Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition

Epilogue: Future Connected Walkthrough Part 2

This is a walkthrough for the second area of Future Connected, the epilogue of Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition for Nintendo Switch. For a map of the area, as well as boss strategy and other tips and tricks, read on!

Epilogue: Future Connected Walkthrough - Part 2

Shoulderstone Scree

1 Teleport to a Landmark nearest to Cragmaw's Caverns and head north towards Xen's Thoroughfare.
If you haven't already, accept and complete Fofora's quest to add another Ponspector to your team.
2 Head through the Thoroughfare to arrive in Shoulderstone Scree and continue making your way to Teelan's laboratory.
Optional 1 Heading south and to the east past the Abasaay's Dorsum landmark will lead you to Ponspector Faifa. Complete her quest to add more allies to your team.
4 With the Ponspector quests out of the way, keep going west in Shoulderstone Scree and take a right across the bridge to find the lab.
5 After the cutscenes you will have a new destination, Gran Dell. Teleport to the Barouh Plaza landmark and head southwest to the Thulles Way landmark.
Optional 2 By continuing southeast from Barouh Plaza, you will reach the Thulles Way Landmark. You will find a ponspector by tracing the tall cliff eastward. Enter the ruin to enter the Old King's Testament.
Optional 3 Climb the ruins by jumping to the fallen beams on the edge of the room. You will find Ponspector Setset atop the ruins. Accept his quest.
Return to Soltnar Seal Island then head south to find the Roguls. Defeat them then return to Setset to complete his quest.
Optional 4 From Thulles Way, head north then follow the long path. You will be encountering level 70 enemies so prepare for battle. Upon reaching Gamaro Hollow, you will find Inspector Nonona.
Complete his quest by heading west and entring Zekr Marga Quarry. Remember to lure enemies to avoid fighting hordes of enemies.
Optional 5 Return to Xen's Thoroughfare then head north to reach the Lamentation Bridge. follow the Lamentation Bridge path. You will find Hekasa on the split land pointing at Junks.
First, you must put Hekasa's stake at the area depicted on the map near the Junks. Return to Hekasa then eliminate the Stake thief near Navir Highland. Return to Hekasa again to complete the quest.

Hekasa's Position

Hekasa's position is revealed to be somewhere near Junks and Xen's Thoroughfare but you'll actually need to take a detour to reach him.
Path to Lamentation Ridge.jpg
From Xen's Thoroughfare, head north until you see a land connecting to a higher area. This path leads to the Lamentation Ridge.
Follow the path until you need to jump down. After jumping, head right to see a path seemingly leading to a lower area. Hekasa is found in the end of this path.

Halcyon Wheats and Gran Dell

1 You will pass a gate and arrive in Halcyon Wheats, right outside of Gran Dell. Follow the path to reach the city proper.
2 Once you reach the Gran Dell Approach landmark, view the scene and head to the Grand Arch and speak with Radzam.
Optional 1 Ponspector Wunwun can be found near Grandell. He will ask you to bring the 11 Ponspectors to him. You should have 10 Ponspectors by this time so it's time to fetch the last one.
Optional 2 Head south of Grandell to find Ponspector Tutu. He is surrounded by Flamii's so you might want to eliminate them first. Talk to him to accept his quest
TutuTutu's item is found at the landmass at the center of the lake. It's guarded by an elite monster so defeat it first to claim the quest item.
Optional 3 Return to Ponspector Wunwun to accept his 2nd part of the quest.
wunwun quest.jpgReturn to Navir Highland then head northwest to find your quarry. Eliminate him then return to Wunwun to collect all the Ponspectors.

Soltnar Seal Island (Revisited)

1 After the cutscene, teleport to Soltnar Seal Island to get a closer look at Alcamoth.
2 As you approach, a scene will occur, and you will fight two Field Ponios.
3 After the scene head back to Gran Dell for another boss fight with two Leg Armu, closing out part 2.

