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How to Beat Final Marcus | Super Boss Guide

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This is a guide to beating Final Marcus, one of the super bosses in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition (XC1). See which gems and skills you need to equip to beat Final Marcus, as well as items you can gain from doing so.

Final Marcus Level, Location, and Abilities

Level and Location

Level 100
Location Valak Mountain (Three Sage Summit)
Appearance Condition Snowy or Clear Weather (appears only at night)

Notable Abilities

Range Spike Ability 640 Damage
Strengthening Will/ Iron Will Strenghtening Will increases damage but decreases defense while Iron Will does the opposite.
Mountain Impact IX Inflicts damage and Confuse
Light of Demise Inflicts Blow Down

How to Beat Final Marcus

Recommended Gems

Spike Defence Decreases Spike damage taken by (%).

Spike Defence gems are the only gems that can really make a great impact when fighting Final Marcus. He's the weakest super boss for a reason. Other slots are better used for Attribute gems or Topple Plus gems if you already acquired one.

Recommended Skills

Stat Buffs Against Higher Leveled Enemies

Showdown Stance All Stats Up buff at start of battle with higher-level monsters (30%, 30 sec) Owner

Skills that provides buffs when battling against higher leveled enemies are highly recommended against Super Bosses and Final Marcus is no exception.

Chain Link Boosters

Ties of Friendship Increases chance of a Chain Link (5%). Owner
Chain of Friendship Increases the chance of a Chain Link (15%). Owner

Ultimate Teamwork

Ultimate Teamwork Increases chain attack damage (25%). Owner

More damage for Chain Attacks means a faster battle and Final Marcus' low HP pool can quickly go down with this skill.

Recommended Characters

Dunban IconDunban Fiora IconFiora Reyn IconReyn Shulk IconShulk

These are the best characters to use against Final Marcus due to their high damage output and topple skills.

Reyn, in particular, is a great character to have for his extremely high damage output with Sword Drive during Chain Attacks. This works even better if Final Marcus uses Strengthening Will to reduce his own defence stat.

Battle Strategy

Final Marcus
Nothing much aside from going full frontal assault against Final Marcus. As long as your party's level is in the high 90s and the proper gems and skills are equipped, Final Marcus shouldn't pose a threat.

Notable Items from Final Marcus

Spike Defence Crystals

Final Marcus is a great source of Spike Defence Crystals. Make sure to get a rank VI Spike Defence Gem for everyone before tackling the other bosses.

Veritas Glyph

Final Marcus is the easiest superboss to defeat. This makes him, the ideal target for farming Veritas Glyph which can be traded for a Love Source.

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