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How to Unlock Dunban's Extra Skill Trees

This is a guide to unlocking Dunban's hidden skill trees in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition (XC1). Read on to know how to unlock Dunban's Extra Skill Trees as well as the prerequisites needed to do so.

How to Unlock Dunban's Extra Skill Trees

Obstinance (Fourth Skill Tree)

This Skill Tree can be obtained as soon as the Magma Rock has been obtained on Valak Mountain. You will need to rescue a kidnapped Nopon that was locked inside a wall of ice in Valak Mountain. You will then, need to complete a series of quest from him in the Nopon Camp with the last quest being The Balance of Power.
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Where is Banquet Vassago and Barbaric Sitri

To complete the final quest, warp to Hollow Bone then slide down to the path to the Nopon Camp but instead of letting your self fall, time your jump so you can reach the Antol Den. Defeat the Barbaric Sitri then make all the eggs in the Den hatch to find Banquet Vassago. Defeat it then return to Dakuku (the kidnapped Nopon) to complete the quest and earn your new Skill Tree.

Obstinance Skills

Skill Effect SP Coins
Equipment Expert Greatly reduces weight of equipment (10). 200 10
Gentleman's Valour Grants HP Up buff at start of battle (30%, 40 sec). 500 12
Heavy Equipment Allows heavy weight armour to be equipped 800 15
Body of Steel Reduces physical damage taken (15%). 1000 49
Solid Foundation Grants immunity to Blow-Down attacks. 1500 45

Enthusiasam (Fifth Skill Tree)

orkatix enthusiasm
A fairly simple Skill Tree to obtain. You only need to reach 3 1/2 affinity with Fallen Arm and complete the quest Stunted Growth from Orkatix.
fallen arm orkatix.jpg

This quest will have 3 subquest to accompany it. Defeat each target enemy to obtain a key item required to advance the main quest. Obtaining all 3 items and returning to Orkatix with Shulk as the leader will complete the quest.


Skill Effect SP Coins
Charge Acceleration Grants Haste buff at start of battle (30%, 15 sec) 200 8
Counter Rage Increases chance of a counter-attack (10%). 500 6
Ardent Strike Increases tension gained after a critical hit (10). 800 7
Deadly Determination Increases tension gained when using Arts (10). 1000 48
Blazing Aura Fills Party Gauge when activating an Aura (20). 1500 43

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