the character your control becomes incapacitated, you will be sent back to the last Landmark you visited, so avoid it at all costs.

How to a Activate Chain Link

Time the B-Press Correctly

After the inital Chain Attack, there is a chance for a B-Prompt to appear. If you can time the button press so that you hit it while the ring is inside of the circle, but outside of the B-symbol, there is a good chance that you will be able to continue the Chain Attack with a chain link.

Increase Party Tension

B Prompt.png

Tension is a mechanic that influences many things in battle, including chain attacks. Tension can be seen by your characters' profiles in battle; profiles with higher tension are the ones where the characters look more enthusiastic.

Tension is raised through battle Start Affinity, as well as by using Arts and inflicting statuses, and a number of other things. The higher your party's tension is, the higher chance of a chain link.

Increase Affinity with Party Members

Chain Attack (4).jpg
The player's luck is a deciding factor to activating Chain link, but increasing your affinity points can make the chances of Chain Link happening higher, so make sure to befriend your party members.

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