Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition

Chapter 10: Valak Mountain Walkthrough

This is a walkthrough for the Valak Mountain section of Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition for Nintendo Switch. For a map of Valak Mountain Landmarks and Locations, as well as boss strategy and other tips and tricks, read on!

Chapter 10: Valak Mountain Walkthrough

Alcamoth and Makna Forest

1 Head out and look for Dunban.
2 Head to the Audience Chamber.
3 Exit Alcamoth.
Optional 1 After landing in Makna Forest, you'll find 2 Nopons near a broken bridge. Talk to them to initiate the “Bridge Repair” quest, which can make a new path from Valak Mountain to Makna Forest.
Optional 2 You need to get Hode Planks from Hodes in Makna Forest. You do not necessarily need to kill the target indicated by the quest as all Hodes drop Hode Planks.
3 Rhogul Axe Crests can be taken from Mist Rhoguls in Satorl Marsh
4 Head through Valak Pass to exit Makna Forest.

Valak Mountain

1 Descend down the steep path while following the quest guide until you reach the Hollow Bone Landmark.
The path to your destination will be long and tedious. If you do not wish to grind, using the Auto-run feature is recommended.
2 Enter the cavern and let yourself slip through the cave.
Timing the jump properly or not will yield the same result, so do not worry if you mistime your jump.
3 Head deeper until you reach the sealed tower.
4 Open the Area map and teleport back to Nopon Camp, then follow the new quest guide to reach the Geyser.
5 Head to the Lava Cave and defeat Conflagrant Razeal.
Consider switching your party leader to Melia together with 2 frontline units like Dunban or Shulk in this area temporarily, as she can deal great damage to Nebula-type enemies.
6 Go to the Sealed tower and melt the ice that's blocking the door.
7 Prepare for a boss fight when you are nearing your current destination.
The boss fight is pretty tough, and far from the Landmark, so be sure to prepare for battle ahead of time to avoid dying.
Defeat Mumkhar
Despite being a humanoid, Mumkhar actually has the qualities of the Mechon, so use Monado Art Enchant so that your allies can damage him as well.

Side Quests

The following side quests are available from this chapter:

Valak Mountain Side Quests

Quest Location Giver Rewards
Chilkins and Antols Nopon Camp Nopon Researcher +100 Reputation
10000 G
3300 EXP
Spike Defence IV, Chill Defence IV, Paralysis Resist IV
Valak Mountain Research Nopon Camp Nopon Researcher +150 Reputation
11500 G
3800 EXP
Chill Defence V
The Freezing Nopon Hollow Bone Nopon Researcher +200 Reputation
12000 G
4500 EXP
Heavy Leggings
Bad Timing Bionis' Wrist Nopon Researcher +200 Reputation
13800 G
5000 EXP
Heavy Gear, Heavy Armour
Chilkin Changes Nopon Camp Dakuku +50 Reputation
15000 G
3200 EXP
Blaze Defence V, Daze Resist II
The Balance of Power Nopon Camp Dakuku +250 Reputation
21000 G
8500 EXP
Snaer Striker, Stellar Gear, Stellar Gauntlets, Dunban Skill Tree - Obstinance
Monster Quest 1 Zokhed Pass Nopon Merchant +50 Reputation
23000 G
23000 EXP
Monster Quest 2 Zokhed Pass Nopon Merchant +50 Reputation
25500 G
25500 EXP
Monster Quest 3 Zokhed Pass Nopon Merchant +50 Reputation
28000 G
28000 EXP
Monster Quest 4 Zokhed Pass Nopon Merchant +50 Reputation
30000 G
30000 EXP

Quests in Red Text indicate Timed Quests. As these quests will expire after progressing to a certain part of the game, be sure to complete them while they are still available!

Maps and Collectopaedia

Valak Mountain Maps

Upper Level
Lower Level

Valak Mountain Landmarks and Locations


A Zokhed Pass
B Mechonis Wound
C Hollow Bone
D Befalgar Pedestal
E Three Sage Summit
F Nopon Camp
G Harict Chapel
H Lava Cave
I La Luz Church
J Nofol Tower
K Bionis' Wrist


1 Nagul Waterfall
2 Serik Waterfall
3 Apis Lair
4 Kana Peak
5 Agul Mountain Range
6 Bagnar Snowfield
7 Chilkin Lair
8 Url Crevasse
9 Bionis' Right Elbow
10 Valak Peak
11 Antol Den
12 Jakt Geyser
13 Sealed Tower
14 Ignia Hill
15 Great Glacier


Title Location Char. 1 Char. 2 Affinity
A Snowy Hot Spring Jakt Geyser Shulk Riki Purple
First Sight of Snow La Luz Church Reyn Fiora Purple
In Ose Tower Sealed Tower Dunban Riki Green

Valak Mountain Collectopaedia

Veg Sour Radish Ice Cabbage Girl Courgette Amethyst Vanilla -
Fruit Ether Plum Fire Apple Ruby Mangosteen Sour Grape -
Flower Fortune Mallow Black Peony Fatal Belladonna - -
Animal Wet Rat Ice Monkey Crystal Frog Mud Squirrel -
Nature Gypsum Branch Black Ash Emerald Snow Rabbit Stone Broom Icicle
Strange Frost Glass Large Handcuffs - - -

Collection Rewards

Vegetables Heavy Boots
Fruit Chill Defence III
Flowers Confuse Resist III
Animals Aura Heal II
Nature Heavy Gear
Strange Chill Plus III
100% Completion Cerasus Cutlass

Tips and Strategies


auto run.jpg

Auto-Run is active as long as there is a running icon near the mini-map.

When exploring massive places, it is recommended to use Auto-Run. This way, you can do other activities while your party leader automatically walks towards your chosen direction. Just make sure to steer his path now and then.

Using Auto-Run

The Auto-Run makes the party leader move in a straight line, which is useful for exploring wide and open areas. It can be canceled if you steer without pressing forward, target an enemy unit, or when your party leader takes aggro from an enemy unit.

Swapping Leaders

There may come a time when Shulk isn't the best leader to use. Such examples are areas infested with Nebula type enemies that are weak to Ether based attacks. Changing your party leader to a character that can dish out Ether damage (Melia) can often prove more beneficial for your party.

Boss Strategy Guide


mumkhar boss of valak mountain.jpg
Mumkhar is a humanoid boss fight, but he is also a mechon. Using the Monado Art Enchant is necessary for your allies to be able to damage Mumkhar. He has a rank 4 talent called Fiery Pain, so having your shield to rank 4 during this battle can prove helpful. Another thing to watch out for is Mumkhar's Corner, which makes him invulnerable for a few seconds. Hold off on using arts during this time and wait for Corner to dissipate.

Topple and Daze!

mumkhar topple.jpg
Mumkhar is greatly vulnerable to topple and daze. With no allies to support him, focusing on toppling and dazing him with chain attacks and arts will work well.

Recommended Characters

Shulk IconShulk Reyn IconReyn Sharla IconSharla

Mumkhar is vulnerable to topple and Daze which Shulk and Reyn are good at. If your party is capable of dealing huge damage, then replacing Sharla with Dunban can be considered if you can topple lock him, and the affinity between the three is high for more chain links.

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