Side Quests

The following side quests are available at this time:

Quest Location Giver Rewards
Ready, Setset, Go! Old King's Testament Setset 0 G
40000 EXP
Bleed Attack IV
Lost & Found Skybridge Pororo 50000 G
Debuff Resist V
Riddle Faifa This Abaasy's Dorsum Faifa 0 G
40000 EXP
Debuff Resist II
Hekasa's Labour at Stake Abaasy's Dorsum Hekasa 0 G
40000 EXP
Recovery Up IV
Supplant the Noble Brogs Navvir Crossroads Laennar 28000 G
Praying Caterpile Control Navvir Crossroads Laennar 28000 G
Plump Pickings Navvir Crossroads Laennar 20000 G
Laennar's Worries Companion's Cape
Laennar 0 G
30000 EXP
Favour for Fofora Xen's Thoroughfare Fofora 0 G
40000 EXP
Agility Down IV
No Armu Done Thulles Way Laffaelle 0 G
38000 EXP
Fixing Up the Junks Grand Arch
Helmaline 20000 G
Rudra Wristband, Rudra Bottoms, Rudra Shoes
Sweetest Debt Grand Arch
Arara 45000 G
Pointed Sleeves D, Princess Bottoms D, Knee-High Boots D
Rubble Trouble Grand Arch Selsetana 48000 G
Finding Happiness Grand Arch Lott 0 G
Improved Ether Pick
Wallflower Grand Arch
Angela 15000 G
Redwood Hair Tie, Redwood Vest
Priority Wunwun Gran Dell Approach Wunwun 0 G
Strength Up IV
Tutu's Lost Property Prayer Rock Tutu 0 G
50000 EXP
Bind IV
Inclined to Climb Agni's Birthplace Shoo-Shoo 32000 G
Jubilant Amulet, Jubilant Rucksack, Jubilant Anklet
New Way of Life Agni's Birthplace Ines 30000 G
Sapling Amulet, Sapling Knapsack, Sapling Anklet
Brother's Keepsake Xen's Thoroughfare Lavean 28000 G
Sapling Hair Tie, Sapling Vest

Quests in Red Text indicate Timed Quests. As these quests will expire after progressing to a certain part of the game, be sure to complete them while they are still available!

Maps and Collectopaedia

Bionis' Shoulder Maps

List of Maps

Bionis' Shoulder Landmarks and Locations


A Xen's Thoroughfare
B Skybridge
C Abasaay's Dorsum
D Cloudtop Lookout
E Thulles Way
F Old King's Testament
G Gran Dell Ramparts
H Agni's Birthplace
I Prayer Rock
J Gran Dell Approach
K Grand Arch
L Eternal Zenith


1 Shoulderstone Scree
2 Teelan's Laboratory
3 Lamentation Ridge
4 Agni's Skygarden Ruins
5 Halcyon Wheats
6 Tranquil Tarn
7 Gran Dell
8 Heroes' Rest

Bionis' Shoulder Collectopaedia

Veg Rainbow Carrot High Leaf Cream Wheat Morrow Cob Kilopumpkin
Animal Angel Bream Gentleclam Sky Mole Blade Bird Palmtop Elephant
Parts Half Part Snare Wire Subzero Steel Blaze Chain Congenial Cogs
Strange Swirly Slash Hero Nipper Highlightning Dubious Sculpture Shimmertumble


Veg Valak Corsage
Animal Valak Bracelets
Parts Valak Skirt
Strange Valak Sandals
100% Completion Valak Top

Tips and Strategies

Get the Reinforced Ether Pick

Reinforced Ether Pick.jpg

Lett can be found on the 2nd floor of Gran Dell. Completing his quest rewards you with the Reinforced Ether Pick.

Completing the side quest Finding Happiness in Gran Dell will improve your Ether Pick, allowing you to always collect rank IV Gems from Ether Deposits.

Boss Strategy Guide

Field Ponio x2

field ponio.jpg

You will be up against 2 level 67 Field Ponios. If you've been doing sidequests up to this point, they should be no match against your party. Let Nene take aggro as usual and, if controlling Shulk, use Shadow Eye when necessary. They aren't immune to Break so Topple and Daze them to make short work of these angry ponies.

Leg Armu x2

leg armu.jpg

At level 63, these Leg Armu should be far beneath your level and go down quickly. Break, Topple, and Back Slash your way to victory.

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