Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition

List of Support Gems

This is a list of Support Gems in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition (XC1) for the Nintendo Switch. To learn the effects and max values of all Support Gems, as well as our ranking, read on!

List of Support Gems

These gems provide various buffs, such as allowing additional recovery from healing arts, reducing aggro, increasing tention, and more.

Name Effect Max Value Ranking
Buff Time Plus Extends gem buff duration by (%). 150% C Rank Icon
Weapon Power Increases the activation rate for the effects of gems mounted on weapons by (%). 50% A Rank Icon
Revival HP Up Increases the amount of HP recovered when revived during battle by (%). 30% C Rank Icon
Initial Tension Increases tension when battle starts. 100 C Rank Icon
Aggro Up Increases aggro when dealing damage by (%). 50% B Rank Icon
Recovery Up Increases the amount of HP recovered when healed in battle by (%). 50% A Rank Icon
Aura Heal HP recovered at regular intervals while an aura is active. 150 B Rank Icon
Damage Heal Chance of recovering HP when attacked. 200 B Rank Icon
Arts Heal HP recovered when Arts are used. 150 A Rank Icon
Unbeatable Chance of survival with 1 HP when Incapacitated by (%). 50% S Rank Icon
Daze Plus Extends the duration for which an enemy suffers Daze by (%). 100% A Rank Icon
Tension Swing Allows tension to change more easily by (%). 50% C Rank Icon
Daze Tension For each attack on an enemy suffering Daze, tension is raised. 25 B Rank Icon
Talent Boost Halves auto-attack damage but auto-attacks increase Talent Gauge more. 12 C Rank Icon
Heat Sink Reduces heating of Ether Rifle by (%). 75% B Rank Icon
Haste Increases the speed of auto-attacks by (%). 50% S Rank Icon
Topple Plus Extends the duration for which an enemy suffers Topple by (%). 100% S Rank Icon
Night Vision Increases the accuracy of physical attacks during the night by (%). 50% S Rank Icon
Debuff Plus Extends gem debuff duration by (%). 150% B Rank Icon
Aggro Down Reduces aggro by (%). 50% A Rank Icon

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