Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition

Chapter 9: Prison Island (1st Time) Walkthrough

This is a walkthrough for the Prison Island (1st Time) section of Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition for Nintendo Switch. For a map of Prison Island (1st Time) Landmarks and Locations, as well as boss strategy and other tips and tricks, read on!

Chapter 9: Prison Island (1st Time) Walkthrough

Alcamoth and Eryth Sea

1 Follow the dotted line until you find Melia.
2 Head to the Audience Chamber.
3 Head to the entrance of Alcamoth.
Make sure to buy Melia's Art Books at the shop if you plan to add her to your main roster.
4 Head Leave Alcamoth then head to the Central Seal Island
The line will show one of the paths to the two seal. It is however, possible to change the guide by taking the portal opposite to your current destination when you reach Central Seal Island.
5 Activate both the Seal on Khatorl Seal Island and Soltnar Seal Island to proceed the story
There will be enemies with levels in the 40s waiting for you on both seals. Head to the seals with caution.
6 Once both seals have been activated, return to Central Seal Island and break the seal on the transporter.
7 Defeat Skyray.

Prison Island

1 Make yourway to Prison Gate.
Similar to the Skyray you defeated earlier, the Skyrays you will encounter here can also use Ether Meteor. Keep up your Shield Art and avoid fighting them in groups.
2 Stand on the flame to teleport to your next destination.
3 Make your way to the next teleporter.
4 Defeat Metal Face!Metal Face

Side Quests

The following side quests are available from this chapter:

Alcamoth Side Quests

Currently no side quests to display. Please check back soon.

Eryth Sea Side Quests

Currently no side quests to display. Please check back soon.

Prison Island Side Quests

There are no side quests in this area.

Maps and Collectopaedia

Prison Island Maps

1st Floor 5th Floor
7th Floor

Prison Island (1st Time) Landmarks and Locations


A High Entia Transporter
B Prison Gate
C Prison Terrace


1 Central Hall
2 Great Canyon


There are no new Heart-to-Hearts available in this chapter. Prison Island has no Heart-to-Hearts until you revisit in Chapter 17.

Prison Island Collectopaedia

No Collectables at this time!

Prison Island has no obtainable collectables until you revisit in Chapter 17.

Tips and Strategies

The Monado Unbound

Monado powers.
After unlocking the power of the Monado, Shulk can now deal damage to Mechons with faces! There is no longer a need to topple Faced Mechons to do damage. This will also allow you to further level up your Monado arts to 10!


Remember that the Shield art is capable of blocking Enemy Talent Arts. To easily know if the ability can be blocked, check if their ability name has a roman numeral. This indicates the rank and your shield art's level must be equal or greater to block the art.


Not all enemy arts can be shielded, so using Speed to dodge these assaults is often necessary. Do not panic, and make sure to assess which of the two defensive arts you need to use to surpass the obstacles you face.

Shield VS Speed

A summary note on when to use Shield and Speed:

  • Use Shield against Talent Arts (White Text) with ranks - This is easier because the shield art only consumes half the talent gauge and is more readily available than the other arts.
  • Use Speed to your enemy's target - Speed allows the enchanted unit to dodge attacks that are used against that unit. Using Speed on your party member that is taking all agro is a good way to increase their survivability.
  • Use Speed against enemies with high single target abilities (Physical Arts - Red Text) - These enemies are oftentimes, capable of landing high damaging moves which can instantly incapacitate a party member. This will cause you to lose tension and force you to revive them using a whole bar from your party gauge. Avoid this situation by using Monado Speed to avoid the attack!

Boss Strategy Guide


Skyray seems easy at first glance, until it surprises you with Ether Meteor II, which greatly damages everyone and dazes them. Aside from Ether Meteor, none of Skyray's arsenal will prove fatal to a well-prepared party. Always have the Monado Shield buff for your party, and keep the assault on it and Skyray will fall shortly.

Make sure that Shield is at least rank 2 before fighting Skyray as a rank 1 Shield will not be able to block Ether Meteor II.

Skyray Recommended Characters

Shulk IconShulk Sharla IconSharla Melia IconMelia

This is a party that doesn't consist of any aggro taking character such as Dunban or Reyn. Shulk, however, has the support from Sharla's healing and Melia's buffs, which will greatly increase Shulk's battle potential. Keep Shulk offensive to steer away Skyray's aggro from your two support characters.

Melia and Sharla are also chosen since Ether Meteor's range hits all characters near it, so Sharla and Melia's range should keep them safe from harm. It is also safe to substitute Riki for Sharla since Riki's HP pool is massive enough for him to survive Ether Meteor.

Skyray Recommended Characters 2

Shulk IconShulk Dunban IconDunban Riki IconRiki

A tankier setup. This allows your party to go full on aggressive in Skyray's face and ignore all of its assault. A durable party setup that makes use of everyone's damage to not extend the duration of the fight.

Metal Face

Metal Face Chain Damage
This fight is pretty much a demo for the new powers you unlocked. His durability isn't that high, and the fight will end when Metal Face's HP falls to 30%. Make sure to use Monado Enchant, and a good Chain Attack should be able to end the fight quickly.

Metal Face Recommended Characters

Shulk IconShulk Dunban IconDunban Sharla IconSharla

A high damaging party is recommended for this fight. Utilize Metal Face's low durability with high damaging combos and arts. Linking a good X3 or X4 chain multiplier with physical arts should be enough to defeat Metal Face in a few seconds.

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