How to Unlock Reyn's Extra Skill Trees | Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition

This is a guide to unlocking Reyn's hidden skill trees in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition (XC1). Read on to know how to unlock Reyn's Extra Skill Trees as well as the prerequisites needed to do so.

How to Unlock Reyn's Extra Skill Trees

Impatience (Fourth Skill Tree)

Impatience Skill tree.jpg
This skill tree involves the chefs of Colony 6. There are two requirements to obtain Reyn's Fourth Skill tree: first, you must gain a two and a half star affinity with Colony 6 and second is inviting Hoko, Talonyth, and Ma'crish into Colony 6. Once these are attained, complete the Cook-Off questline. Once complete, Reyn will learn his fourth Skill Tree.

Impatience Skills

Skill Effect SP Coins
Ultimate Taunt Boosts Mad Taunt's effect on non-targeted enemies (20%). 200 -
Melee Champion Grants Haste to the party when an enemy is defeated (15%, 30 sec). 500 12
Rampage Increases chance of a double attack (10%). 800 20
Speed Strike Grants Haste buff when an attack misses (15%, 10 sec). 1000 43
Channelled Pain Fills Talent Gauge when damage is taken (5%). 1500 45

Camaraderie (Fifth Skill Tree)


Quest Location Giver Rewards
Friendship Tokens Tranquil Square Moritz +250 Reputation
330 G
65000 EXP
AP Up V, Friendship Tokens, Reyn's Skill Tree - Camaraderie

Complete the quest Friendship Tokens to unlock Reyn's fifth skill tree. You will need to complete the quest Pride and Courage and Lonely Niranira as well as a high affinity with Colony 9 to trigger this quest.

Camaraderie Skills

Skill Effect SP Coins
Ties of Friendship Increases chance of a Chain Link (5%). 200 14
Shoulder to Shoulder Heals the party after a chain attack (10%). 500 25
Flying Start Battle Start Affinity grants Haste buff to the party (15%, 30 sec). 800 10
Solitary Fight Grants Strength Up when a party member is Incapacitated (25%, 15 sec). 1000 3
Friends Forever Boosts the affinity gained when encouraging an ally (30%). 1500 30

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