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This is a guide to all the Super Bosses in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition. Unique Monsters above Level 99 are labeled as Super Bosses, and these monsters provide a great challenge before taken down. Check our guides on how to beat them all!

What Are SuperBosses

Unique Monsters With Levels Above the Level Cap

There are several unique monsters in the game whose levels are beyond the maximum level (level 99). These enemies are strongest and the utmost preparation is needed to best the toughest enemies in the game.

Why Beat Super Bosses

Farming Love Source

Love Source is a gift that can greatly increase the affinity between characters. Love Source can only be obtained by trading the Veritas Glyph while having the trade-boosting Hero's Privilage and Buy Stuff skills learned to Jer' ell in Colony 6.

The Love Source isn't available for trading until Jer' ell is invited to live in Colony 6, so rebuilding Colony 6 is a must before obtaining Love Source becomes a reality. For a guide on rebuilding Colony 6, see the link below.

Colony 6 Reconstruction Guide

Obtaining High Rank Crystals

The Super Bosses drops rank V crystals with great attributes like Daze Up, Night Vision and other abilities. These crystals can then be crafted to make the ultimate armour set for your team. Check our guide about Gem Crafting to be able to craft these beautiful crystals into great rank Vi gems!

Gem Crafting Guide and Best Pair

Preparing for Super Bosses

This is a checklist for arts, gems, and skills you need to have or will greatly aid you if learned or obtained before fighting the superbosses

Spike Defence Gems

Spike Defence Decreases Spike damage taken by (%).

These superbosses have such nasty spike abilities that it becomes nearly impossible to beat most of them without this gem. Make sure to partner this with Dunban's Steel Protection skill to get a near immunity to Spike Damage.

Divine Protect Grants resistance against Instant Death by (%).
Debuff Resist Grants resistance against all debuffs by (%).

These bosses have nasty debuffs that can greatly turn the fight in their favor. Avalanche Abaasy in particular has an instant death spike defense ability, and not equipping either one of the two gems will spell an instant defeat for your team.

Debuff Resist is much more valuable than Divine Protect, due to it being able to block all debuffs, which includes instant death, but acquiring one is much more difficult.

Unbeatable Gems

Unbeatable Chance of survival with 1 HP when Incapacitated by (%).

These gems aren't really necessary, but are a good back up gem to avoid an accidental death which can result in a wipe out.

Topple Plus Gems

Topple Plus Extends the duration for which an enemy suffers Topple by (%).

Topple Locking these bosses is the safest way to defeat them, and Topple Plus gems improves the effectiveness of this tactic. Mose of the super bosses are immune to Daze so Topple Plus gems are the way to go.

How to Topple | Topple Lock Guide

Night Vision Gems

Night Vision Increases the accuracy of physical attacks during the night by (%).

These enemies have a higher level than you, and this in turn will make them unhittable. Night Vision Gems remedy this, and can allow your party to make a stand against these massive and strong enemies.

Agility Up Gems

Agility Up Increases agility.

Agility plays a massive role in the calculation of whether your attacks will hit or not. Increasing your agility improves the chances of your characters hitting the enemy. Also, make sure to lessen the weight of your character's equipment too!

What is Weight?

Monado Armour

Armor Icon Armor

Monado Armour is an optional art that Shulk can learn in the game. Monado Armour reduces the damage taken of all party members for a short duration. Leveling this art further increases the damage reduction, but the duration stays at its original 15 second timer.

Monado Armour is a great art to use when slugging it out with the Super Bosses. They can deal massive damage and being able to reduce all of those damage by 75% is a god send.

List of Super Boss

Final Marcus

Final Marcus
The weakest among the super bosses. He is also the only super boss that can be dazed. This is also the only boss that can be hit consistently without equipping Night Vision Gems. It also has an aura damage spike, so Spike Defence gems are necessary against him. For a much more detailed guide about Final Marcus, check our guide below.

How to Beat Final Marcus | Super Boss Guide

Ancient Daedala

Ancient Daedala.jpg
Ancient Daedala is the strongest mechon type enemy you can face in the game. Similarly to Marcus, it also has an aura damage spike, so Spike Defence Gems are again necessary. Night Vision Gems (lower ranked) are also needed for attackers. Ancient Daedala is also the enemy that drops rank 5 night vision cylinders, so farming Ancient Daedala is a great choice to make if you plan to defeat the other super bosses.

Having trouble with Ancient Daedala? Check our detailed guide below.

How to Beat Ancient Daedala

Despotic Arsene

A super boss that only takes a half duration Topple from topple abilities. All of its moveset is also physical attacks, so improving your agility or defense is highly recommended. Unlike the other bosses, Despotic Arsene doesn't have any spike abilities, so taking off those Spike Defence gems for other gems is a must.

Despotic Arsene's damage is through the roof, and partnered with its high agility and half duration to Topple, this little bunny makes the battle unbelievably tough. For a detailed guide on defeating Despotic Arsene, see our guide below.

How to Beat Despotic Arsene

Blizzard Belgazas

A massive beast! Blizzard Belgazas is the 2nd highest leveled enemy in the game. Belgazas has no resistance to Topple, so Topple Locking is the best way to bring down this beast. Take note that Belgazas has a topple down ability, so maximizing out your Spike Defence is recommended.

Good Footing gems are also recommended to avoid its blow-down daze combo from Mountain Stomp and Rex Gore (applies only during a blizzard). For a much more detailed guide against Blizzard Belgazas, check our guide below.

How to Beat Blizzard Belgazas

Avalanche Abaasy

avalanche abaasy.jpg

The highest leveled boss in the game. It can only be hit by maxing Night Vision gems, and it has an instant death counter spike, so Debuff Resist/ Divine Protect gems are necessary. Increasing your character's agility via agility gems and skill links is also recommended. Maxing out the Monado arts Shield and Armor is also necessary as well as battle soul for a faster talent gauge refill for Shulk.

Avalanche Abaasy's Topple duration is also halved, so Topple Locking becomes impossible, unless the team is equipped with Rank VI Topple Plus gems. For a detailed guide against Avalanche Abaasy, check our guide below.

How to Beat Avalanche Abaasy

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